Screenpresso: Powerful Windows Screen Capture Tool

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Screenpresso is a feature-rich and promising screen capture tool which is available free of cost for Windows. There are lots of features in Screenpresso which make it a great alternative to leading screen capture softwares like Snagit.

Screenpresso can capture entire screen, region or window. It also shows pixels while capturing any image. It comes with an inbuilt editor which consists of many image editing options such as add shadow effect, drawing border, adding arrows, or blur any image. You can also crop or resize any image.

Right click on the Screenpresso icon on a system tray and you will find shortcuts to the available options. For taking a screenshot of a region you have to click on first option that says “Screenshot region”.

Double clicking the icon on the system tray opens the Screenpresso History. It provides drag and drop facility to directly drag and drop files into emails or Windows file explorer for quick action.

Also one of the most unique features of Screenpresso is its Twitpic integration. You can directly send any image into Twitter along with message.


  • Capture entire screen, region or window.
  • Show pixels while taking screenshots.
  • Optional cool border and shadow effects.
  • Save images in PNG, JPF, GIF, BMP formats.
  • Provides screenshot history.
  • Drag and drop files into email or other window file explorer.
  • Send image to Twitpic.
  • Send to any image editor from screenplay history.
  • Crop and resize any image from Screenpresso editor.
  • Adds effects such as arrow, text, blur effect inside the editor.

Download Screenpresso for capturing screenshots.

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Archived Comments

  1. Stuart Miller says:

    What does Screenpresso have that would make me change from free Jing?

    • Abhijeet says:

      I haven’t used Jing yet so can’t comment. But Screenpresso does has some innovative features like sharing on twitter etc.

  2. Murphy says:

    Thanks for this useful article.
    Best regards !

  3. Zolof says:

    This tool is simply the best I have ever used. I have tried many other software and I can tell this one is really the best.
    I could take screenshots on my 2 screens and even merge multiple screenshots into one image. The built in editor allows addin 3D arrows and text. I could also blur part of the picture.
    The software is really easy to use.