How to Manage and Transfer Photos/Files From Your Android Phone to PC Without Connecting USB Cable

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You want to transfer some photos from your Android phone to your computer to upload it online, or may be you need to update the music library on the Android with the latest tracks you have on your desktop. The snag you encounter here is that you are not able to recall where you kept your USB data cable last time after using it. Transferring files via Bluetooth will take ages, and thus you end up frustrated, consequently postponing the process.

Do you find yourself in the aforementioned situation often enough? If your answer is yes, we have just the right thing (actually an Android app) to bring a smile to your face.

AirDroid is a nifty Android app that lets you manage and control your Android device from a web browser “over-the-air”, meaning without connecting USB cable.

Cool Tip: Indeed, you need a Wi-Fi connection to connect your computer with your phone, but even if you don’t have a router at your home, you could create a Virtual Access Point on your Windows 7 laptop and let the phone share the connection wirelessly.

To get started, download and install AirDroid from the Market. Once you run the application you will be given an IP address and a self-generated password. Both of these will help you connect to your Android using your computer.

air droid on android

Note: Please make sure, both your phone and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Now open your browser on the desktop  and enter the IP address along with the port number you see on the AirDroid main screen in the URL field, and press enter. Your browser will communicate with AirDroid application running on your mobile and open the password authentication screen.


Enter the password AirDroid has generated for you and voila! you get a wonderful dashboard from where you can view and control almost any gamut of your Android smartphone.

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By default, on the right-hand side you can see the details of the phone you have connected, on top there’s a search app tool and on the left-hand side are the icons to control contacts, messages, files, etc on your Android.

welcome screen

All the elements on the main screen can be dragged and dropped, and thus you can customize it as per your needs. The application gives you the power to manage files, wield messages and contacts, view and transfer photos, listen and manage music, install and uninstall applications. You can even change your ringtone quickly and easily!!

All the modules are very impressive, and at the same time, they are easy to work on. The file manager, for example, resembles the Windows explorer quite a bit. The application manager makes installing, uninstalling and exporting (backup) of the applications a cakewalk. Downloading and playing media file was never so easy.

file mamager

applicaition manager

You can control your SMS and Contacts, and that’s not all, if you are feeling lazy to write SMS using your Android keyboard, you can compose and send a text using AirDroid running on your browser.


Impressive huh? So go on, install and use it today, it’s free!!


The application impressed me to the core and to be frank, there’s nothing I didn’t like about the application. I am sure you too will love it.

Don’t forget to share with us what you think about the app and remember, we are always a comment away if you face any difficulty while working on it.

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  1. TheBigOldDog says:

    Outstanding app. Love being able to text using my PC. That alone makes this a killer Android App in the Splashtop class for me.

  2. Justcallmedave says:

    Fantastic app! I had so much duplicated music that would have taken ages to get off any other way. 5 minutes on the pc and it’s done! Also got rid of all the duplicated contacts – ACE, 5* all the way!

  3. Angel Jimenez says:

    Will these procedures work with windows XP Professional?

    • Yes it will. All you need is the application installed on your phone and a browser on your computer.

      • sandeep says:

        hi friend will u plz help me i want to transfer music files from pc to my mobile with out USB can i do that

  4. Stan Marsh says:

    Indeed a ravishing application!
    I truly had a big pleasure fulfilling the application’s destiny!
    May other will enjoy truly fantastic application!

  5. Andreea says:

    very useful app, easy to install&use:)

  6. Jmcsulya says:


    • Sri says:

      It needs connectivity to be abke to connect your pc & phone. This method used over wifi if the usb port fails/you forgot where the heck you misplaced your usb cable. It’s clearly stated on the description. What are you, blind? If you wanna connect ur phone to pc, what other method you have genius?

  7. sdsdsd says:

    fuck tis app

  8. Fergussfong says:

    Does not work with my RAZR M, maybe because it has a removable SD card, and the “help” module warns that not all external SD cards are supported *yet*.

  9. helen says:

    This is freaking awesome! Thanks for enlightening me on this app, solved my USB cord problem in a flash.

  10. Joy says:

    Fantastic! But it may not work in Opera or IE. For me it didn’t. Use Mozilla. Thank you Ashish.

  11. Arco Witter says:

    Unusable – when it needs to be on the same Wifi, I’d better use an USB cable.
    It should connect via internet!

    • Hates Idiots says:

      Yeah, ok, genius. Totally clueless user doesn’t understand the first thing about internet security, host addressability, firewalls, VPN, or anything at all calls a perfectly decent and useful app “unusable”. Go ahead and use your USB cable then if you hate this so much, but don’t come and shit on someone else’s hard work you non-contributing parasite.

  12. uhkhh says:


  13. chrism says:

    Ashish you are freaking awesome, thank you for turning me on to AirDroid.

  14. Ashish Adhikari says:

    Just what I was looking for

  15. not giving my name to a machin says:

    you can do the exact same thing with blue tooth just without the bulky UI just simple windows explorer as if you had done it with a usb cable

  16. rachel says:

    LOVE this. Ive been searching for something like this forever! I absolutely adore the whole thing!! COULDNT BE BETTER!

  17. Steve Clark says:

    I recommend Fylet simple. Great app, works super fast. It automatically transfers my pics from phone to PC. It’s free.

  18. goodspeed says:

    do you know a method to transfer files from PC to Samsung Note 2 since it says on windows 7 PC no drivers for the sames and it takes us to windows site..

  19. Rudy Rodriguez says:

    Hi,, I am trying to load a ebook from my pc to the tablet’s Aldiko…
    Have tried using Airdroid… no success.
    How would I do this?

  20. Aksut Oran says:

    Wow this is great!!! I have trouble with connectin my pc to my android phone via usb, and now i can do what i was going to do with the usb file, but much more than just transfering files this is awesome!

  21. Praneet says:

    Dude Awesome App Thanks A Loooooooooooot

  22. jaganmohanreddy says:

    it’s very usefull

  23. Nadeera says:

    my screen is cracked. i want to wipe my data. can some body help me?

  24. Htc User says:

    does not work.. my computer screen just says AirDroid 100% but does not do anything after that

  25. Dave West says:
  26. samsung_user says:

    just installed it, and love it 😀
    my usb connection did not work, and it was driving me crazy :S this app saved me ^_^

  27. Barbara says:

    Just what I was looking for! Worked perfectly at my first try. Thanks for something so simple and easy.

  28. Alex says:

    You can also try Web PC Suite, a good alternative for Airdroid.

  29. Emma Melchers says:

    For me the best way to tansfer data from Android to computer is using Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager.

  30. Sayli says:

    This App is Hilarious! It worked Wonders for me! :) Thanks a ton.