How To Edit & Remove Unwanted Applications From Right Click Menu In Windows

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Right click option provides a shortcut way to open any file immediately but sometimes it becomes problem because of lots of unwanted applications added on the right click menu.

Below is a screenshot of a my right click menu option. There are lots of options available such as scan with antivirus, Snagit, Winrar applications. This list goes long and long if I install some more applications. The longer the list, the longer the time it’ll take to load.


You can remove any unwanted application from right click menu with the help of small registry hack.

Before you make any change in registry you first need to take a proper backup of your registry files because any unwanted change in registry files may harm your OS.

Go to Start > Run > Type REGEDIT in run command

Edit Right click menu for files

To edit right click menu for files in registry editor Go to


You will see lots of folders under ContextMenuHandlers folder. Click on any of the folder you want to edit. You can either delete any unwanted folder or you can Modify the folder so that you can get it back  in future.

Click on any folder. Suppose I want to disable  Snagit option. So here I will click on SnagItMainShellExt folder on the left side. A key file will appear on the key panel(right side) . Right click on key file (Default) and click on Modify option.


You will see Edit string box. Now add a ‘-‘ sign before the middle bracket in Value data and click on OK button.

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Original data


Edited data


Notice that there’s a ‘-‘ sign before the bracket in the edited data.

Now try right clicking on any file. The unwanted edited application (Snagit in this case) will be gone from the right click menu application list.

Edit Right click menu for folders

Right click menu for folders means when you right click on any folder then whatever menu options you get there. You can disable unwanted application from right click menu in folders also. The process is same. But you have to edit registry files of a different directory. Go to


Now repeat the process as you did with editing right click menu for files.


Again you have to edit the registry key to disable folders under ContextMenuHandlers directory. You can do this by following the same process and adding a minus sign to the Value data and clicking on OK button. Now right click on any folder to check that particular disabled application. Right click menu on folder will not display disabled application.

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  • Clem

    On “How To Edit & Remove Unwanted Applications From Right Click Menu In Windows” .. How can I add instead of remove..


    Great! I have been looking for just such a tutorial.
    It is nice to finally purge those unwanted items from the menu.

    But I agree with Clem, we need the other half of the tutorial:
    How to add items. I have had to use an install process for a specific item I want to appear in the option. Like a small app someone has created to put “Add To” in the menu; however what if I want to add say “Send To Incinerator”, or “Open LassPass”. How is that done?

    So I hope you can help us with that task, and I hope it can be done as eaisly as the removal process.

    Thanks for the wonderful web site.


    • Pranay

      how do i disable context menu of folder in windows xp?

      For files its working absolutely fine but HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTFoldershellexContextMenuHandlers

      does not work in my computer. Its windows xp 32bit

      • Pranay

        OH I got it! I changed both the values and its done.



  • Abhijeet

    Clem & Brian – Thanks for the feedback. We will come up with an article on that soon.

  • 2tudibrava

    Thanks! Great job!
    Finally free of unwanted items.

  • Kasun Wickramarathna


  • jezza

    Hi, nice article. Wondering how I might change the default action when clicking on a link in the context menu?
    Specifically, right click>print> for a jpeg. Currently this defaults to Windows Photo Viewer Printer which is frankly terrible to print with. I would prefer if it would print with Irfanview in this case. Likewise changing the right click>Edit to Gimp2.

    All without messing with other file defaults such as pdf’s right clcik>print with Adobe Reader.

  • Frederik

    Wow great article! I actually also made a video on this, if you are interested to see it you can find it at

  • khalil

    comment supprimer des élément de menu contextuel du bureau de windows 7

    et merci d’avance

  • Aparajith


    Sometimes for folders we need to use the directory menu in registry.

    Use the registry path – HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryshellexContextMenuHandlers

  • Tina

    Currently when I right click on a file it immediately starts Shredder, a program which I uninstalled long ago. It is very annoying to constantly have to click cancel several times because I get all these error messages that “the program can’t be found”. (Like, No shit, I uninstalled it, man!) But apparently all its features aren’t gone. So how do I change what happens when I right click? Thanks for any tip.

    • Jon Fisher

      Tina, I suggest getting the search program called “Everything” and doing a system-wide search for the word “Shredder.” Find anything that appears to be a program file/folder, like ones found in the “Program Files” folders. Just remove any instance of it and it should stop functioning.

  • work only

    I don’t have the SnagItMailExt in my folder. Are there any other ways aside from that? thanks.

  • bob

    not all the unwanted programs had data here and those that did, nothing happened

    • Aykut

      Indeed! I have read the article again and again to find out what i am doing wrong for nothing!

  • pablo

    you are great

  • ranjit

    how to remove “share with”, “create shortcut” as well as options provided by applications?