Professional vs. Personal Account on Instagram: Understand the Differences

Apart from personal use, Instagram is an ideal platform for small businesses, startups, organizations, and influencers. Thanks to growing popularity among businesses, Instagram announced professional accounts for such users. It unlocks more tools to grow and understand your followers better. Here are all the major differences between Instagram personal and professional accounts.  

Personal vs Professional account on Instagram

There are three types of Instagram accounts – Personal, Professional, and Creator. Based on your preference and usage, you can switch to any Instagram account type in the app. However, which account type is ideal for you? Let’s understand the differences and pick between personal and professional accounts on Instagram.

What Is a Professional Account on Instagram

As the name suggests, Instagram for Professional unlocks more tools and add-ons for your account. You can boost your Instagram posts to reach potential customers worldwide, add quick replies, enter a contact button, create a shopping page, and more.

Professional vs. Personal Account on Instagram

Personal account is idea if you primarily use Instagram to stay in touch with friends and family to share occasional vacation posts. However, if you want to level up your Instagram experience with useful tool, you can’t go wrong with a professional account either.

With the personal account, you can post regular content, create Reels, use Instagram DMs, and even set it to private so that only your followers can see the content. A professional account is set to public. After all, who doesn’t want to reach more audiences on Instagram?

Advantages of Using a Professional Instagram Account

Here are all the features you get with a professional Instagram account. If one of the features is a deal-breaker for you, continue reading to learn to convert your personal account into a professional one.

Instagram Insights

For making you business strategy a success, you’ll need access to the analytics tools. Instagram Insights is one of the major perks of going with a business account. You can check your account’s reach, engaged accounts, total follower count, and shared content.

Instagram insights

You can also review the unique accounts that have seen your content, including ads, reels, and videos. You can check such insight in a specific timeframe too.  

Boost Posts

When you move from a personal to a professional account on Instagram, you can see the Boost button beside your posts. You can tap on it, select a goal, add an URL and action button for sign up, contact, shop, and reach relevant audiences on the platform.  

Boost post on Instagra

Create Quick Replies

If your Instagram business account has thousands of followers, you may get several messages and inquiries daily. Managing these messages can take time and efforts. Instead, you can use the quick replies function and create answers for frequently asked questions.

You only need to add the keyboard shortcut, and Instagram replaces it with your generic answer. You can read our dedicated post to learn about saved replies on Instagram.

Enter a Contact Button

A professional account on Instagram lets you add a dedicated contact button to your profile. You can add your call, email, and WhatsApp details to the contact menu.

contact on Instagram

Instagram Shopping

This one is for retailers and users running an e-commerce website. You can activate the Shop tab on the profile and let your visitors only browse through all products from the app.

Automate Your Content

Being a creator or professional, you may have several social media accounts to handle. Instagram lets you schedule your content in advance to hit perfect hours. You need to connect your Facebook account with Instagram and publish your content like a pro. You don’t need to rely on paid tools to get things done.

It’s another useful add-on for business users. You can add links to your stories if you have 10,000+ followers on Instagram. It’s a much better experience for visitors to check your products after watching a mesmerizing story.  

Switch From Personal to Professional Account on Instagram

Now that you know the benefits of using a professional account on Instagram, use the steps below to make a switch.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app and tap your profile icon at the bottom-right corner.

Step 2: Tap the three horizontal lines at the top and open Settings & privacy.

Instagram settings and privacy

Step 3: Select Account type and tools.

Step 4: Tap ‘Switch to professional’ account and follow the on-screen instructions.

Switch to professional account on Instagram

It may take a while to enable business tools for your account.

Tips to Grow Your Professional Account on Instagram

Here are some tips you can apply to grow your Instagram reach.

  • Fill out your Instagram profile with contact details.
  • Post consistently on the platform.
  • Invest in creating better photos, videos, stories, and reels.
  • Track Instagram analytics.
  • Use hashtags smartly to reach more audiences.
  • Reply to your customers, interact with comments, and answer queries quickly.
  • Boost your Instagram posts.

Pick Your Instagram Account

We advise starting with a personal account on Instagram. After you gain traction or decide to grow your business on the platform, switch to the professional account to unlock more tools. If you don’t want all these add-ons, you can always revert to the personal account.  

Last updated on 17 May, 2023

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