3 Ways to Send Scanned Documents From iPhone Notes

iPhones offer a native feature to scan documents using the Apple Notes app. Once you scan a document, you may wonder, “Where do scanned documents go from Notes, and how to send them?” All your questions will be answered in this post. Let’s check different ways to send scanned documents from iPhone Notes.

Send scanned documents iPhone Notes

You can send the scanned document directly in any app, save it in the Files app as a PDF, or download and send it as images. Let’s check the steps in detail for each method.

1. Send in Apps Directly

The Notes app automatically creates a PDF file when you scan documents. For the unaware, the PDF file will have all the pages you scanned in an individual document. Thus, PDF is helpful as you have to send only one file instead of multiple images.

Step 1: Create a new note in the Notes app and tap on the Camera icon followed by Scan document. Capture the document pages that you want to scan. Finally, tap Save.

iPhone Notes App Scan Document

Step 2: Then, tap on the scanned document in your note to open it in full-screen view.

iPhone Notes Scanned Document Open

Step 3: Press the Share button at the top and select the app, such as Mail, to share scanned documents from your iPhone Notes.

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iPhone Notes Document Send

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2. Download as PDF

If you don’t want to send the scanned document directly or your preferred app doesn’t show up in the Share sheet for some reason, don’t worry. You can easily download scanned documents from notes as PDFs and then send them by opening the app of your choice.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Scan and save the document in the Notes app.

Step 2: Tap on the document in the note and press the Share icon. Select Save to Files from the menu.

iPhone Notes Scanned Document Save to Files

Step 3: Choose the folder where you want to save the PDF. You can save it in the iCloud folder or on your iPhone. Let’s say the Downloads folder of your iPhone.

Step 4: Press the Save button.

iPhone Notes Scanned Document Save as File

Step 5: Now, open the app where you want to send the scanned document and attach the PDF from the Files app.

Alternatively, open the Files app and go to the folder (in our example, the Downloads folder). Tap on the document to open it. Use the Markup icon at the bottom of your document if needed. Then, press the Share icon and select the app where you want to send it.

iPhone Notes Send PDF in app

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Pro Tip: You can scan documents on your iPhone directly in the Files app as well. Open the Files app and go to any folder. Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select Scan Documents. The scanned document will be saved as PDF in the Files app in the same folder from where you scanned the document.

3. By Sharing as an Image

If you want to share the scanned document as an image file, you can take a screenshot of the scanned document page in the Notes app. However, if the quality isn’t fine, download the document pages as individual pictures.

For that, you will need to use the iCloud website. We have divided the steps into two sections.

Save Document in iCloud

Step 1: First, scan and save the document in the iCloud folder of the Notes app.

To check, open the Notes app and tap on Folders at the top. Select any folder under iCloud. Then, scan the document.

iPhone Notes Folders

Step 2: Now, ensure that iCloud sync is enabled for notes. Open iPhone Settings.

Step 3: Tap on your name at the top, followed by iCloud.

iPhone iCloud Settings 1

Step 4: Then, tap on Show All. Now, select Notes.

iPhone iCloud Show All

Step 5: Finally, enable the toggle next to Sync this iPhone. Wait for a minute or two to let iPhone sync the notes.

iPhone iCloud Enable Note Sync

Tip: Learn how to add or delete pages in a PDF file on iPhone.

Download Scanned Documents as Picture

Step 1: Open iCloud in a browser and log in to your Apple ID.

Step 2: Click on the notes section.

iPhone View notes in iCloud

Step 3: Open the note where your scanned document is saved. Then, double-click on the document to open it.

iPhone View scanned document in iCloud

Step 4: Click on the Download icon at the top to download all the pictures.

iPhone download scanned notes as picture

Step 5: Once the scanned document is downloaded as pictures on your device, share pictures in any app.

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Bonus: Save Scanned Documents Automatically in the Photos App

Apple offers a feature where you can automatically save your scanned documents from the Notes app as images in the Photos app. However, remember that the Photos app will save each scanned page as an individual image.

To enable this feature, go to iPhone Settings, followed by Notes. Enable the toggle next to Save to Photos.

iPhones Notes Save to Photos

FAQs on Sending Scanned Documents From iPhone Notes

1. How to send multiple scanned documents in one email?

First, save multiple scanned documents as PDFs in the Files app, as shown above. Then, attach those PDF files to your email directly from the email app.

2. How to sign a PDF before sending it?

Open the scanned document in the Notes app. Tap on the Share icon and select Markup from the Share Sheet. Then, tap on the (+) icon and select Signature from the menu. Finally, add the signature to your PDF and save it. Then, send it. Check our detailed guide on how to sign documents on iPhone and iPad.

3. How to convert pictures to PDF on iPhone Notes?

Open the picture in the Notes app and tap on the Share icon. Select Print. Tap again on the Share icon and select Save to Files to download the photo as PDF. Check out other methods to convert photos to PDFs on iPhone.

4. How to find the missing scanned documents in the Notes app?

If you scanned a document and cannot find it in the Notes app, ensure you check in the right folder. In the Notes app, tap on the Folders option at the top and look inside all the folders. If you still cannot find it, try scanning the document again.

Go PDF, Go

Once you have created a PDF file from scanned documents in the Notes app, learn how to edit a PDF file before sending it. Also, know how to password-protect PDFs on iPhone.

Last updated on 21 August, 2023

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