7 Best Free Online WYSIWYG HTML Editors

Over 6 billion webpages hosted across over 1.5 billion registered websites on the internet today. It is expected to increase as the global market size for content will grow by about to $217 billion between 2017 and 2021. Whether you are creating a website for a client or a humble blog for yourself, a good HTML editor can save countless of hours.

8 Editor Html Editor

These reasons, therefore, creates the need for elegant WYSIWYG online editors to take away the grunt and inefficiency from content creation. Thanks to some folks, there are a handful of great WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editors available online.

In this article, we’ll talk about seven great online WYSIWYG editors for your content creation needs.

1. HTML Editor Online

1 Editor Html Editor Online 2

This tool is a user-friendly, powerful online WYSIWYG editor for HTML. The tool is available for free for users to create stunning HTML pages without coding.

If you have used the WordPress editor, then you’ll feel at home with this tool. It sports most of the features on the WordPress editor, including spell check and numerous text styles. Its support for graphics content is limited to images. So if you need a tool to embed audio or video content, this may not work for you.

You can toggle between the editor tool and the source code tool by clicking on the source button on the editor. This tool lets you copy the source code for use on your website, or other HTML supported applications.

Asides the limitation on the media support, it is an excellent tool overall for editing and exporting rich HTML pages.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Available for free with many robust features
  • Almost as flexible as a good word processor
  • Very few ads on the interface


  • No support for video and GIF content

2. Quackit

2 Editor Quackit 1

This editor is an open-source pure WYSIWYG tool for editing documents and HTML files.

The editor is hosted for free on the Qauckit website with tons of tutorials and helpful content on HTML formatting.

The highlight of the tool is the feature that allows you to switch between a simple interface with few features and a full-featured editor with plenty of tools and options.

The tool supports the insertion of custom HTML buttons, tables, and images. It, however, doesn’t let you embed audio or video content directly.

As soon as you complete editing with the software, you can copy out your source code and use them on any platform of your choice.


  • Hosted online
  • Helpful content on the sidebar to help power users create more complex designs
  • Ability to toggle between simple and full-featured mode


  • No support for GIFs and video content

3. Online HTML Editor

2 Editor Html Editor 2

This editor is a bare-bones, functional WYSIWYG editor online for drafting and formatting documents.

Unlike the others on the list, it comes with just about all the features you’ll need for document processing and no more. But it is just as powerful too. The tool supports media upload and attachment.

As you edit your document, you can view the source HTML code in real-time on the right side of the screen. It lets you export the codes without any restrictions. Even on the HTML page, there are a handful of features such as font size and color picker, among others.


  • Completely free
  • Hosted online for anybody to use
  • Real-time HTML code update


  • Cannot be used on personal websites
  • The ads can be distracting

4. HTML ed.it

4 Editor Html Edit 2

This editor is another excellent WYSIWYG tool. If you have used the medium WYSIWYG editor, then you’ll find HTML-edit quite familiar. It is a bare, full-featured editor that is both fast and accurate. The editor sports a source-code converter that lets you convert your document to pure HTML.

It also features a media embedding tool to embed images, videos, GIFs, etc. in your document. In addition to sporting a pretty neat and efficient user interface, it features a powerful real-time HTML source viewer. The viewer supports the color-coding of the HTML tags. That lets you differentiate between the HTML code and your content.

It supports plenty of features that you can find in word processors such as tables, buttons, and content formatting.


  • The excellent support for multiple media types
  • Distraction-free user interface
  • A robust color-coded preview pane


  • The user interface is quite outdated
  • The toolbar may take a while to master

5. HTML Editor Tools

5 Editor Html Tools 2

This online editor features a robust set of tools to help you create dynamic and responsive HTML pages. The editor updates a live preview panel on the right. There, all the HTML code you create from the WYSIWYG editor gets generated in real-time. You can view, edit, and copy them for use on your website or for other purposes.

A remarkable feature of the preview panel is the use of color codes to differentiate between the HTML code and the content. This feature makes it easier for you to modify the code without having to worry about changing the wrong tag.

Once you finish editing, you can copy out the generated file or download it using the save icon on the preview toolbar.


  • Advanced review and editing features
  • Extensive editing features
  • Robust preview toolset to let you view and modify HTML code directly


  • Lots of ads on the screen makes it difficult to navigate the screen

6. WordHTML

6 Editor Html 5 Editor

WordHTML is a simple online document editor. Its WYSIWYG features are quite functional and neatly organized on the toolbar section. This tool prioritizes the user experience and tries to support only the most used features of a regular WYSIWYG editor.

One remarkable feature, however, is the neat and well-designed user interface. You can use the tool with minimal distractions as the ads are on the far right. The application supports the embedding of images, videos, and gifs on the site.

You can view your code as you create your document by clicking on the HTML tab. When you finish, you can copy the Html source code for use on your website or applications.


  • Distraction-free writing
  • Neat and intuitive user interface
  • Print feature is included


  • Contains ads

7. HTML-5 Editor

7 Editor Html 5 Editor

This tool is another WYSIWYG editor that’s available online only. It sports all the important live editing tools for full-featured document and content creation.

Like many others on this list, this editor supports media content. It also sports a live editing tool that lets you see the HTML code as it gets generated in real-time.

After creating your content, you can copy the HTML file and use them on your website or as an email template.


  • Available online
  • No need for any download
  • Completely free


  • The ads can be distracting
  • Not the best user experience and interface

Choose an Editor Based On Your Needs

So there you have it. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get a full-featured functional WYSIWYG editor for your custom website. With a little effort, you can integrate some of these powerful online editors with your website. Your choice of editor, however, should be according to your needs.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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