6 Best Amazon Kindle Scribe Covers and Cases

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is one of the largest eReaders from the house of Amazon, and boy does it pack a punch! From comic books to regular novels and other literature, you can read them all on the unit’s huge 10.2-inch display. Interestingly, despite its ginormous footprint, the device is featherlight. However, you may want to add a folio cover or case to add to the look (and grip) of the eReader.

Best Amazon Kindle Scribe Covers and Cases

Cases and covers for the Kindle Scribe not only help keep your eReader in good shape, but they also give your device a new lease on life. Besides that, the ones with a kickstand at the back let you read your favorite books hands-free.

So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the best Amazon Kindle Scribe covers and cases that you can buy. But first,

1. Walnew PU Leather Cover with Pen Holder

Walnew Amazon Kindle Scribe Cases

If you want to keep things simple, yet want to add a colorful twist to your Scribe, it’s time you said Hi to the Walnew vase. It’s a PU leather case that covers the front and the back of the eReader. So, you will be able to keep your eReader in mint condition as the case will protect the device from scratches and scuff marks, even when you stow the eReader in your backpack.

And guess what? The Walnew case comes with a pen holder. The holder is located cleverly towards the side of the case. So, once you are done scribbling, you can store it on the side.

The Walnew Kindle case is lightweight and comfortable to hold too. What’s more, the magnetic cover ensures that the Kindle goes to sleep when the cover is closed, thus saving battery.

2. Bozhuorui Slim Case for Kindle Scribe

BOZHUORUI Amazon Kindle Scribe Cases

Bozhuorui has a unique case for Kindle Scribe users too. The case is functional and brings together essential features such as a lightweight build, a pen holder, and a slim form factor. The latter means that it will fit easily into most laptop pockets. Do note that it’s a hard-shell case, however, and is not made of PU leather.

The case is well-made and fits the Amazon Kindle Scribe well. The edges are soft, and the overall case is easy to hold and smooth to the touch.

But, at the end of the day, the Bozhuorui case is inexpensive and is not as durable as the one prefaced above. If you are an avid reader and plan to use the Kindle Scribe many times throughout the day, you may want to skip this one.

3. Fintie Slimshell Case

Fintie Amazon Kindle Scribe Cases

The Fintie case for the Kindle Scribe is slightly more expensive than its counterparts. However, the case somewhat justifies its price tag as it uses premium materials for its construction. To that end, the case is lined with a microfiber layer at the bottom to prevent unnecessary scratches and marks. At the same time, the hardshell case does the job of keeping your eReader safe on the off chance you drop the device.

The case fits the Kindle Scribe snugly too. And, the best part is that it opens up like a book. You can scribble on the case’s cover with a sharpie, which will take you back to your good ol’ high school days. Plus, the bright cover makes sure that your eReader stands out starkly amongst the rest.

Though Fintie markets this case as slim, it does have a slight heft to it, which may make it a little difficult to hold for longer durations. On the upside, you can rest easy knowing that it will safeguard your eReader from accidental bumps against tables or falls on the floor.

More notably, the Fintie Slim case for Kindle Scribe is quite popular among users, who value its durability and ease of gripping the case. Long story short, if you are looking for one of the best Kindle Scribe covers, then this one should definitely be on your list of shortlisted cases.

4. Govtva Double Stand Case

GOVTVA Amazon Kindle Scribe Cases

It’s not every day that you come across a Kindle Scribe case with a kickstand. Needless to say, these stands make it super convenient to read when your hands grow tired of holding the massive eReader. The Govtva stand case is a premium PU leather case and bundles a number of essential features.

More importantly, the double-edge stitch enhances the look of the humble Kindle Scribe by several folds. Further, the inclusion of the nifty handles on the sides lets you hold onto your eReader easily. This way, you do not have to worry about it falling off your hands either.

The Govtva stand case is a functional Scribe case and is quite popular on Amazon too. The same can be accredited to the unit’s handle and kickstand, which make it one of the more premium PU leather covers on the market.

5. MoKo Case for Kindle Scribe

The Moko PU Leather case brings several good things to the table. For one, it packs two kickstands at the back. That means you can deploy the kickstand horizontally or vertically. It has a magnetic enclosure too, and the company has also included an elastic band on the cover to keep the Kindle from closing unexpectedly.

The Moko Case for the Kindle Scribe is a sturdy case. So you should be able to read your favorite books and novels conveniently. However, note that although it is marketed as a slim case, it does add a slight heft to your eReader.

6. Amazon Kindle Scribe Fabric Folio Cover

Kindle Amazon Kindle Scribe Cases

If you do not want a third-party case, then the in-house Kindle Fabric Folio cover should be at the top of your list. Unlike some of the options prefaced above, the Kindle Fabric Folio cover doesn’t open up like a book. Instead, it opens like a detective’s notepad, thus letting you prop up your reader for hands-free reading too. Cool, right?

It’s a fabric case so, it’s soft to the touch. Like its competitors above, it also has a microfiber lining on the inside.

As you may have guessed, the Amazon folio case is a premium case and costs more than its counterparts. That said, you get a premium look and a kickstand built-in, which is great.

FAQs About Amazon Kindle Scribe

1. Does Kindle Scribe come with a cover?

No, the Kindle Scribe doesn’t come with a cover. However, you may opt for a Kindle Scribe Essential bundle to get the cover and the reader together.

Scribble Away

These were some of the best Amazon Kindle Scribe covers that you can buy. If you spend most of your time reading while sitting, you may want to get your hands on a premium PU leather cover like the ones from MoKo or Fintie. However, if a kickstand is a must for you, you can either invest in the MoKo or the Govtva Kindle Scribe case.

Last updated on 06 March, 2023

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