5 Best Smartwatches for Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an excellent hobby for exploring the underwater world. However, you need appropriate equipment and gear to get the most out of the activity. Along with suitable apparatus for breathing, you might also need a dive computer or a diving smartwatch on hand.

A smartwatch for divers can come in handy for something as simple as checking the time or location. On the other hand, a more sophisticated dive computer can help with depth and pressure information. If you’re planning to dip your toes into the world of diving, here are some of the best scuba diving smartwatches you can buy across various price ranges.

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Let’s get to the smartwatches for divers now.

1. Amazfit T-Rex 2 Rugged Smartwatch

Maximum depth: 100m | Dive computer: No

Amazfit makes fantastic smartwatches that don’t break the bank. The T-Rex 2, for instance, is a rugged military-grade smartwatch that can sustain harsh environments including underwater diving. While it’s no dive monitor, the Amazfit T-Rex 2’s ruggedized construction makes it a good fit for divers. It can go up to a maximum depth of 100m.

If you must know, the depth rating is higher than the Apple Watch, which costs six times as much. Aside from the regular health-tracking features found on smartwatches, you’ll also get dual-band GPS, real-time navigation, and heart rate monitoring with the device.

If you are an occasional diver and don’t dabble with sophisticated metrics, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 makes for a handy gadget. The wearable also comes with superb battery life and the unit can last up to 24 days on a single charge. It goes without saying that you can view your notifications, answer calls, and track regular workouts with the T-Rex 2 as well.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of reviews cite that the Amazfit T-Rex 2 offers excellent bang for the buck. It’s not specifically intended for diving but the unit’s superior construction ensures it can hold its own when you’re diving.

2. Cressi Leonardo Underwater Diving Computer

Maximum depth: 120m | Dive computer: Yes

The Cressi Leonardo smartwatch focuses on one key parameter — diving. As such, the device is a professional dive computer that can be strapped to your wrist. This diving computer has all the essentials you need for diving. On that note, the watch gets adjustable FO2 and PO2 levels. You also get a CNS oxygen toxicity graphic indicator.

The backlit display depicts the required metrics in a large font. This is important when you’re diving to high depths where the visibility may be low. Another advantage of the Cressi Leonardo smartwatch is that it uses a CR2430 replaceable battery, so you don’t have to bother charging it every now and then.

You can maintain a log of up to 60 dives on the smartwatch. As per the reviews, the Cressi Leonardo diving computer is highly recommended for beginners who have just started training for scuba diving. If anything, a few users noted that the wearable comes with just one button, which makes navigating through the interface a bit of a chore.

3. Garmin Descent G1 Solar

Maximum depth: 100m | Dive computer: Yes

Garmin is the industry leader when it comes to smartwatches that aid in fitness and activity tracking. The Descent G1 Solar smartwatch from the brand is a rugged and reliable dive computer that can be recharged using solar energy. The best part about gadgets that recharge via solar energy is that you don’t have to worry about running out of juice. In fact, you could spend a few hours under the sun and you’ll be prepped for your next dive!

Garmin claims you can get about 25 hours of battery life in dive mode. In the normal smartwatch mode, it goes all the way up to four months with regular outdoor usage.

Coming to the meat of the matter — the diving capabilities. For starters, there’s GPS onboard for accurate entry and exit points. You can store up to 200 dives on the watch making it fit for both recreational and advanced diving. Apart from the dive-related features, you also get several sports modes with the device, making it more than adept for activity tracking.

That’s not all, as the Garmin Descent G1 also displays your notifications and lets you download apps. In fact, it also supports NFC for contactless payments.

4. Apple Watch Ultra

Maximum depth: 40m | Dive computer: Kinda

Apple recently announced the most advanced version of the Apple Watch, aptly dubbed the Apple Watch Ultra. The device in question gets a titanium frame, longer battery life, and most importantly — a new Dive app that lets you use the watch underwater. The Dive app comes preinstalled and lets you check the depth of your dives along with other vital information like location and pressure.

At the same time, you can install the Oceanic+ app, and needless to say, it elevates the experience tenfold. To that end, the app turns your Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer and provides vital information, including insights on no-decompression time and distance to the surface.

Unsurprisingly, the Apple Watch Ultra is the most versatile and functional dive computer on this list, seeing how the device is backed by Apple’s app ecosystem as well. What’s more, per some experienced divers, the Ultra is a good alternative to a dive computer. However, experts still state that it can’t go toe-to-toe with dedicated diving gear, especially in terms of accuracy.

Regardless, the Apple Watch Ultra is a good gadget for diving and should suffice until you want to indulge in a dedicated dive computer. Do note that the Oceanic+ app works on a subscription model so you have to shell out money regularly to use it.

Further, Apple Watch is not officially rated to go beyond 40m of depth. While several users have claimed that they’ve gone beyond the limit with no issues, we would suggest picking up a dedicated dive computer if you wish to descend deeper.

5. Garmin Descent Mk2 Watch-Style Dive Computer

Maximum depth: 100m | Dive computer: Yes

The Garmin Descent MK2 is an improved version of the Descent G1 smartwatch mentioned earlier. It has a larger display, a much bigger battery, and improved diving features. It also packs an underwater compass to aid with navigation. You also get six dive modes including gas dives, so you can pick and choose a preset that suits your style of diving.

Furthermore, you get expert algorithms from Garmin that determine your relaxation time, suggest workouts, and track your heart rate as well as SpO2 levels. And the touchscreen makes it easy to use.

The proprietary software on the watch also allows you to make contactless payments, store music offline, and receive notifications. Unlike the Descent G1, there’s no solar charging onboard here so you will have to recharge the smartwatch’s battery every 80 hours when used in dive mode or every 16 days when used as a regular smartwatch.

FAQs for Scuba Diving Smartwatches

1. Can I use my Apple Watch for diving?

Unless it’s an Apple Watch Ultra, we wouldn’t suggest you use it for diving. Water may enter the smartwatch at high pressure and ruin your Apple Watch.

2. Does Apple cover liquid damage under warranty for the Apple Watch?

No, liquid damage is not covered under warranty. If water enters your Apple Watch and it stops working, you will have to get it repaired or replaced by paying even if it’s under warranty.

Dive Your Way Through the Underwater World

If you’re planning to start diving during your free time, a scuba diving smartwatch from the aforementioned list will serve as a great companion. You can get a clearer idea of your diving sessions along with essential details like your location and how far away you are from the surface.

Last updated on 25 March, 2023

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