5 Best PS5 DualSense Charging Stations: Wired and Wireless

Before we get on with the article, allow us to paint a picture for you. You are ecstatic to play your favorite game but as you settle down with snacks and beverages, you realize that your PS5 controller wasn’t plugged in correctly. As such, you have to wait for a bit before you can resume your gaming adventures. As frustrating as it seems, we’ve got a handy solution. To that end, you should invest in the best PS5 DualSense Charging Stations.

A DualSense Charging Station is a useful accessory that can top up a handful of PS5 controllers at once. So, it’s time to say goodbye to your battery woes and play your favorite games for hours on end. But first, you may want to read about –

Now, let’s take a look at the best PS5 DualSense Charging Stations.

1. NexiGo Rechargeable Battery Pack

NexiGo Rechargeable Battery Pack

If you’ve always wondered about a power bank for your PS5 controller, then you’ll find plenty to like about NexiGo’s offering. For those unaware, the company makes AIOT and gaming gear, and the brand’s Rechargeable Battery Pack for the PS5 controller is a superb tool in any gamer’s arsenal.

If you don’t want any unnecessary interruptions coming in the way of your next boss fight, then you should consider getting the NexiGo Rechargeable Battery Pack. The unit is a makeshift power bank that can be affixed to the back of your DualSense controller. In doing so, the battery pack will add another 10 hours of charge, thereby ensuring the controller can outlast your longest gaming sessions.

That’s not all, as the battery pack can be charged completely in just three hours. So, you can plug in the battery pack and play your favorite games in the time it recharges. By the time your controller’s battery gets low, you should be able to use the NexiGo battery pack and continue gaming without taking a break. Clearly, the company has struck gold with its Rechargeable Battery Pack as the device is quite popular on various e-commerce portals. In fact, the majority of reviews cite that the battery bank works as advertised and doesn’t add too much heft to the DualSense controller either.

2. OIVO PS5 Charging Station

OIVO PS5 Charging Station

If you want to top up two controllers simultaneously, you should check out the OIVO PS5 Charging Station. Notably, the charging deck sports a stylish design and sources its power directly from the console.

To that end, the OIVO Charging Station comes with two sets of cables, including a Type-C to Type-C cable and a 2-in-1 Type-A to Type-C cable. The cable with two Type-A connectors can be affixed to the PS5’s rear I/O. In doing so, you will be able to keep the cable clutter out of sight. That said, you can also interface the Charging Station with your PS5 via the console’s USB Type-C connector.

It’s important to note that the Charging Station can top up two controllers in around two hours. What’s more, the unit also comes with nifty LED lighting that can shed light on a controller’s charging status. The device also comes with anti-slip pads at the bottom, along with a host of safety protocols like short-circuit protection to safeguard your controllers and console from any mishaps.

3. PowerA Twin Charging Station

The PowerA Twin Charging Station allows you to top up two PS5 DualSense controllers too. With that said, unlike some competing products, PowerA’s charging hub is officially licensed for the PS5. As such, you don’t have to worry about incompatibility issues marring your experience.

Interestingly, the PowerA Twin Charging Station touts a minimalistic design. While the company could’ve opted for an outlandishly-styled charging pad, the brand wanted to show off the DualSense controller’s fabulous design – it is the star of the show, after all. The stand even comes with LEDs that light up when you prop a controller onto the stand.

Do note that, unlike OVIO’s offering, the PowerA DualSense wireless controller is powered by an AC adapter. What’s more, the unit comes with a two-year warranty, which is great. Additionally, the charging hub comes with a weighted base, so you don’t have to worry about it toppling under load.

4. Razer Quick Charging Stand for PS5

Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5

Razer is, quite possibly, the most popular gaming brand in the world. The company dabbles with high-end gaming laptops and peripherals, and it even has a trendy quick charging stand for the PS5 DualSense controller.

The Razer Quick Charging Stand is available in a variety of colors, including Pink, Red, White, Blue, and Black. As such, you can color-match the stand with your controller. More notably, the stand can charge a DualSense controller in under three hours. It even comes with a contoured cradle which offers a snug fit for the PS5’s controller.

Do note that unlike some of the alternatives prefaced above, the Razer Quick Charging Stand can only top up one controller at a time. While that can be construed as a con, it makes for a good buy if you only have one PS5 controller, to begin with. As such, you won’t have to contend with a ginormous charging hub that won’t just take up more space but will look odd when paired with a single controller. Additionally, the device is USB-powered, so you can plug it into your PS5 or a wall outlet.

5. LVFAN PS5 Controller Charger Station

LVFAN PS5 Controller Charger Station

LVFAN’s PS5 Charging Station has a lot going for it too. For starters, it can charge two PS5 controllers at once. Moreover, the unit can top up the devices at 5V/3A, so your controller should be up and running in around 2.5 hours.

Do note that you’ll have to buy a charging adapter for the unit. On the upside, like some other options on the list, the LVFAN Charging Station also comes with LED indicators to denote a controller’s charging status. Add to that; the unit comes with cavities that allow buyers to anchor the controller to the base firmly.

The charging base also features over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection. You’ll also get a 3.3-feet charging cable with the hub. As for the customer reviews, the majority of buyers are quite happy with LVFAN’s offering. The unit’s fast charging speeds, solid build quality, and ease of charging have not gone unnoticed by buyers.

Hassle-free Charging

It’s important to keep your DualSense controller charged for uninterrupted gaming sessions. Thanks to the charging stations prefaced above, your controller’s battery will rarely run out of power. Do let us know which charging hub caught your eye in the comments below.

Last updated on 13 July, 2023

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