5 Best Garmin Fenix 7 Bands That You Can Buy

The Garmin Fenix 7 is one of Garmin’s most advanced watches and is for the adventure seeker in you. This sports can show advanced stats to keeping an eye on your workout regimes. The in-box silicone strap is comfortable. But not all bands last.

With time, the watch strap may give out. Plus, the build-up of salt and sweat may discolor the strap in the long run. Fortunately, you can easily swap out the Fenix 7’s QuickFit band with a standard 20mm, 22mm, or 26mm Quick Release band or a QuickFit band. 

We have rounded up a small list of the best Garmin Fenix 7 bands that you can buy.

Now that it’s settled, let’s have a look, shall we? But before that,

1. Fintie Band

  • Width: 22mm | Material: Quick Release

The Finite Band is a cheap and affordable nylon loop that is light on the wrist. It’s a simple nylon band with a traditional watch-like buckle at the end. This ensures that the strap sits securely on your wrist without falling off. The nylon is smooth and doesn’t irritate the skin when you sweat excessively.

It’s a durable band and is comparatively easy to install. You simply have to push the pins through the lug hole. That said, the pins are metallic and are not likely to rust. And the same can be said about the strap holders.

Users love this strap for its lightweight and smooth fabric. This is particularly important if you live in a hot climate. Though it’s durable for its price, the strap will not likely last you a very long time since the fabric near the holes tends to fray with time.

2. ANCOOL Replacement Watch Strap

  • Width: 22mm | Type: QuickFit

If you are looking for an affordable silicone strap for your Fenix 7, you can’t go wrong with the one by Ancool. It is a beauty, thanks to its dual-color tone and polished look. More importantly, the silicone is soft and flexible, making it easy on the skin. A user on Amazon has added that they found it comfortable even after a cumulative 30 miles of running.

It’s worth noting that it has a QuickFit-like installation mechanism at the end, which allows for an easy and pain-free installation process. Interestingly, several users have pointed this good feature out in their reviews.

Though the straps appear a tad little thin, the clasps have a solid build and secure well to the Fenix 7 without any issues. At the same time, the perforations are even and are big enough to let easy evaporation of sweat.

3. EANWireless Nylon Loop

Width: 22mm | Type: Loop

If you want a no-fuss nylon loop for your Garmin Fenix 7, you can peek at the EANWirelss Nylon Loop. This one has no metal parts and hence no hassles about parts rusting due to sweat. Instead, it comes with velcro on either end. You need to loop the nylon strap through the metal pins of the watch and secure the strap in place.

It’s lightweight and sits comfortably on the wrist. The fabric doesn’t collect sweat beneath the band, which is a big plus.

It’s affordable and fuss-free to wear. Plus, the fact that it’s washable is the cherry on top. The only thing you need to be cautious of is the strength of the velcro. So if you buy this nylon loop, we’d advise you to check the strength of the velcro on either end, especially before long runs, treks, and cycling.

4. NotoCity Silicone Sport Watch Strap

Width: 26mm | Type: QuickFit

The Notocity Sport Watch Strap makes it easy to switch straps. These are QuickFit bands which means you need to press the button at the end of the strap to install it. The highlight of this silicone strap is the even distribution of the adjustment holes. Naturally, this gives you the flexibility of adjusting the length as per your comfort.

These straps look great and are solid enough to withstand heavy usage. The buckle is made of metal, and looks the traditional watch-like to ensure it stays put. For the price, the Notocity sports watch straps are durable and comfortable. They are popular on Amazon, and users love them for their comfort, easy installation process, and dual-tone looks.

5. Ritche Silicone Watch Band

Width: 18mm/ 20mm/ 22mm | Type: Quick Release

Last but not least, we have the Ritche Silicone Watch Band. These are conventional Quick Release bands wherein you will have to remove the metal pins and then fit the Quick Release pins. Like the one above, these are dual-color silicone watch straps. However, they have a texture at the top. Not only does it help in giving a different look, but it also helps you grip the strap better.

The quick-release spring bars are durable and stay anchored to the watch. At the same time, the watch straps are sturdy. Interestingly, the loop holders have a locking feature to lock them into place. They are popular on Amazon, and users have spoken highly of their comfort and durability. Plus, the bold colors give it a sharp touch.

But the feature that makes these silicone straps shine is that the company includes two lengths in one shipment. So if one of them is a little tight, you can always swap it for the other one.

That said, installation is straightforward. The only challenge is to take out the metal bars of the Fenix 7 and then insert the Quick Release spring bars into the watch lug.

Get, Set and Run

The watch strap is one of the most important elements in watches. You’d want a strap that is comfortable and can easily handle sweat. However, before you hit the Buy button, check the watch width.


Last updated on 28 April, 2022

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