Top 10 Skype Live ID Things You Should Know

Skype was the go-to app for video calling a few years ago. With the entry of new apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, Skype got lost in the gala. But if you have recently downloaded the app again, you must be confused about a new feature that has popped up – Skype live ID. What is Skype live ID? How to use it? Find all the answers in this post.

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To be fair to Skype, it’s still one of the best apps to video chat with your friends on any platform. But to find your friends, you need their ID or username. And finding that in the updated Skype app can confuse users. Mostly because it carries confusing terms such as Skype name, live ID, or Name.

Find out the difference between them and what Skype ID or Skype live ID means in this post.

1. What Is Skype Live ID

If you have used Skype earlier, you would remember that each Skype account had a unique username that was created by the user. Things have changed now. Microsoft will automatically assign the username to you. And that username is referred to as Skype ID or Skype live ID.

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However, that’s not what Skype calls it. If you look in the Skype settings, it goes by the moniker Skype Name. People refer to it as Skype ID or Skype live ID because it is used to add contacts on Skype and also, because of the text ‘live’ before the unique username. It’s usually in the form of live:xxxxxx, where xxxxxx is their unique handle or username.

2. Skype Name vs Skype ID vs Name

To be honest, things are confusing in Skype. What Skype refers to as Skype Name should actually have been called as Skype ID or Skype username. That’s because Skype has a separate setting known as Name.

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Skype Name is unique and does the job of a username or an ID. On the contrary, Name is simply the display name that will show up at the top of the chat. You can customize it.

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3. Why Does My Skype Name Have Random Numbers

You can create a Skype account with either your email or phone number. Your Skype ID depends on that. So, for accounts created with an email ID, your ID will typically be live:firstpartofemail + some random numbers and characters.

Similarly, for phone number based accounts, the ID will be live:randomalphanumericcharacters. If your Skype name has only numbers and characters, it’s because your Skype account was created with your phone number.

4. How to Create or Make a Skype live ID

As mentioned before, you cannot create a Skype ID or a Skype Name. It’s generated automatically when you create your Skype account using the email ID or a phone number. However, you can customize your display name.

5. How to Change Skype live ID

Sadly, you cannot customize your Skype live ID. Whatever unique ID Microsoft offers for your account, you have to live with it.

6. Should You Include Live in Skype Name While Sharing it

No. It’s not necessary to add the word live before your username when you want to search it or when you want to find someone. Use the username after the word live. However, you can also keep it.

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7. Should You Share Skype Name With Others

Yes, if you want people to find and add you on Skype, you should share your Skype Name (not display name). Alternatively, if you don’t like it, you can share your email id or phone number that was used to create the Skype account.

8. Can Skype Name be Used for Login

No. Skype Name or live ID cannot be used as your login ID. Only use your email address or the phone number for logging into Skype.

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9. How to Find and Share Skype live ID

Here are the steps for PC and mobile.

Find Skype live ID on Desktop

Step 1: Launch the Skype desktop app.

Step 2: Click on the three-dot icon at the top of the Recent chats screen. Select Settings.

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Step 3: You will find your Skype Name under the Account & Profile tab. Click on it. You will get the option to copy it. Paste it wherever required. For instance, you can share it on WhatsApp, send it via email, etc.

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Pro Tip: Type the command /dumpmsnp in any Skype chat and hit the Enter key. Your Skype name, along with other details, will be shown to you. The other person will not see anything.

Find Skype live ID on Mobile Apps

Here’s how to find your Skype ID on Android and iOS.

Step 1: Open the Skype mobile app on your phone.

Step 2: Tap on your profile picture at the top. Tap on Skype Profile.

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Step 3: You will see your Skype Name. Copy it and share it with your friends.

Tip: Tap on the edit icon next to your name at the top to customize your display name.

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10. How to Find Skype Name of Someone Else

To do so on PC, open their chat and click on their display name at the top.

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Then, scroll down in the window that appears, and you will find the Skype Name. Alternatively, right-click on their chat thread in the Recent Chats list. Choose View profile.

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On mobile too, tap on their name at the top of their chat. Then, scroll down, and you will see Skype Name.

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A Unique Story

In a nutshell, Skype Name, Skype live ID, Skype ID, and Skype username are different monikers for the same thing. We hope Skype adds the ability to change Skype Name in the future as one may not like the Skype Name assigned to them.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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