6 Best External SSDs for iPhone 15 Pro Series

Apple finally moved to the USB Type-C port on the iPhone 15 series, and the change unlocked a host of possibilities for users. The iPhone 15 Pro carries the advanced USB Type-C 3.0 port that supports transfer speeds up to 10GB/s. You can transfer your media files to an external SSD and even record videos in Apple ProRes Log at 4K@60fps directly on the connected SSD. If you are looking to get one, here are the top external SSDs for the iPhone 15 Pro series.


An external SSD is one of the must-have accessories for iPhone 15 Pro users. However, you need to consider storage, transfer speeds, and other factors while picking up an SSD. Let’s glance over top SSDs compatible with iPhone 15 Pro models.

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1. PNY Pro Elite V2 for iPhone 15 Pro

  • Storage: Up to 1TB
  • Transfer speeds: 1,100MB/s read and 1,000MB/s write
Best External SSDs for iPhone 15 Pro Series 4

You may be on a tight budget after splurging on the iPhone 15 Pro. As such, the PNY Pro Elite SSD is an ideal and affordable option without any major cons.

If you’re looking for an SSD with a generous 500GB of space, the PNY Pro Elite V2 is an excellent choice. It’s especially suitable for beginners who want to try out Apple’s ProRes Log. With read speeds of up to 1,100MB/s and write speeds of up to 1,000MB/s, it should be more than sufficient for most users. If you require even more storage, you can also opt for the 1TB version.

Many buyers have appreciated the compact form factor of the SSD, which easily fits into small spaces. However, some users did raise an issue with the USB Type-C port, which loosens over time. As such, the port may lead to a failed connection. The company’s three-year warranty should cover you with such issues, though.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2
  • Compact

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the class-leading write and read speeds

2. Crucial X9 Pro Portable SSD

  • Storage: Up to 4TB
  • Transfer speeds: 1,050MB/s read and 975MB/s write
Best External SSDs for iPhone 15 Pro Series 6

Crucial X9 Pro is available in up to 4TB storage. If you plan to shoot long ProRes Log videos with your iPhone 15 Pro, Crucial X9 Pro can be the perfect pick for you.

Crucial X9 Pro is right up there with rivals in terms of read and write speeds and works fine with all your devices, including the desktop and gaming consoles. The company also packs a separate USB-C to USB-A adapter to support the legacy port.

The SSD comes with IP55 protection, making it ideal for use in harsh conditions. It also supports password protection and 256-bit AES hardware encryption. Users have praised its reliability and fast data transfer speeds. The included adapter and cable are of high quality and not an afterthought from the company.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Complimentary Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

What We Don’t Like

  • Transfer speeds could have been better

3. Samsung T7 Shield

  • Storage: Up to 2TB
  • Transfer speeds: 1,050MB/s read and 1,000MB/s write
Best External SSDs for iPhone 15 Pro Series 3

Samsung is one of the leading SSD makers, and the company’s T7 Shield makes a strong case for iPhone 15 Pro users. It supports high transfer speeds, USB 3.2 Gen 2, IP rating, and more.

Speaking of the top portable SSDs for iPhone 15 Pro, you simply can’t go wrong with the Samsung T7 Shield. For starters, it’s the only SSD on the list that comes with an IP65 rating, thereby making it impervious to damage from water and dust. Suffice it to say, if you plan to shoot a lot of videos in extreme conditions, the T7 Shield should be at the top of your wishlist.

Your purchase comes with a Type-C to Type-C and a Type-C to Type-A cables to connect the drive to any device. Samsung also offers three color options to choose from. There is no shortage of user reviews praising the T7 Shield for its compact size, reliability, and high transfer speeds. A lot of users also had positive things to say about the SSD’s rugged nature, which is excellent.

What We Like

  • IP65 certification
  • Color options

What We Don’t Like

  • None

4. Lexar Blaze

  • Storage: Up to 2TB
  • Transfer speeds: 2,000MB/s read and 1,900MB/s write
Best External SSDs for iPhone 15 Pro Series 2

Lexar Blaze offers rapid read and write speeds of 2,000MB/s and 1,900MB/s, respectively. If you transfer a lot of data, you will surely appreciate the increased speeds on the Lexar Blaze. It also comes with cool-looking RGB lighting.

Lexar is another popular name in the SSD space. Although the company offers several models, the SL660 Blaze caught our attention thanks to its fast transfer speeds, RGB LEDs, 256-bit encryption software solution, and more. It can be used in conjunction with your iPhone 15 Pro, gaming consoles, and for personal and business use.

While users have praised its design, many faced issues with connecting the SSD to a MacBook, which can be a dealbreaker for Apple users. The company offers all the relevant cables and a five-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind.

What We Like

  • RGB LEDs
  • Excellent data transfer speeds

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users reported that the SSD doesn’t gel well with Apple’s MacBooks

5. Kingston XS2000

  • Storage: Up to 4TB
  • Transfer speeds: 2000MB/s read and write
Best External SSDs for iPhone 15 Pro Series 5

Kingston XS2000 shines in terms of portability. Even with a compact form factor, the SSD packs a solid punch and offers blazing-fast transfer speeds and a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface. The drive is also available in a handful of storage options.

As prefaced previously, you can snag the Kingston XS2000 in 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB avatars. It also comes with an IP55 rating, which should be sufficient to record a quick video in light rain. However, don’t go overboard and submerge it in water, which may end up corrupting the drive.

With data transfer speeds of up to 2,000MB/s, we aren’t surprised to see users raving about the read and write speeds. However, some buyers did cite that the transfer speed fluctuates at times.

What We Like

  • Compact
  • High transfer speeds

What We Don’t Like

  • Speed fluctuation in rare cases

6. SanDisk Extreme PRO USB-C SSD

  • Storage: Up to 4TB
  • Transfer speeds: 2000MB/s read and write
Best External SSDs for iPhone 15 Pro Series 1

Speaking of the best external storage for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, how can we leave out SanDisk from the list? SanDisk is a popular SSD maker, and the company’s Extreme Pro series is known for class-leading data transfer speeds.

Unlike most SSDs, the SanDisk Extreme PRO uses a forged aluminum chassis. Not only does it look and feel premium, but it also works as a heat sink to sustain high transfer speeds. It carries IP55 water and dust resistance and up to two meters of drop protection.

Many buyers have left positive reviews regarding the SSD’s build quality and heat management. It also supports 256-bit AES hardware encryption, which should come in handy if you want to keep your personal data under lock and key.

SanDisk’s Extreme PRO is available in a 4TB variant, too. You can record hours of ProRes Log videos and create breath-taking videos in post-production. If anything, the SSD is quite expensive.

What We Like

  • Reliable
  • Excellent build quality
  • Fast transfer speeds

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Never Run Out of Storage on iPhone 15 Pro

If you plan to shoot a lot of ProRes Log videos, get an SSD with higher storage. Sandisk, Kingston, and Crucial offer SSDs with up to 4TB storage, which should suffice for professionals. In a way, these SSDs add more storage to your iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max smartphones.

Do note that recording in ProRes Log format can take a toll on your iPhone 15 Pro battery’s backup. As such, you should invest in the top fast charger for the iPhone 15 series to juice up your phone in no time.  

Last updated on 28 September, 2023

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