9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020

Customizing your phone’s lock screen and the home screen is probably one of the things that we all do quite often. I switch between 2-3 different home screen backgrounds in a week. And with phone displays getting better by the day, quality wallpapers do bring out the best in these Android phones.

Top Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020

However, sourcing quality and good looking wallpapers can be quite a task. And I am not joking. If you must know, wallpaper apps in the Google Play Store are one of the main targets for malware and other scams. Hence, you must know that the app you are downloading is safe and secure.

Hence, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the best wallpaper apps for Android phones in 2020.

As it’s going to be a long one, let’s jump straight in.

1. Darkops AMOLED Wallpapers

If you read my posts often, you might already know about my love for the Darkops AMOLED wallpaper app. It has one of the finest collection of dark wallpapers. And unlike most apps that have images in just two or three shades, this one incorporates a range of vibrant colors on its wallpapers. As a result of which, you get rich and attractive images for your home screen.

Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 AMOLED

All the wallpapers are segregated into categories from where you can pick the ones you like. What I generally do is scroll through the Wall of the Day section.

9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 1
9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 2

Or, if I am too lazy, I hit the Randomize button. And hey, don’t forget to browse through the Landscapes and Superheroes sections.

And yeah, it’s ad-free.

Did You Know: Dark wallpapers help to save battery in phones with AMOLED display.

2. Wallhub

If you want a small and simple wallpaper app with diverse options, you should give Wallhub a shot. It has a neat collection of FHD and QHD wallpapers, which amps up the look of your home screen. The cool thing about Wallhub is that all the images appear to be monochrome initially. The actual colors are then imparted into them as you scroll the feed.

9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 4
9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 3

3. Walli

If you want your phone’s home screen to stand out, you should certainly have a look at Walli. Not only does it have a great collection of custom artworks created by its artist’s community, but it also has a cool playlist feature.

9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 12
9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 11

The former ensures that you get your hands on unique and unusual wallpapers, and the latter makes sure that your home screen comes alive with different images/wallpapers. The built-in automatic wallpaper changer feature named Walli Playlist lets you add up to 10 images at a time which you can then change as per set time. Quite innovative, I’d say.

9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 13
9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 14

What I love about Walli is that it’s rare to find such wallpapers on other apps.

4. RedPapers

Another app that lets you automatically cycle through several wallpapers every hour is RedPapers. What makes this app special is that it sources images from a select subreddit. And well, that explains the name.

Top 9 Fresh Android Apps For February 2019 16
Top 9 Fresh Android Apps For February 2019 17

There are plenty of customization options. For instance, you can tweak the timing and modify the subreddit selection. Plus, you can also sort the images as per your choice. Once you have done them all, simply hit the Start Service button to set the ball rolling.

The only downside is that you can’t select the wallpaper resolution.

5. 3D Wallpaper Parallax 2019

I am not that a big fan of Parallax wallpaper, but the sheer magic of these 3D wallpapers are too good to be ignored. The 3D Wallpaper Parallax app has been a popular name for quite some time, and surely it doesn’t disappoint.

Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 parallex

Thanks to the many layers, the depth effect is quite stunning. Its main highlight is that you can customize the number of layers.

Speaking of the wallpaper collection, it’s decent (not great). You will find the usual images of Spiderman and other Marvel heroes like Iron Man and Hulk.

9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 5
9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 6

Applying the images as wallpapers is as simple as tapping on the Download and Set buttons.

6. Walldrobe

What makes Walldrobe special is its throng of high-resolution wallpapers. This is the app for you if you love bright images of nature or cityscapes on your Android’s home screen.

Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 walldrobe

While you can always browse through the timeline, you can also dive deep into the categories to take your pick. Plus, the interface is clean and straightforward.

Cool Tip: Mark wallpapers as Favorite so that they are easy to find later.

7. DopeWalls

Do you love superhero wallpapers? If yes, DopeWalls is the app for you. This one has an array of high-resolution images that will do true justice to your phone.

Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 dopewalls

That way you get to know whether the image will pixelate on applying. There are other categories too, like Nature and Space, from which you can take your pick.

9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 7
9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 8

What I love about DopeWalls is that the image details such as size and resolution are visible at the bottom of each image.

8. Wallpix

If you want to have a mix of AMOLED, Neon and Abstract wallpapers, Wallpix is the app you should turn to. This neat little app has a bunch of categories to suit your many moods. Plus, the image quality is way good and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 wallpix

I especially love the dark tones of the wallpapers, which look great in phones with AMOLED display.

It doesn’t have any pop-up ads, as of yet. The free version lets you directly set an image as a wallpaper. But to download a wallpaper, you’d have to get the Pro version.

9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 18
9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 17

Cool Tip: Browse through the Dope section if you want your phone’s lock screen to stand out.

9. Hidey Hole

Have a phone with a punch hole or camera cut-out? If yes, let the Hidey Hole swing into action. This neat little app came to the limelight when the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy S10 launched with their unique punch-hole camera cut-outs.

Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 AMOLED hidey hole

This app houses creative punch-hole friendly wallpapers that end up giving your Android’s home screen a cool look. From Bard Simpson to adorable little Minions and brave Spider-Man (see Spider-Man wallpapers), it has quite the collection. And the best part is that the built-in filter makes it super convenient to check out new images.

9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 9
9 Best Wallpaper Android Apps in 2020 10

If your phone has the punch hole at the opposite side, flip the image and then apply it.

Another wallpaper app that caters to a wide range of phones with punch-hole camera cut-outs is oWall. Though it has a wide array of images, the only issue is that the download time is quite big.

A New Look Every Time

It doesn’t take much to change wallpaper in phones these days. Most phones let you choose a default wallpaper app through the home settings, which makes the work even more easier.

So, which of these wallpaper apps will you get for your Android phone?

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Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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