How to Edit PDFs Using Microsoft Edge’s Built-In PDF Editor

Most browsers, including Microsoft Edge, feature a PDF viewer that lets you open and read documents directly within the browser. However, Microsoft Edge sets itself apart by offering editing options that allow you to edit your PDFs. With Microsoft Edge’s built-in PDF editor, you can easily add text, drawings, comments, and highlight important text or sections within a document.

How to Edit PDFs Using Microsoft Edge's Built-In PDF Editor

With Microsoft Edge on your computer, there’s no need to switch to another app to make minor edits to your document. Here’s how to edit PDFs using Microsoft Edge’s built-in PDF editor.

How to Open a PDF in Microsoft Edge

By default, Microsoft Edge opens all PDF files in its PDF viewer, allowing you to start editing them immediately. However, if your PDF is already saved on your computer, use these steps to open it in Edge.

Step 1: Press the Windows + E keyboard shortcut to open File Explorer and locate the PDF file you want to edit.

Step 2: Right-click on your file, go to Open with and select Microsoft Edge from the submenu.

Open PDF in Microsoft Edge

How to Edit a PDF in Microsoft Edge

After opening your file in Edge, you can edit it using the built-in tools. Here’s how you can use them.

How to Add Text or Drawing to a PDF

If your document does not contain editable fields, you can use Edge’s PDF editor to insert text boxes and manually input any missing information. Here are the steps for the same.

Step 1: In the PDF editor, click the Add Text icon in the toolbar at the top.

Add Text Box in PDF Using Edge

Step 2: Move your cursor to an area where you want to write text and click to create a text box. You can adjust the text size, spacing, or color as you see fit.

Add Text in PDF via Microsoft Edge

Similarly, you can use the freehand drawing tool in Edge’s PDF editor to annotate, add shapes, and even sign your PDF. To do so, click the Draw option in the toolbar.

Add Drawing in PDF Using Edge

Click the arrow next to the Draw option to change the line color and thickness to your liking. If you want to remove a stroke, use the Erase tool next to it.

Drawing Tool in Edge

How to Highlight Text in a PDF

The PDF editor in Edge also features a highlighter tool that allows you to mark specific texts and paragraphs within a document. This can be particularly useful for emphasizing important information in your document. Here’s how to use it.

Step 1: Open your document in Edge and click the highlighter tool in the toolbar. Then, click and drag your cursor over the text or section to highlight it.

Highlightor Tool in Edge

Step 2: Click the arrow next to the highlighter tool to adjust its color and thickness. If you use this tool to only highlight text, enable the toggle next to ‘Text only highlight.’

Highlight Text in PDF Using Edge

How to Add Comments to a PDF

With Edge’s PDF editor, you can also add comments to make notes about specific sections in a PDF. Use your cursor to select the text or section where you want to add a comment to. Right-click on your selection and select Add comment from the context menu.

Add Comment to PDF in Edge

Type in your comment and click the right checkmark to add it.

Add a Comment to PDF in Edge

Once added, you can click the tiny comment icon to view the comment.

View Comments in PDF

You can click the three horizontal dot menu icon to edit or delete the comment.

Edit or Remove Comment in PDF

How to Save or Print Your Edited PDF in Microsoft Edge’s Built-In PDF Editor

After you are done editing your PDF, you can choose to save or print it directly from Edge’s built-in PDF editor. To save the edited PDF, click the Save icon at the top-right corner. Specify where you want to store the document and click Save.

Save Edited PDF Using Microsoft Edge's Built-In PDF Editor

Alternatively, if you want to print the PDF, click the Print icon at the top-right corner.

Print Edited PDF Using Microsoft Edge's Built-In PDF Editor

Select your printer using the drop-down menu and click the Print button.

Print PDF Using Edge

PDF Editing Made Simple

Microsoft Edge’s built-in PDF editor may have limited range of editing features, but it is undoubtedly a convenient option for making minor edits to a PDF for free. Plus, you can even use this tool offline on your computer.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Edge’s built-in PDF editor is unavailable on mobile devices. So, if you want to edit PDFs on your Android or iPhone, use other methods to accomplish the task.

Last updated on 05 June, 2023

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