Top 8 Free Android Apps for December 2018

If you love downloading new and interesting Android apps, you must have run into many manipulative and spammy apps. Not quite what you were looking for, right? Well, that’s where we come in. We at Guiding Tech compile a list of the new and free Android apps every month so that catchy names and manipulative apps don’t mislead you.

Top 7 Free Android Apps For December 2018

Similar to our previous lists, the one for December also includes the best new apps, the apps that were released on Play Store last month. From a handy reminder app to a graphic designer app for the upcoming social media stars, this list has it all. Excited?

Let’s take a look.

1. Cut Cut

A typical photo editor or photography app has the usual blend of filters, effects and a bunch of handy tools to tweak the contrast and the brightness. What If I told you that there’s an app which can bring color-splash in real time?

Say Hi to Cut Cut, the photography app from the team who gave us Apus Launcher. It has a hidden trove of unusual filters in colors like Orange, Green, Purple, and Red. Just select one and point the camera and only that color will light up. Neat, if you ask me!

Other than the above feature, it can also replace photo backgrounds. As suggestive of the app name, you need to cut the subject, and the app will do the rest of the job.

Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 16
Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 17

If you are someone who loves Instagram, this app is gold for you.


2. SwiftTask

SwiftTask is all about how fast you can add to-dos and reminders. It removes the hassle of tapping and selecting menus & submenus. Instead, it has a series of keyboard shortcuts. For example, @ stands for Time, # id for Category, and * stands for Date.

Best Free Android Apps For December 2018 2
Best Free Android Apps For December 2018 3

So, for instance, if you need to be reminded about your work assignments by 3 PM, it would be like “Submit assignments #work @15.00”. That’s it. It would automatically be filed under the Work category and will have a timer set for 3 PM.

No more business of selecting the time and category additionally. Cool, right?

Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 18
Best Free Android Apps For December 2018 1

SwiftTask also includes the native style of selecting the time, category and location. In addition to that, new tasks can be created directly from the home screen by a simple long-tap. What’s more, you can tweak the settings as per your taste.

3. Sticker Maker

If you want to add a bit of personal touch to your WhatsApp stickers, the aptly named Sticker Maker will help you with that. The app allows you to create cutouts of your selfies and photos. Unlike most apps, you can create the cutouts with your finger, or use the ready-made shapes (circle or square).

Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 20
Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 21

Sticker Maker lets you add up to 30 stickers per pack. All you need is a bit of creativity to create quirky stickers. My only complaint is that you have to get the shape right at the first attempt.

4. Over

In this age of social media, you shouldn’t ignore graphic design tools and apps. The more variety you have, the more unique your photos will be. So, if you’re looking for a Canva alternative on Android, Over is worth a shot.

Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 7
Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 22

With ample fonts, templates and effects, this app will help you up your social media game. Whether it’s a Facebook post, an invitation, or an Instagram Story, this app lets you experiment with a lot.

Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 10
Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 13

Also, similar to Canva, you can layer your images with graphics. What’s more, there’s a good deal of built-in graphics using which you can enhance your posts further.

5. Inboxit

Do you often save articles to read later but forget about them? Inboxit attempts to solve this issue by getting the articles delivered straight to your inbox. The only catch is that it works only with Gmail.

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The app is simple and straightforward. After the initial setup, it sits on the Android Share menu. The next time you discover an interesting article (like one of our cool explainers), you can simply tap on the Share Link and choose Inboxit, instead of copying the link to your note-keeping app.

Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 23
Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 24

The app will immediately deliver the article with the image, description, and link to your mailbox. The app also has some premium features such as Gmail tags, which you can add for a more organized inbox.

6. Motivational Wallpapers

For most of us, the phone screen is the first thing we see in the morning. Hence, it would never hurt to have a little motivation at the beginning of the day.

Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 1
Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 2

Motivational Wallpapers has a diverse collection of eye-catching backgrounds with a quote on top. What I loved about these images is that the quotes are well-placed and catches your attention at the first attempt.

7. Smart Alarm Clock – Automatic Weather Adjustments

Smart Alarm Clock is an alarm clock with a difference. It monitors the weather conditions and makes adjustments to the time accordingly. So, if there has been a storm or there are chances of rain, the alarm will wake you up a few minutes before the specified time.

Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 9
Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 8

To enter the weather condition, you’d have to scroll down and choose from the different options. However, if I were you, I would set a second alarm as a backup.


Cloudflare has done wonders yet again. If you recollect, the company launched its own DNS service by the name of, earlier this year. Now, the company has released an Android app by the same name. An alternative to the Google Public DNS, this DNS resolver is more focused more on privacy and speed which translates into safe and faster browsing.

Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 25
Top Free Android Apps For December 2018 15

As per the makers, the app lets you browse up to 28% faster. All you need to do is toggle the switch on, and you are all set to zoom. This app works by establishing a VPN connection to connect to the DNS resolver.


At the time of writing, has garnered more than a hundred thousand installs in just two weeks.

That’s a Wrap!

Those were some of the new and fresh Android apps that released over the last couple of months. Which one of these will you use first?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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