How to Disable Useless App Notifications in Android Jelly Bean

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With Android Jelly Bean update, the good ol’ Android notification drawer gets even better and fancier. Earlier people used to get just the notifications like new text message, missed calls alert etc. But now in Jelly Bean, you also get a brief detail about these individual notifications like subject of emails, call back option for missed calls and so on.

Jelly Bean Notification  (6)

As new apps are developed for Jelly Bean, we can see apps using this feature and giving out almost all the details in the notification drawer. However, with such a limited real estate in there, one might get annoyed of the overwhelming notifications and would only want to keep those that are essential.

Google has not only improved the notification drawer but also included the future to control the apps that can use the drawer to push messages. This feature can help in two ways. The first thing is that you can disable notifications from the apps that are of less priority to you and make room for the ones that are more important. Another bright side of the update is that you can disable notifications from the apps that push ads in the notification and annoy you.

So let’s see how to turn off notifications from individual apps in Android Jelly Bean.

Disabling Android Jelly Bean Notifications

Step 1: Open your app drawer and tap Settings to open Android Settings. As we are concentrating on the notification drawer, how about using the Settings option located in there.

Jelly Bean Notification  (1)Jelly Bean Notification  (2)

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Step 2: In Android settings tap on the App option  to open Android application management.

Jelly Bean Notification  (3)

Step 3: Now find and tap the app for which you want to disable the Android Notification and open the app info page.

Step 4: On the app info page, just below the Force stop and Uninstall button, you will see the option to Show notification. Just uncheck the option and confirm your action on the popup message.

Jelly Bean Notification  (8)Jelly Bean Notification  (5)

That’s all. From now on you will no longer receive notifications from the particular app in the notification drawer.


App notification control is indeed a great new feature in Android Jelly Bean and I am really looking forward to use it to control spam notifications from some of the apps that I use. While you can use the feature to control the notifications on your phone, just make sure you don’t disable it for an important app.

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  1. s G says:

    i recently got a note 2 my forst Android device. I am an iOS user for many years now. And i came to this page looking for an option to disable notifications. Now i understand, there is only one option – yes or no on Apps notification. Still way behind the notification options available in iOS. Long way to go for Android.

    • Note2gangster says:

      You got to be kidding to say that. I have the note 2 , the true smartphone while all the iphone are at the end a toy with the ability to go online. Note 2 is a smartphone with the ability to do work jot down notes write ideas, draw designs, write phone numbers while talking on the phone.

      You are just starting off so it will take you 4-6 months to get to the level an advance android user. U just switched from a low quality (design based) phone with a horrible interface when it comes to getting work done or being productive. Research apps made especially for Android and for note and u will understand it’s Power.

      I have had idiots see me use my note 2 and then they reconsider why they got a 2yr plan with iphone 5.

    • dawesi says:

      there is more than one option, for note 2, note 3 and note 4… you just go into each app in the application manager and tick or untick notications… even iphone 6 doesn’t have this granularity.

  2. Master Zoilus says:

    Besides yes and no…what option is there?? you either get notified or you don’t. It’s impossible to TRY to notify you, or maybe notify you. Everything in the universe is either a yes or a no, a do or a do not. How is it that iOS is so advanced beyond this?? Please explain

    • I will certainly like to give it a shot.
      For the record, Android does lot of things iOS cant even dream. I bet you cannot watch a video and text someone at the same time. But in Android you can.

      Why compare? Android is Android and well iOS is iOS. If you don’t think Android is as good as iOS, no one’s stopping you for using it.

      And the answer to your question is, we Android users don’t give a dam to notifications, we have Widgets.

      • wenzell says:

        But i do like my privacy and with ios you can manage that much better that also includes the gps function of ios, much better manageable .and it saves battery . Furthter is android allright
        Both of them got good thingsi like but if they would fuse it would be perfect

  3. Ms Lynne says:

    Hi. How do I re select “stop notification” for apps I selected by accident? I can’t recheck the box. Thanks.

  4. Mick says:

    Thanks, this is helpful as more and more developers are hijacking the notification bar with utterly useless icons. This is advertising; they want to keep the name of their product in front of your face as much as possible. Example: Skype has a permanent notification that it is “available.” Gee, thanks! I would never have known that otherwise.

    Settings > Apps

    Go in to the settings for the individual application and uncheck notifications. Simple.

  5. Kenneth Class says:

    This is a great post that STARTS the process to making your Droid behave like YOU want it to, not the other way around.

    The area I would like your opinion on is apps that will allow you to change the ringtone, vibrate pattern, volume for each of the apps that you do want notifications from.

    I want three distinct sounds at varying levels for (1) SMS (2) Active911 (3) E-mail.

    Several apps in Playstore claim they can do this if you pay for it. I’m not opposed to buying an app if it really does what it claims.


  6. savedbygrace says:

    There is a much easier way to turn off notifications for an app. In the notifications window itself, you hold your finger on the offending notification. You will be able to then select “app info” and turn off the notification.

  7. whythehelldouneedmyemailscamme says:

    I’ve been doing this over and over again but without fail a few days later I start getting notifications again and lo and behold the box under settings has been magically rechecked. How do I prevent the games from hijacking my settings?

  8. bogdan says:

    great topic! Thank you! It helped me to turn on the sms notification.