How To Find IP Address Of a Domain Using Command Line In Windows

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In Windows, you can do plenty of things using command line. Converting a domain name to its IP address using the nslookup command is one of them. You can also find IP address of any website’s host machine.

Here’s is the step by step procedure:

1. Click on Start button and type cmd in the search box. Press “Enter”.

command line windows

2. Windows command prompt will open. Now type nslookup and press enter.

nslookup ip address

3. It will show you Yahoo FTP IP address. This is IP address of the server where is hosted.  Similarly you can find host machines for any other website.

yahoo ftp address

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4. If you want to look up IP address of a website then type nslookup in the command prompt and press enter.

nslookup command

5. Now enter the domain name of any website and press enter. It will show you the IP address of that particular site. For example I typed and pressed enter. It returned Google’s IP address:

It means if I type in a browser’s address bar, will open.

google ip address

Similarly you can convert any other domain name into its IP address. You can also check the result by typing the IP address in the browser address bar.

Now, for the more tech savvy folks among you, the nslookup command is used for testing out DNS servers. The above tutorial just outlines the basic usage of this command. There’s a lot more you could do with it. We will take it up in detail in a future post.

Remember, for websites that don’t have a dedicated IP address, you could get different results each time you use this command.

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