13 Things to Know About Instagram Quiz Sticker: A Detailed Guide

Instagram has released a new sticker for its famed stories feature. Known as quiz sticker, it joins the interactive family of polls, questions sticker, and emoji slider.

Instagram Quiz Sticker Fi

Earlier, many users would use Instagram story templates for a quiz, but now we have a built-in interactive feature for that. The quiz sticker is a combination of poll and questions sticker, but it differs from both of them as described below. One of the primary differences is that you should know the answer yourself. Otherwise there’s no point of adding this sticker.

So what is this quiz sticker and how to use it on Instagram stories? Find all the answers here.

1. What Is Quiz Sticker

We all have participated in some quiz during our school days. Instagram didn’t want us to forget those beautiful days, and thus they launched this new sticker. Just kidding!

On a serious note, the sticker functions precisely like a normal quiz. The creator offers multiple choice answers, and the followers need to select one.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 12

Once they do that, they will be shown whether the answer is right or wrong. The format is similar to the game show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ except you won’t be winning anything.

2. How to Use Quiz Sticker

Launch the Instagram app and tap on the Your Story icon to start creating a new story. You can even tap the camera icon at the top. Then either capture a new photo or select an existing one and tap on the sticker icon.

From the sticker tray, tap on quiz sticker. A blank quiz sticker will be added.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 1
Instagram Quiz Sticker 2

3. Set Quiz Name

Once the quiz sticker is added, you will see the typing symbol. Type your question.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 13

4. Add Answers

The quiz sticker lets you add up to four answers or choices. By default, you will only see spaces for two answers, which is the minimum requirement. When you fill the two, the third one will appear automatically and so will the fourth one when the third isn’t left empty.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 3
Instagram Quiz Sticker 4

5. Select Right Answer

Being familiar with the right answer is vital for quiz sticker. While creating a quiz, you will have to choose the correct answer first. To do so, tap on the A, B, C, D option present on the left side of the answer. The correct answer is shown in green to you.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 5

6. Change Color of Sticker Box

Similar to other stickers on Instagram, you can customize the color of the quiz sticker too. For that, tap on the color palette icon at the top to cycle between the various colors. As of now, you cannot choose a custom color manually.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 6

That’s it. Tap the Done button to add the new sticker to your story.

7. Interact with Quiz Sticker

As a viewer, if you see a quiz sticker, all you need to do is tap on the option that you feel is the correct one. You will be shown the result right away whether your answer is right or wrong. Green color indicates the right answer and red means wrong.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 11

8. Change Your Answer

Unfortunately, once you tap on an answer, you cannot change it. So be careful and think twice before answering the question.

9. View Answers from Your Followers

After the story with quiz sticker goes live, you will be able to see the number of votes received by each option and what each person voted. The answers would be visible in the story itself and won’t arrive in as a message in Direct Messages (DM).

To view them, open the published story and hit the Seen by option at the bottom. Here you will see the votes and the answers given by each user who interacted with the sticker.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 14
Instagram Quiz Sticker 15

10. How Does Quiz Sticker Differ from Poll Sticker

For starters, the poll sticker is limited to two choices only. In that sticker, you don’t have to know the answer yourself. It is an excellent way of getting to know the answer based on the majority of votes.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 9

You can use it to know what your followers think about something. For instance, ask them whether they like summer or winter season or whether they prefer Android or iPhone.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 8

The quiz sticker question for the same situation will be putting up the logo of Apple and asking your followers to guess the operating system. When they tap on an option, they will see the correct answer right away. Things are different in the poll sticker for they will only see the percentage of each answer.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 10

11. Different Than Questions Sticker

The questions sticker can be used in two ways. Firstly, you can let your followers ask you a question based on a situation where you then answer their questions. For instance, when you are traveling, you can put up a story with a questions sticker, and ask users whether they want to know something about the place.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 7

In the second method, you ask a question and your followers will answer it without you giving them any choices as in poll or quiz stickers. For instance, ask them recommendations for a phone that you should buy.

Basically, you cannot present choices to your followers using questions sticker. Also, there is no right or wrong in questions sticker. It’s just a way of knowing something or gaining knowledge.

12. Add Multiple Stickers

Interestingly, you can add a combination of interactive stickers to your stories. That is, you can have a poll, quiz, and questions sticker in one story post. However, that wouldn’t make any sense. It’s better to use them separately and make the most out of them.

Instagram Quiz Sticker 16

13. Quiz Sticker Missing

If you don’t see the quiz sticker, update your Instagram app. If the sticker is still missing, sign out of the Instagram app and sign in again. Hopefully, the quiz sticker will appear in the sticker tray.

When to Use Quiz Sticker

You can use the new quiz sticker for a variety of things to observe how much your followers know about you (or something else). Brands can utilize it for contests and giveaways.

We will be using the new quiz sticker often on our official Guiding Tech, Guiding Tech Gaming, and Guiding Tech Hindi Instagram accounts. So stay tuned.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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