Why Is My Facebook Account Restricted and How to Fix It

As a responsible social media platform, Facebook has several rules and guidelines. These rules apply to personal, business, creator accounts, and pages. However, there are times when Facebook restricts your account from performing specific actions. Here’s why your Facebook account is restricted and the steps to fix it.

Facebook actively monitors your content on the platform. When you spam, violate, or act like a bot on Facebook, the company may restrict your account. Read along to learn the possible reasons for your account restriction and the steps to avoid the same in the future.

What Facebook Account Restriction

There are two types of restrictions on Facebook. The company limits your account temporarily or permanently blocks you from accessing the account.

A temporary restriction usually lasts 48 hours or one week in specific cases. Facebook shows an alert when the temporary restriction is lifted for your account.

During such a restriction, you can’t perform certain actions, post comments, share videos, or like existing posts. Overall, your account turns into a read-only mode. Before we talk about the steps to get your account back, you should learn the factors that lead to such a situation in the first place.  

Reasons for Facebook Account Restriction

Facebook can restrict your account for several reasons.

Sending Many Friend Requests to Unknown People

When you create a new Facebook account, fill up your friends list quickly. If you send dozens of friend requests (especially to unknown people), Facebook may detect it as unusual activity and restrict your account.

Spamming on Anyone’s Profile

You need to avoid posting endless comments on anyone’s profile. If you like too many posts or write several comments, Facebook may flag your account for misusing the platform. You are up for a strike one warning (more on that later).

Connecting Your Facebook Account With Third-Party Services

Several third-party services let you automate your Facebook account. However, you need to be careful before connecting your Facebook account with unknown apps. Facebook may trigger your account as a bot and restrict it from performing actions on the platform.

Posting Hateful or Inappropriate Content

Facebook comes with strict community guidelines for a healthy conversation on the platform. If you post hate, inappropriate, or suspicious materials on the platform, others may report your post to the company.

If Facebook moderators find your content violating the company terms and conditions, you are looking at a temporary restriction. If you continue to post bogus content on the platform (once the restriction is lifted), Facebook may permanently ban your account.

Using Fake Name or Impersonating to be Someone

Avoid impersonating someone on Facebook. It bans your account, and lands you in legal trouble. It’s one of the infamous ways to scam people on the platform. Many also create fake profiles to defame someone on social media. When things go south with someone, try to resolve the indifferences instead of creating fake profiles and posting inappropriate content.

Breaking Facebook’s Commerce Policies

Facebook’s e-commerce platform, the Marketplace, is quite popular among users. However, you can’t sell certain products and services on the platform.

If Facebook catches you selling illegal items, subscription services, medicines, alcohol, sex toys, digital products, and other banned items on Marketplace, the company bans your account permanently. It’s also one of the reasons why Facebook Marketplace isn’t working for you.

How Long Will My Facebook Account Be Restricted

Facebook doesn’t directly restrict your account. It first warns you of strikes. Here’s what these strikes mean.

  • One strike: It’s a warning from Facebook to stop misusing the platform.
  • Two to six strikes: Limits you from posting in groups for some time.
  • Seven strikes: Limits your account for 24 hours. You can’t share comments, post pictures, or like other content.
  • Eight strikes: You can’t create new content for 72 hours.
  • Nine strikes: You get a 7-day restriction from creating new content.
  • Ten or more strikes: You can’t create new content for 30 days.

How to Unrestrict on Facebook

If you feel your account is incorrectly restricted, use the steps below to fix your restricted Facebook account.

Step 1: Open Facebook and go to your account.

Step 2: Expand Help & support. Select Report a problem.

Step 3: Include complete logs and diagnostics in your report. Select the problem type, attach a screenshot, and write down the issue.

It may take a day or two for Facebook to investigate and lift restrictions from your account.

Follow Facebook Guidelines

Many users rely on Facebook for their businesses and to expand their reach. Facebook restricting your account can give a significant blow to your social strategy. Facebook may also restrict accounts during civil unrest to prevent misinformation. Once the situation settles to normal conditions, the company lifts the restriction for everyone.

Last updated on 12 June, 2023

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