The First 10 Things You Should do With Your Xiaomi Redmi 5A

Got the new Xiaomi Redmi 5A? We bet you’re thrilled and excited about it. There’s no doubt that a new Android phone calls for both a celebration and a bit of early exploration for the curious ones.

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However, as overwhelming as it is to get your hands on a new shiny Android device, there are a couple of things that must be done on your new Redmi 5A without fail.

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1. Set a Pin or a Password

The first thing that must be done is to set the device security lock up. Since the Redmi 5A doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, we’d have to rely on the three security options available — pattern, PIN or password.

Having a password is the highest form of phone security.

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As obvious, having a password is the highest form of phone security. However, when it comes to the ease of access, a PIN is not only secure but also much easier to enter, as long as it isn’t something as childish as 1234.

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However, if it’s too big a hassle and you prefer a pattern over a PIN or a password, do remember to make the pattern invisible.

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In a hurry? Enable the Skip swipe screen option on Lock screen & password > Screen lock.

2. Android Device Manager

Speaking of security, the next obvious destination is Android Device Manager. A part of the Google Settings, this feature lets you locate your lost phone remotely.

Go to Google settings > Security > Find My Device and toggle the switch to On.
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Cool Tip: To give this option a try, go to Google Find my Device

3. Battery Indicator

Another default setting, which you can change, is the Battery Indicator. By default, the Redmi 5A sports a graphical indicator. However, if you wish to see the exact battery percentage, you can have it changed as per your choice.

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Head over to the Notifications & status bar settings and scroll down to Battery Indicator. Here, opt for the Percentage option.

4. Have a Grip on the Notification Settings

Android Nougat on the Redmi 5A gives you the option to set up priority notifications. This essentially means that if you’d like an app notification to sit on top of others, you can enable it easily.

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Go to the Settings menu and head over to Notifications & status bar > App notifications, choose the app and toggle the Priority switch to On.

5. Check for App Permissions

Given the number of click-jacks and malware on the Google Play Store, make sure to choose the right app from verified sources. While you’re at it, do keep an eye on the Android app permissions.

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Another aspect, which needs to be checked, is the Autostart permission in Settings > Permissions > Autostart.

6. Set Up Photo Backups

Google Photos is an awesome app when it comes to creating a backup your precious moments. The fact that you can access them from anywhere and the option of unlimited high-quality uploads make it even better.

The option of unlimited high-quality uploads makes it even better

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Moreover, when your phone has an internal storage of 2GB, the Free up device storage feature plays a major role — you have access to all your photos plus the free storage space on your phone.

7. Set Backup for Contacts

Backing up your contacts to the default Google account is always a good practice, no matter which phone you use. This way, you can have the same contacts on every phone no matter how many times you switch phones.

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To enable it on your Redmi 5A, you just have to go to your Contacts app and save a new contact to the Google account instead of the Mi Account or the SIM or device memory.

So, next time you see a lost all contacts, inbox me your number‘ message on your Facebook news feed, do help the poor fellows with this piece of advice.

8. Get an Awesome Theme

Now that all the customization and security settings have been enabled, let’s get started with an awesome theme.

Most of the Mi themes are free and gives a new edge to your phone.

It goes without saying that the built-in Mi themes are truly beautiful. The good thing about these themes is that they are free and offer a new edge to your phone — whether it’s the lock screen, the icons or the background wallpaper.

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First Things To Do Redmi 5 A 12

All it needs is a Mi Account to sign in, and once you’re done, the theme will be downloaded. If you don’t want an overall theme, you can get one of those gorgeous wallpapers to grace your home screen.

Redmi 5 A 2
Just pinch your home screen, tap on the wallpaper icon and select. While you’re at it, don’t skip the Find More button.

9. Decorate the Home Screen with Widgets

You can place a couple of minimalist yet functionally important widgets on your home screen.

Whether it’s the Google Pill widget or an analog clock — you can have’em all.

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10. Set the Google Assistant

Last but not the least, don’t forget to set the handy Google Assistant up. In case you didn’t know, the Assistant can perform a number of jobs, including searching for a hotel, read or send messages on your behalf or be your personal jester.

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However, the most important part is unlocking the phone with your voice. Just train the Assistant with your voice and it’ll do the rest seamlessly.

To enable it, long press on the Home button and the option to voice train the Google Assistant will pop up. Once done, all you need to do is either say “Hey, Google” or long press on the Home button to start off with your queries.

Lastly, Stay off the Task Killers

The above settings might seem overwhelming at first. However, once the setup is done, you can be sure that they’ll bring the perfect balance to your Xiaomi Redmi 5A.

It goes without saying that phone maintenance is a never-ending process and, with time, it’ll only increase. Last but not the least, don’t forget to get a good case for your Redmi 5A.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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