How to Change Microsoft Account on Windows 10

All Microsoft products and services are connected to your Microsoft account. Even Windows offers the option to login using the

same account. That said, many users have multiple Microsoft accounts to separate their personal life from professional. Others like to use a local account instead. But, how do you change the Microsoft account on your Windows 10 computer when needed? How do you create/add a new account?

How to Change Microsoft Account on Windows 10

While a Microsoft account is not necessary to use Windows 10 computer, it is recommended nonetheless. There could be other reasons to update or change your Microsoft account details on your computer:

  • You bought a second-hand computer and the last owner failed/forgot to format it.
  • You lead a dual life and have multiple jobs requiring you to sign in to different accounts.
  • You are an advanced user, enthusiast, or dev who loves tinkering around.
  • You want to use two OneDrive accounts to maximize free storage space it offers.

Let’s find out how you can change Microsoft account on Windows 10 computer and what you need to keep in mind.

Add Email ID and Number to Same Microsoft Account

Many users wanted to change their Microsoft account’s sign-in email and phone number. No need to create a new account just for that. You can add up to 10 email IDs and numbers to the same account as ‘alias’ without creating a new account for each one. You can also replace old account details with a new one or make the new ID ‘primary’.

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Account manage area and under Account aliases where you can add a new email ID or number.

How to Change Microsoft Account on Windows 10 1

Step 2: Choose the first option if you want to create a new Outlook account right there and the second option if you are using a third-party email provider like Gmail.

How to Change Microsoft Account on Windows 10 2

You must know that there is no way to move aliases from one Microsoft account to another. You can’t recover aliases either. If you delete an alias in one Microsoft account, it will be deleted from Microsoft servers forever, and you or anyone else can’t use it on another Microsoft account.

Change Microsoft Account to Local and Vice Versa

Other users wanted to get rid of their Microsoft account and go local or vice versa.

For the uninitiated, there are two types of accounts you can create on Windows-powered computers. You can either create a local account or a Microsoft account. A local account is one that does just requires a username and password. Also, you can remove your password later. None of your Microsoft data leaves your computer or synced to another Windows device. It stays offline and on a single device. Several Microsoft apps like Store, Skype, etc. won’t work or downloaded without a Microsoft account though.

On the other hand, a Microsoft account will sync all your activities across devices and keep all the data in the cloud on Microsoft’s servers. The benefit is obvious. Do you want to change between them?

Step 1: Press Windows key+I to open Settings and click on Accounts.

How to Change Microsoft Account on Windows 10 3

Step 2: Click on ‘Sign in with a local account instead’ option to begin the process.

How to Change Microsoft Account on Windows 10 4

Follow on-screen instructions after that. You may have to enter your current Microsoft account’s password/PIN for verification.

To change from a local account to a Microsoft account, you will follow the same steps. This time, you will select ‘Sign in with a Microsoft account instead’ option that should be visible because you are using a local account instead.

Change to New Microsoft Account or Add New Microsoft Account

You have a new Microsoft account with a different email ID ( or, which is owned by Microsoft) and want to use this new account on your Windows 10 computer.

Step 1: Open Settings again (Windows key+I) and go to Accounts > Family & other users.

How to Change Microsoft Account on Windows 10 5

Step 2: Click on ‘Add someone else to this PC’ button.

How to Change Microsoft Account on Windows 10 6

You will now follow on-screen instructions and enter the new Microsoft account ID and password to add that account to your computer. The setup instructions will include settings like 2FA and Windows Hello. Just like when you added your first Microsoft account.

What you are doing is creating a new user account on your computer with this new Microsoft account. You can switch between these two users like you normally do from the Start menu or reboot your computer.

Dual Accounting System

Microsoft allows a lot of ways to manage your Windows 10 computer. Unlike Windows 7 and earlier versions, you have more options like using a local or Microsoft account, opening up new possibilities. I suggest you take the time to think through what you want to do and how you want it done. That will save you the trouble of going back and forth between settings and accounts. Always protect your account with features like Hello or 2FA. Either will save you a lot of headaches someday.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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