What Is Vanish Mode on Facebook Messenger and Instagram

Facebook Messenger merging with Instagram Messages had a mixed reaction from the users from both camps. The update also introduced several new and exciting features such as chat themes, custom emoji reactions, and Vanish mode. In case you are curious about Vanish mode on Messenger and Instagram, you are at the right place. Here we shall tell you the meaning of Vanish mode and how to use it.

What is vanish mode on facebook messenger and instagram fr

In this post, we have covered what is meant by Vanish mode and various queries that you might have regarding the new feature. We have also covered how to enable or disable the Vanish mode.

Let’s get started.

What Does Vanish Mode Mean on Facebook Messenger and Instagram

Vanish mode can be considered as the power-packed version of the unsend feature. Often, we unsend messages if we don’t want both parties to keep a record of them. Instead of making you unsend messages one-by-one, Facebook helps you remove the messages altogether with Vanish mode.

Vanish mode is a new feature available on both Facebook Messenger and Instagram for individual contacts. It performs the same way on both apps. The mode essentially offers ephemeral messaging where the messages disappear automatically after the other person has seen them.

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Traditionally, the messages stayed in your inbox until you deleted them yourself or you unsent them. When the Vanish mode is activated for a contact, the messages will be erased from both parties’ inbox after the other person has seen them. You need to close the chat, and the messages would have disappeared after you reopen it. If the other person is yet to see the message, then the message will still be visible to you.

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Note: You can keep Vanish mode enabled for multiple chats at the same time. However, Vanish mode doesn’t work for group chats.

Does Vanish Mode Send Screenshot Notifications

One of the important capabilities that Vanish mode brings is the screenshot notification. If you take a screenshot when Vanish mode is active, the other person will be notified about it. So be careful. However, screenshot notifications aren’t sent when you screenshot regular messages.

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What Kind of Messages Can Be Sent in Vanish Mode

You can send all types of messages when the Vanish mode is active. Those include text messages, voice notes, photos, stickers, GIFs, etc. All of them will disappear after the other person has seen them.

Will the Other Person Know That Vanish Mode Is Active

Vanish mode is activated for both sides i.e., sender and receiver of the message. They will see a different screen with Vanish mode written promptly on the chat. So yes, the other person will come to know about the Vanish mode. Further, the other person has the right to turn off Vanish mode.

What Happens to Old Messages

When you activate Vanish mode, you will see an empty screen devoid of your old messages. But don’t worry. Messages sent outside of Vanish mode will remain untouched. As soon as you turn off the mode, you can see your regular messages. Basically, old regular messages won’t disappear if Vanish mode is enabled or disabled.

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How Long Does Vanish Mode Remain Active

Vanish mode remains active until you manually turn it off. Even if you close the chat and open it again, you can start chatting in Vanish mode directly if it’s active. However, the messages will disappear once viewed by another party, and the chat window is closed.

Can You Unsend Messages in Vanish Mode

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How to Turn on Vanish Mode

Open the chat in Facebook Messenger or Instagram for which you want to enable Vanish mode. Swipe up from the bottom to the top of the chat until you see a Vanish mode screen. Alternatively, go to the individual chat settings and enable Vanish mode.

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What is vanish mode on facebook messenger and instagram 2a

How to Turn off Vanish Mode

To get rid of Vanish mode, swipe again from the bottom to the top on the chat screen. Alternatively, tap on the Turn Off Vanish mode button in the chat.

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Note: Any participant of the chat can enable or disable Vanish mode anytime.

What Happens When You Turn off Vanish Mode

When you turn off Vanish mode, you will be taken back to the normal chat. You will see your old messages that were sent outside of Vanish mode. And everything will appear normal.

If you turn off Vanish mode before the other person has seen your disappearing message, the message will still arrive as a disappearing message in their box. Once they see it, the message will be removed from the inbox of both parties.

Note: Even screenshots taken for vanishing messages after the mode has been turned off will show a notification.

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Watch Out, Buddies

By now, you must’ve figured out that the Vanish mode is quite a sneaky feature. You may think Facebook must have had good intentions to introduce this feature. But considering how easy it will be to cheat using this feature, you should be pretty careful. Be a responsible person and use the feature cautiously,

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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