5 Best Bluetooth Speakers With SD Card Slot

Bluetooth speakers are handy if you enjoy listening to loud music or you just want to have a mini party in your living room. You can also carry them outdoors if you’re on a hike or even when you’re biking. While it’s simple to connect your phone to the speaker via Bluetooth to play audio, what’s even more convenient is having a Bluetooth speaker with an SD card slot.

Bluetooth speaker with SD card slot

You can simply load all the songs you want onto an SD card and play them on the speaker without having to meddle with your phone. This is handy if you’re not carrying your phone or don’t want to meddle with your phone when you’re out and about. Regardless of your use case, if the idea of a speaker with an SD card slot intrigues you, here are some of the best options.

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1. MANTO Bluetooth Speaker

This product from MANTO is a multi-purpose Bluetooth speaker that has a ton of features. The speaker has an SD card slot which is the main highlight of course, but you also get additional features like an IPX5 rating for water resistance and stereo sound for an immersive effect. It has a rugged design and comes with a carabiner clip which you can use to hang the speaker on the wall or hook it onto your backpack.

The MANTO Bluetooth speaker is durable and functional so you can take it out on treks or bike rides without any issues. It’s also weatherproof so rain or even the occasional splash of water, while you’re swimming or showering, shouldn’t do any harm. As for the sound, it is tuned well for EDM, pop, and hip-hop music which means it’s great for parties or lively music.

On the rear of the speaker, behind a flap is where the microSD card slot resides. It supports a maximum capacity of 32GB which should be plenty to store thousands of songs. There’s a 1000mAh battery onboard that offers up to 12 hours of playback on a single charge. As per the reviews, this speaker is absolutely worth the money, both in terms of sound quality and its rugged nature.

2. Anker Soundcore Mini

Anker has dabbled in probably every category of accessories for smartphones including speakers and that’s not necessarily a bad thing since the Soundcore Mini is a handy little speaker that packs a punch. It has a cylindrical design that occupies very little space when placed on your desk or even car’s dashboard. Despite being tiny, you get a microSD card slot and up to 15 hours of battery life.

The Anker Soundcore Mini is one of the best-rated portable speakers with an SD card slot. It has over 75,000 reviews with the majority of them in favor of the speaker. The main reason why it’s attractive is that despite being small, it’s loud with a good amount of bass and treble. The sound clarity is also said to be impressive.

You get a microSD card slot that can accommodate a maximum capacity of 32GB as per Ankler’s claims. However, some users have mentioned that a 64GB SD card also works without any issues. There’s an onboard mic for calls with an impressive 66ft Bluetooth range. If you’re looking for a portable and compact speaker that fits into your backpack, this is the one to opt for.

3. Xeneo X21 Outdoor Wireless Speaker

As the name suggests, this speaker from Xeneo is mainly intended for outdoor use due to its rugged nature and 15W powerful drivers. It is IPX6 water resistant and has a rugged design with rubber bumpers for additional protection when you’re out in the wild. Another USP of this speaker is that if you have two of them, you can pair them to create a stereo pair for a better experience.

The Xeneo X21 has a cylindrical design that is surely larger than the Anker Soundcore Mini but it’s still portable enough to carry around in your backpack. It has a built-in lanyard that you can use to attach the speaker to your bike or hiking gear. Besides being a Bluetooth speaker with a microSD card slot that can support up to a 32GB card, you also get built-in FM radio which is always nice to have.

While the speaker itself is fairly rugged, the brand also gives you a hard travel case to store the speaker. The functionality of the speaker is impressive but some reviews say that listening to music at volume levels higher than 70% causes some distortion which isn’t ideal.

4. JBL Wind Bike Bluetooth Speaker

JBL is one of the most popular and renowned brands in the audio space. So, this is a product you must consider if you want a portable speaker with an SD card slot from a reliable brand. The speaker has a circular design along with a mini display on the front that shows the battery level as well as the radio station you’ve tuned into since you also get built-in FM radio with the speaker.

The JBL Wind speaker has a typical rugged design that you see on most speakers of this kind. It has a circular exterior that’s easy to carry around along with a loop at the top that you can use to attach a lanyard or a carabiner clip. You also get a bike mount that you can attach to your bike’s handlebar.

Of course, there’s a microSD card slot onboard with the ability to accept up to a 32GB card along with the ability to use FM Radio. As per the reviews, the two downsides of this speaker are that the volume levels are not that high and the battery life is also average. If you’re going to use it outdoors — which it is meant to be, given its rugged nature — the speaker won’t sound all that loud which is disappointing.

5. Avantree Cyclone Speaker with Bicycle Mount

This speaker is specifically meant for users who go on long bike rides and want to integrate a speaker onto their bikes with a bicycle mount. The Avantree Cyclone is a portable Bluetooth speaker that has an SD card slot and some other unique features at this price point like NFC pairing that makes it easy to use, especially when you’re riding.

If you ride a bike and get any of the other speakers, you will also have to invest in a separate bicycle mount. The Avantree Cyclone, on the other hand, comes with one in the box. It is a premium speaker that has a 10W enhanced bass output and is splashproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Of course, there’s also an SD card slot for up to 32GB of storage.

Thanks to the NFC functionality onboard, you can just tap your phone to pair it with the speaker or use the SD card slot onboard to play offline music. There’s also an AUX port if your phone still has a headphone jack to output from. The main highlight of this speaker, as per the reviews, is that it has excellent sound quality and fits perfectly on most bicycles making it the perfect companion for long rides.

No Phone, No Problem

If you don’t have your phone along with you to play music on your speaker, don’t worry. Get any of these Bluetooth speakers with an SD card slot so that you can play offline music whenever and wherever you want.

Last updated on 02 January, 2023

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