7 Best M3 iMac Accessories That You Must Buy

Apple updated the 24-inch iMac with an M3 CPU. Other aspects, such as its beautiful 4.5K Retina display, eye-catching design and shades, solid build quality, class-leading speakers, port selection, etc., remain the same. While the M3 iMac comes with enough accessories to get started, you can elevate your work desk with the offerings from third-party manufacturers. Here are the top M3 iMac accessories.

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Your 24-inch iMac setup may feel incomplete without relevant accessories. You can get a dust cover, a stand to place other devices, a USB-C hub to unlock more ports, a screen protector, and much more. We have shortlisted the top seven options for you.

Before we go over M3 iMac accessories, check our existing post to level up your work setup.

1. MOSISO Monitor Dust Cover

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If you live in a dusty area, get a dedicated dust cover to protect your iMac display from small particles. MOSISO offers a monitor cover that slides perfectly on your iMac and other devices.

Available in several color options, MOSISO dust cover should be your go-to pick to protect an iMac display when it’s not in use. It is even waterproof and should resist your coffee spills without breaking a sweat. Apart from a 24-inch iMac, it is compatible with other AIO (All-in-one) devices and small TVs.

Buyers have appreciated its simple design and universal compatibility. Since it’s available in several shades, you can get one that matches your iMac aesthetics.

What We Like

  • Waterproof
  • Color options

What We Don’t Like

  • Nil

2. Klearlook Monitor Stand

Best M3 iMac Accessories 4

You should consider getting Klearlook’s monitor stand if you want to place your iMac higher for a convenient working position. The stand also comes with a storage drawer, phone stand, and more to justify the asking price.

Klearlook offers one of the best ergonomic monitor stands for your iMac. You can place your iMac at the right height for a comfortable viewing angle. What’s more, it also lets users adjust its width, so if you have a small desk, you can reduce the unit’s footprint to a certain degree. Additionally, it offers enough space underneath to place your mouse, keyboard, and more.

Another nice touch is built-in hidden drawers to place your phone, tablet, SSD, earphones, and other accessories. Customers have appreciated the unit’s build quality, adjustability, and hidden compartments. It is available in Black and White color options.

What We Like

  • Hidden storage area
  • Adjustable height

What We Don’t Like

  • Boring color options

3. minisopuru Store’s USB-C Hub

Best M3 iMac Accessories 2

The port situation on the M3 iMac remains the same as before. As such, a USB-C hub is a must-have accessory to unlock more ports on your iMac. The one from Minisopuru offers USB-A ports, an SD card, and even a slot to add an NVMe or SATA SSD.

Apple demands crazy storage upgrade prices for its iMacs and MacBooks. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars, invest in Minisopuru’s multi-functional USB-C hub and unleash the true potential of your Mac desktop.

You can place the USB-C hub beneath the iMac and create a seamless look while exploring relevant ports like USB-A, SD card, and more. The SSD slot is right below the hub to stay away from your sight. You can get the device in several color options. Unsurprisingly, users have praised its sleek look and functional design. So much so that it feels like an integral part of your iMac setup.

What We Like

  • Multiple ports
  • SSD slot

What We Don’t Like

  • Price

4. VINTEZ Blue Light Screen Protector

Best M3 iMac Accessories 7

Working long hours at night can result in eye strain after some time. Instead of relying on a dark mode or a built-in Night Shift in macOS, get a VINTEZ screen protector to safeguard your eyes from UV rays and blue light.

As the name suggests, the VINTEZ screen protector blocks blue and UV light on your iMac. The accessory comes with an optically transparent adhesive layer to deliver 85% image clarity. It also protects your iMac from dust and accidental scratches.

Buyers have appreciated the easy installation process and the overall clarity of the film. The company offers several screen protectors in different sizes. You can pick one for your laptop and a 27-inch iMac too.

What We Like

  • Blocks blue light
  • Easy installation

What We Don’t Like

  • Thick

5. Logitech MX Master 3S

Best M3 iMac Accessories 1

Although your iMac comes with a Magic Mouse, it can be considered basic at best. If you are looking for a better alternative, Logitech has a strong contender under its banners, namely the MX Master 3S.

Compared to Magic Mouse’s 1,300 DPI (Dots per inch), Logitech offers 8,000 DPI on MX Master 3S. You get better sensitivity, a higher polling rate (125Hz vs 90Hz), programmable buttons, and the ability to use it while charging.

Logitech also offers dedicated software to customize buttons and optimize the mouse for app-specific profiles. The support for up to three devices across multiple operating systems is a great feature for cross-platform workflows.

Buyers have left positive reviews regarding spot-on ergonomics, customization, ultra-fast scrolling, long battery life, and support for ChromeOS and Linux. If you want to explore more options, check out our list of the top wireless mice for work.

What We Like

  • Excellent speed and precision
  • Customizable side buttons
  • Works with all the major desktop operating systems

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey

6. Samsung T7 Shield SSD

Best M3 iMac Accessories 5

If your workflow requires frequent file transfers to and from the iMac, an external SSD is another need-to-have desktop accessory for you. Samsung T7 Shield shines ahead with excellent write and read speeds, IP65 rating, and rugged looks.

Samsung T7 Shield promises read and write speeds of 1,050MB/s and 1,000MB/s, respectively. The Shield series is known for its rugged durability. It carries water and dust resistance, and an advanced outer elastomer adds extra durability in tough situations.

Since it’s aimed at creatives, your purchase also includes a two-month Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan to explore Lightroom and Photoshop on your iMac. It has been a go-to pick for many GuidingTech members, and we aren’t surprised to see raving reviews from other buyers, either. Check our dedicated guide to explore more hard drives and SSDs with IP ratings.

What We Like

  • Rugged looks
  • IP65 rating

What We Don’t Like

  • None

7. Sony WH-1000XM5

Best M3 iMac Accessories 3

Is your home or workplace situated in a crowded and noisy area? You should invest in noise-canceling headphones to create a quiet environment to get through a busy day on your M3 iMac. Coincidentally, the Sony WH-1000XM5 is the industry leader in noise cancellation and sound quality.

Sony’s WH-1000XM series is known for delivering flagship headphones with a long list of features. The company’s latest release boasts class-leading noise cancellation, excellent sound quality, respectable battery life, and exceptional comfort.

The Sony WH-1000XM5 offers multipoint connectivity, a lightweight design, 30-hour battery life with quick charging, and features like Speak-to-Chat and Quick Attention to stop the music playback when you are talking to someone. The four beamforming microphones also ensure crystal-clear FaceTime and Google Meet calls.

While most of the reviews are positive, we feel Sony could have done a better job with a redesigned case. It’s large, and you may face a hard time fitting it inside a small bag. This can be attributed to the fact that the 1000XM5s doesn’t fold like its predecessors, the XM4s. Users upgrading from the previous generation may find this slightly irritating.

What We Like

  • Excellent sound
  • Effective noise cancelling
  • Quick Charge

What We Don’t Like

  • Large case
  • Price

Get the Work Done in Style

You don’t necessarily need to purchase every cool iMac accessory from the list above. Hit the buy button for the ones that suit your workflow. If you ask us, a USB-C hub, wireless headphones, and a monitor stand are necessary add-ons for an iMac M3. Which accessories will you pick from the list? Share it with us in the comments below.

Last updated on 09 November, 2023

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