How to Automatically Turn Off Airplane Mode on iOS

Airplane Mode is a helpful feature, but it can also cause its own headaches if turned on accidentally. This phone feature disconnects you from your cellular service, meaning you won’t be able to receive your SMS messages, phone calls, or mobile data. You will also be disconnected from Wi-Fi and GPS.

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If you have relatives or children who constantly turn on Airplane mode, which causes you to miss important calls and texts, or make your loved ones a little more inaccessible, then there are a couple of solutions to help you.

Set Up an Automation For Airplane Mode

Step 1: Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. If you’ve removed it, you can download it again.

Step 2: Open the “Shortcuts” App, and click on the “Automation” button in the bottom middle of the screen.

IMG 7407

Step 3: Click ‘Create Personal Automation’ and scroll down to Airplane Mode.

Automation Airplane Mode

Step 4: Select ‘Is Turned On’ option. This will turn your Automation on when Airplane Mode is activated.

When Airplane Mode On

Step 5: Click on Add Action to open the Search window. There are many combinations and programs you can run from here, and for this purpose we will type Airplane in the Search Bar.

Search Airplane

Step 6: Click on Set Airplane Mode to see this screen.

Turn Airplane Mode On

Step 7: You will be taken back to the Actions tab, which is the “script” of your Automation. Click on the word “On” to toggle it to “Off”.

It should read like this “Turn Airplane Mode Off”.

Automate Airplane Turn Off

Step 8: Click ‘Next’ to save your new Automation. We are taken to a new screen that describes all the steps that are taken. Our Automation’s program is:

“When Airplane Mode is Turned On ….. Set Airplane Mode [Off]”

Toggle the ‘Ask Before Running’ Off. Your screen should look like this before you move on to the next step.

Airplane Mode Automation

Step 9: Click on Next at the top right corner, and we have finished creating our new Automation. Let’s test it to make sure it is functioning correctly. Exit out of Shortcuts and turn on Airplane Mode.

If your program is running correctly when you turn on Airplane Mode, you will receive a notification that your automation is running (see photo below), and Airplane Mode will turn off.

Shortcut Notification

You will know Airplane Mode is turned off when the airplane icon disappears from your taskbar. In the image below, the screenshot on top shows Airplane Mode on. The image below is when Airplane Mode is turned off.

Airplane Mode Task Bar

Troubleshooting the Automation for Airplane Mode

Airplane Icon is Still There

If you notice that the airplane icon is still present after turning your Airplane Mode On, your Automation did not run correctly. When you turn Airplane Mode On, you will see a Shortcuts notification, and if you do, your automation is active but not running.

Shortcuts asks your permission to run the automation, and that prevents the automation from running until you permit it.

IMG 7475

Step 1: This means you will need to open your Shortcuts application, click on the Automation tab, and find your Airplane Mode Automation.

New Automation

Step 2: Make sure that Ask Before Running is Toggled OFF.

If this feature is on, you will have to approve the automation every time you turn on Airplane Mode. This is a great safeguard to keep your phone from running an unwanted Automation, however, this will keep us from turning off the Airplane Mode automatically.

How to Turn Off Automation

If you are traveling or would like to put your phone on airplane mode to save battery, this Automation will prevent you from turning on Airplane Mode for more than a second.

Step 1: Open the Shortcuts Application, click on the Automation tab, and find your Airplane Mode Automation. Open your Airplane Mode Automation.

Step 2: At the top of the Automation, there is a button to toggle off next to Enable This Automation. Click on the button to turn off the Automation. You can turn it back on whenever you like.

Airplane Mode Automation

How to Delete the Automation for Airplane Mode from iOS

Step 1: Open the Shortcuts Application, click on the Automation tab, and find your Airplane Mode Automation.

Step 2: Swipe left on your automation to show the Delete feature and click on it.

IMG 7473

No More Accidents

Creating any automation can make your life more streamlined and efficient, and it can also help keep potential headaches from arising. Hopefully, this specific sequence can help you keep children from disconnecting your phone, more elderly relatives from disconnecting themselves from everyone else or even to keep you from making the mistake of accidentally turning airplane mode on.

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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