• How to Disable Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

    Microsoft has made many new upgrades to its new operating system, one of which is a full integration of Microsoft Teams. The application is automatically installed and placed in your Taskbar when you update to Windows 11. However, not everybody uses

  • How to Change the Default Browser in Windows 11

    Updating to Windows 11 resets all operating system’s settings back to their defaults. That means Windows 11 will open links and HTML files using the default browser – Microsoft Edge.

  • How to Change the Theme in Windows 11

    Microsoft has completely overhauled the Windows 11 user interface, making it more customizable. However, the developer has also changed the menu structure and options that Windows users have when it comes to customizing the UI. Despite these changes,

  • How to Personalize the Windows 11 Lock Screen

    Personalizing the Lockscreen of your Windows 11 computer is a first step to make the system looks yours. Microsoft has made the Lockstreen more customizable with Windows 11 apart from adding several other features and improvements.

  • How to Prevent Android Apps From Auto-Updating on Mobile Data

    Android keeps all of your apps updated with minimal effort. Unfortunately, the update process can be aggressive and can use all your mobile data.

    Most Android apps are at least 60 MB in size and can rake up to several gigabytes for games.