5 Best Download Managers for Android in 2023

If you have tried downloading a large file on your Android smartphone, you know the frustration of downloads getting stuck at 99% and eventually failing. This is because phone browsers are not made for it and instead prioritize saving battery when you push the downloads in the background. A quick solution to this problem is using an external app to manage your downloads. So, here we present you with a list of the five best download managers for Android.

best download managers for android

We tested the top-rated download manager apps on the Google Play Store to find the best among the lot. All the apps listed in this article are free to use with some apps having the option to remove ads via in-app purchases.

1. FDM: Best Android Download Manager Overall

The FDM app for Android comes from the same FDM organization which has been a popular download manager software for Windows and Linux since its launch in 2004. It is a feature-packed app with a neat user interface with no intrusive ads.

FDM comes with three download modes – Fast, Moderate, and Slow. The app restricts the maximum download speeds depending on the mode that you choose, which helps you with bandwidth management. These settings also adjust the number of simultaneous downloads.

The FDM app also supports torrents, where you can either manually add a torrent file or directly download torrent files using magnet links. It allows you to download torrents while keeping seeding disabled. The app also has a built-in web browser, where you can paste links to your download page and start downloading your file.

You can also pause a download, and schedule it for a later time. FDM has support for over 20 global languages. The app also offers light and dark modes, which you can choose from the settings.


  • Free to use
  • No ads
  • Clean User Interface


  • Slow built-in browser

Price: Free

2. Advanced Download Manager: Best for Power Users

Advanced Download Manager or ADM has the highest number of downloads on the Google Play Store for a download manager app. The vast number of features in ADM account for its immense popularity.

ADM lets you adjust the speeds of downloads, along with the maximum number of simultaneous downloads. It also has support for torrents. The app also has a section for categories, which sorts your download lists between videos, images, files, archives, etc. 

The best part about ADM is its browser. It lets you open multiple tabs in itself, making it a powerful web browser. The app also lets you pause and resume downloads, but you cannot schedule downloads on a per-file basis. Instead, you can only schedule the entire app.

ADM also provides a graph that shows you the download speeds and helps you keep a record of bandwidth consumption. The app is free to use but comes with a small ad banner at the bottom. In our experience, we did not encounter any full-screen ads in ADM. You can also disable these ads with a one-time in-app purchase.

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  • Powerful built-in browser
  • Graph for bandwidth consumption
  • No full-screen ads


  • Limited scheduling options
  • User Interface is not beginner friendly

Price: Free; One-time purchase: $4 to remove ads

3. 1DM: Best Download Manager With Ad-Block

1DM has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, which makes it the second most downloaded app in its category, behind ADM. The app is known for its old-school yet simple user interface and ad-blocking capabilities.

The 1DM app has all the features that you can ask for from a download manager app. You can pause and resume downloads, adjust bandwidth speeds, and even download torrents. The best part of 1DM is its built-in browser that comes with ad-blocking.

1DM will block all ads and unnecessary popups that appear on the download page. However, you might see occasional ads in the app, which are from 1DM. This means that you won’t have to deal with ads on the download page, but instead see them in the download list within the app.

The biggest downside of 1DM is its full-screen ads, which appear for around 10 seconds when you complete a download. However, you can buy the 1DM+ app separately to get a completely ad-free experience.


  • Simple user interface
  • Ad-blocking built-in browser
  • Lightweight


  • Full-screen ads
  • Slow in-app animation

Price: Free, 1DM+: $2 without ads

4. Download Navi: Best Open Source Download Manager

Download Navi is a free-to-use and open-source download manager on the Google Play Store. The app can be better described as an alternate word for minimalism, as it gets the job done without any flashy features.

You can either add a download link in Navi or use the built-in browser to manually visit the download page. It allows you to pause your downloads and resume them later and offers a stable downloading experience.

However, the app is not feature-rich as it does not support torrents or download scheduling. If you are looking for a neat and no-nonsense download manager, Download Navi is a great option to consider.


  • Ad-free experience
  • Minimal user interface with no cluttering


  • Torrent not supported
  • Downloads cannot be scheduled

Price: Free.

5. Download Manager Magdalm: Gets the Job Done

Download Manager by Magdalm gets the basics right and is one of the few applications from the Play Store that does not bombard you with ads at every step. The app requires you to paste the download link in its browser, after which it picks up the file.

The app has a few ads in between, which are not that intrusive. The user interface is clean, and you will have no complaints about the downloading functionality. Since this is a bare-bones app, it has advanced features such as torrent and scheduling. 

When compared to the other apps on the list, Download Manager by Magdalm may not impress you much. But when you look at the other options on the Google Play Store, this app proves to be the least intrusive one and makes it to this list because of its fluidity. The download manager app market is dominated by FDM, ADM, and 1DM, hence not many developers enter this segment.


  • Easy to use
  • Non-intrusive ad placement


  • Lacks torrent support
  • Download scheduling is not supported
  • Built-in browser only supports 1 tab

Price: Free; In-app purchase: $1 onwards.

FAQs on Best Download Managers for Android

1. Is it safe to use download manager apps on Android?

Yes, it is safe to use third-party download manager apps for Android, as long as they come from a reputed developer.

2. Can download managers automatically fetch downloads from Chrome on Android?

No, an external download manager app cannot fetch downloads automatically from Chrome or any other browser on Android.

3. Which is the best download manager for Android?

In our opinion, FDM is the best download manager app for Android as it offers multiple features such as torrent and download scheduling, and offers an ad-free experience.

Download Large Files Faster

Using a third-party download manager app on your Android device can totally enhance your experience while downloading bigger files. Now that you have found a solution for the same on your phone, we recommend using a download manager for your computer as well.

Last updated on 19 June, 2023

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