4 Free Xbox Games with Gold for November

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It's that time of the month again! The time, for which Xbox fans wait with bated breath. Four new games that Xbox Live Gold users will get free access to this month has been revealed by the company.

Games With Gold

The four games to what the users get free access are a part of a deal that comes with the Xbox Live Gold subscription, called the Games with Gold program.

Traditionally, Xbox Live Gold program subscribers are rewarded with two games for Xbox One and two games for the Xbox 360 devices. Xbox One users have the advantage here because they get to play all for games courtesy to Backward Compatibility with the Xbox 360.

Free Xbox Games for November

Subscribers of the Xbox Live Gold program are set to get their hands on $104+ of games and 3,400 in gamerscore for free.

Xbox 1

These are the four free games Xbox is offering its fans for the month of November:

  • Trackmania Turbo (Xbox One)
  • Tales from the Borderlands (Xbox One)
  • Nights into Dreams (Xbox 360)
  • Deadfall Adventures (Xbox 360)

Trackmania Turbo is releasing on November 1 for all Xbox One users with the Xbox Live Gold subscription. They will get access to over 200 tracks to race on, exclusive music, and a new feature where the player and a friend control the same car simultaneously.

Trackmania Turbo
A quick look from Trackmania Turbo
This is followed by Tales from the Borderlands releasing on November 16 where players will help Reese and Fiona make their way through a hilarious action-comedy game to reach their goal.
A still from Tales from the Borderlands

The next title comes to the Xbox 360 again on November 1. Nights into Dreams takes its players into Nightopia where they zoom fly and swim to collect coins and face unique boss enemies.

Nights Into Dreams
A glimpse into the world of Nights into Dreams
Finally, on November 16, Xbox 360 players will get access to Deadfall Adventures. In this adventure action game, the players have to make their way through mazes and puzzles in a Mayan Ruin to find an artifact called the Heart of Atlantis.
Deadfall Adventures
A scene from Deadfall Adventures

Coming Soon: Xbox One X

Microsoft has set the launch date for Xbox One X on November 7. The company has a heads-up for the people who are hoping to get their hands on the new gaming portal, saying its best to pre-order one to get it at the earliest.

The Xbox One X is set to launch with a host of 70 new game title on the market within the first week of its launch.

Do let us know which of these free games you enjoy the most. The comment section awaits you. Happy Gaming!

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