6 Best Mechanical NumPads for Office-goers in 2023

If you’re having buyer’s remorse for picking up a compact keyboard that omits a NumPad, then fret not. In fact, you don’t need a full-sized mechanical keyboard to reap the benefits of a NumPad and zip through numbers. To that end, we’ve come up with a list of the best standalone, mechanical NumPads that will cut down the time you spend staring at an excel sheet.

That’s right, our list includes pocketable NumPads that feature a variety of mechanical switches and cater to different budgets.

So, if you’re tired of using the number row, read on to find the best mechanical numpads. But first, you might also be interested in reading about –

Now, let’s get going, shall we? 

1. Rottay Number Pad

Rottay Mechanical NumPad

If you’re looking for the most affordable NumPad you can buy, then you’ll find Rottay’s offering to your liking. To that end, the Rottay Number Pad is the most affordable device on the list. Despite that, the Number Pad has a lot going for it. For one, the device comes with Blue mechanical switches.

Correspondingly, you will get satisfying audible and tactile feedback with every data entry. The NumPad also comes with three lighting modes and you can choose to have the backlit on, off, or in breathing mode. What’s more, the NumPad doesn’t require any additional drivers either. 

The icing on the cake is that the device comes with sturdy ABS keycaps rated for 50 million keystrokes. The unit is also compatible with a host of Windows operating systems. 

Do note that the device is not fully compatible with Mac machines. To that end, while the Number keys work, you won’t be able to use the Function keys with the same. Moreover, the unit doesn’t come with a detachable cable. On the upside, the device has a lot of positive reviews, with buyers seemingly satisfied with the NumPad’s performance. Rest assured, the Rottay Number Pad is among the best and most affordable mechanical NumPads you can buy today. 

2. Velocifire NK01 Mechanical NumPad

Velocifire NK01 Mechanical NumPad

Velocifire has a range of affordable and high-quality mechanical keyboards under its belt. It’s not surprising then, that the brand also has dedicated mechanical NumPads up for grabs as well. The NK01, for instance, is an affordable mechanical NumPad by the brand. Spec-wise, the device comes with Blue Outmeu mechanical switches. 

What sets the NK01 apart is that it connects to your PC wirelessly. To that end, the device comes with a wireless receiver and communicates over the 2.4GHz band. As such, if you don’t want to deal with routing yet another cable, the NK01 is a great option to consider. More notably, the device is compatible with a host of operating systems, including Mac OS X. 

We should point out that the device also comes with a backlit LED. Furthermore, the unit is powered by replaceable batteries, which can be a chore to swap out. Thankfully, a handful of customer reviews cite that the device offers a long-lasting battery backup. It goes without saying then, that the Velocifire NK01 is among the best wireless mechanical NumPads you can buy without breaking the bank.


MOTOSPEED Mechanical NumPad

If you’re itching for a NumPad with snappy key actuation to jot down numbers faster, then you’ll find plenty to like about MOTOSPEED’s NumPad. To that end, the unit comes with either Blue or Red mechanical switches. We’ve shortlisted the model with Red switches as they are more suited to office environments. 

To that end, Red switches are quieter and offer slightly quicker actuation as well. Moving on though, the NumPad also comes with RGB LED that can sift through 14 different backlit modes. To do so, you need to press the function and the arrow key at the same time. You can even turn the backlit off or have it shuffle through one of seven random colors. 

More to the point, the NumPad boasts an ergonomic shape and is angled at 15 degrees to prevent wrist strain. If anything, the unit ships with a hardwired cable. On the bright side, the device has received rave reviews from customers, with the majority pleased with its build quality and performance. As such, buyers looking for the best mechanical NumPads should give MOTOSPEED’s offering another look.

4. Magicforce NumPad

Magicforce Mechanical NumPad

If you’re looking to strike a delicate balance between tactility and fluidity, then you will find the Magicforce mechanical NumPad right up your alley. We say this, as the unit comes with Brown mechanical switches that don’t sound too loud. At the same time, the switches offer ample clickiness and you’ll have a gala of a time filling rows upon rows with the NumPad.

Moving on, the Magicforce NumPad comes wrapped in a white colorway that makes it stand out. At the same time, the unit features floating keycaps that add to the device’s overall aesthetics. Adding to the list of pros, the NumPad comes with a backlit LED and you can choose from four different modes by pressing the Function and ‘5’ numeric keys at the same time. 

It’s important to note that the NumPad comes with a detachable USB cable. With that said, the device employs an archaic mini USB connector. Adding to the list of woes, the NumPad can only be used in a wired mode. Understandably, it’s not easy to look past the aforementioned niggles. That said, the customers who did opt for the NumPad are quite happy with the device, so make of that what you will. 


EPOMAKER TH21 Mechanical NumPad

If you’re okay spending a little extra, then you must check out EPOMAKER’s TH21 NumPad. The unit costs a pretty penny and retails for as much as some affordable mechanical keyboards. That said, you do get a ton of features with the device. For starters, the unit features gorgeous XDA profile PBT keycaps in the company’s Geometry Grey colorway. 

That’s not all, as the unit comes with hot-swappable switches. So, if you don’t like the tactile feedback from the model with the Gateron Pro Yellow switches, you can simply swap the switches out and use a different set. Do note that the company also pre-lubricates all its switches to further accentuate the feedback from each key tap. What’s more, the device offers fully programmable keys too and you can finetune various commands via the companion app. 

The TH21 also sports an ergonomic, wedge-shaped chassis that should keep your wrists from straining too much. You can also use the device wirelessly with a 2.4GHz receiver, or pair it to a compatible system over Bluetooth. Needless to say, the TH21 has been a huge hit, with the majority of buyers singing praises of the unit’s build quality and feature set. So, if you’re looking to splurge on the best mechanical NumPads, the TH21 is your best bet. 

6. Kisnt Mechanical NumPad

Kisnt Mechanical NumPad

If you’re looking for a compact NumPad with a unique look, then you should check out Kisnt’s Mechanical NumPad. For one, the NumPad makes use of gorgeous pastel colors for its keycaps. As such, the unit stands out amidst the herd of all-black NumPads. More notably, the NumPad employs Brown mechanical switches, which should get the job done for most buyers.

That’s not all, as the unit features a stepped or wedge-shaped design that is extremely comfortable to use. And, if your wrists fancy more inclination, then you can also deploy the NumPad’s adjustable keyboard feet. 

Notably, the NumPad comes with a backlit LED with six levels of brightness. And, although the device cannot communicate wirelessly, you do get a Type-C connector to route your cables. All said and done, the Kisnt Mechanical NumPad scores big in both, the design as well as the functionality department. 

Tap Away

If your work requires you to crunch through numbers, then you must be on the lookout for the best mechanical NumPads. The aforementioned options are reasonably priced and will serve you well for years to come. Do let us know which device you snagged in the comments below. 

Last updated on 03 April, 2023

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