5 Best Wunderlist Alternatives for iOS and Android

As a part of ‘Mobile first, Cloud first’ strategy, Microsoft purchased the popular task management app Wunderlist back in 2015. After the buyout, the company shut down Wunderlist’s further development and transferred the development team and resources to the To-Do app. Meanwhile, Wunderlist existed in both the mobile stores with no new function since past four years.


Microsoft finally announced to wave goodbye to Wunderlist app in June 2020. The company is promoting its own Microsoft To-Do app as the perfect alternative to loyal Wunderlist users.

Microsoft has developed a Wunderlist import tool to make a smooth transaction. But there are still some who aren’t a fan of the outcome, and they are looking for alternatives. The Wunderlist founder offered Microsoft to buy back the app.

In this post, we are going to talk about the top five Wunderlist alternatives for iOS and Android. The list won’t be platform-specific. It will cover those apps that are cross-platform and comes with powerful functions and integration similar to Wunderlist. Let’s jump in.

1. TickTick

TickTick has been one of my most recommended task management apps. Let me explain why. TickTick packs numerous functions on top of the robust task management. It’s a Swiss Army Knife army of productivity apps. The app offers a capable to-do function with the ability to add date, reminder, note, and priority.

The pomo timer tab lets you set a timer for productivity tasks. It helps you keep engaged in the tasks.

Ticktick home
Ticktick calendar

TickTick also offers a habit tracker function. Users can set habits, check-in time, get reminded about the habit, and keep track of activity with habit chains and other stats.

The app offers one of the best-theming support out of the box and is not limited to the dark theme for iOS. TickTick packs several themes based on seasons and popular cities around the world. It adds a personal touch.

Other functions include the ability to create lists, Siri Shortcuts, Face ID support, Apple Watch support, and more.

Ticktick pomo
Ticktick habit

TickTick is free to use. However, you need to pay $2/month for the premium version to unlock the functions such as detailed stats, habit tracker, and more. It’s available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows systems.

2. Todoist

Todoist doesn’t go fancy on features, but it nails the basics of a task management app. I like how the app lets me add every detail regarding a task from the floating menu. You can add a date, flag, reminder, tag, and a comment.

Tap on a task to add more details such as sub-tasks. Todoist also lets you create unlimited lists for better organization.

Todoist home
Todoist add

In a recent update, the company added the ability to add sections in a list. It’s an excellent way to manage complex projects at the micro-level with team members.

The users can add labels and filters to find relevant tasks quickly. The other functions include Siri Shortcuts supports, the ability to change theme and icons, productivity stats, and more.

Todoist details
Todoist section

Todoist follows a freemium model. The basic functions are free, but the features such as comments and file integration, unlimited reminders, labels, productivity trends will cost $5/month.

3. Productive

Productive has a different take on task management. Unlike its rivals, the app is heavily focused on habit tracking for continuous improvement. The app uses a beautiful UI with a default dark theme. All the major options are at the bottom bar. Tap on the ‘+’ icon to set a habit or a one-time task.

Productive home
Productive habit

Habit offers some built-in templates such as new year resolution, must-have habits, morning routine, better sleep, and more. From the home screen, you can use swipe actions to complete the task and add more details.

The habit tracker shows a neat calendar UI with a chain and stats about the habit.

Productive calendar
Productive stats

The other functions include iCloud sync, Siri Shortcuts, detailed stats, and more. Most of them are behind the paywall and it costs $35/year to unlock them.

4. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a perfect combination of task and project management. When you launch it for the first time, it asks you the purpose of using the app. The app is divided into three parts. One can add and manage projects or add single tasks from the task menu.

Meister project
Meister task

One can track the time during any productive task and see the trends about it. It’s useful for freelancers working on an hourly basis. When adding a task, you can add details such as notes, checklist items, attachments, and more.

I don’t like how the app opens up with the notification screen. It’s the least used function for me.

Meister home
Meister plans

The remaining functions include automation, stats, and report, file attachment up to 250MB and more. It costs $10/month, which is a higher side compared to its rivals.

5. Google Tasks

After adding to-do functions to the dozens of places in Android, Google finally decided the sensible thing and developed a separate task management app called Google Tasks. The app syncs Google tasks and lets you create unlimited lists for convenience.

Google tasks sub
Google tasks home

It covers all the basics such as reminders, due date, and the ability to add sub-tasks. If you are invested in the Google ecosystem, then you will appreciate the Google Tasks integration in other services such as Calendar, Google Docs, and more.

Google task list

It’s free to use and available on both iOS and Android. Of course, I am using a dark theme option in the Google Tasks app itself.

Goodbye Wunderlist

Wunderlist is going away, and you better prepare for the perfect alternative for it. TickTick is an all-rounder, Google Tasks is free, MeisterTask is focused on both task and project management, Todoist nails the basics, and Productive leans towards tasks and habit management.

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Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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