6 Brilliant Vivo V9 Camera Tips and Tricks

Since its launch some 2 years back, Vivo has managed to capture the nerve of the Indian market. It has offered some amazing products and with them, it has managed to woo the phone users with a slew of selfie-centric phones. Another phone to join the family is the Vivo V9.

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This phone is really something, and I don’t mean it just because of its design and UI similarities with the iPhone X.

It comes with a host of amazing camera features which we will talk about in this post. Now I’ve been using this phone for about a week and, I’ve found out some really cool camera tips and tricks.

Today we will also take a look at these brilliant tips and tricks that would help you to master your photo game on the new Vivo V9.

1. Portrait Bokeh Selfie

When taking just a selfie is too mainstream, you must try out the Portrait or the bokeh selfie on the Vivo V9.

The front camera of the Vivo V9 captures some amazing selfies and, above all, its Portrait bokeh mode is simply amazing.

Vivo Camera Tips 2

This mode, focuses on the center or the subject in the photos while it blurs the background softly for that perfect effect.

All you have to do is tap on selfie camera and select the Portrait bokeh mode, and you’re all set for some amazing selfies.

2. Capture the Moment With Live Photos

Apple came up with the concept of Live Photos with the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus and ever since this feature has been a huge hit. Many brands such as Samsung have offered some or the other variant of this on their devices.

Vivo Camera Tips 4

Similarly, Vivo has also offered the Live Photo feature with the V9. It lets you extend your favorite moments by capturing a short video before and after a shot is captured.

Choose the Live icon in the camera app and you’re all sorted. These photos are stored in Gallery by default and with the Live Photos tag on the top.

Clicking on the picture will show you a short clip that your phone had captured both before and after the shot.

3. Voice Control

While taking or capturing a picture, the volume rockers and the fingerprint sensor come in real handy. But, using voice-control to take a picture is so much cooler and the Vivo V9 lets you do that with great ease.

Vivo Camera Tips 5

This nifty setting lets you capture a moment by just uttering the word ‘Cheese’.

This phone also gives you a number of options including palm where all you need to do is show your palm to the camera and it will know that you’re ready to get clicked.

To enable this, tap on the Settings cog at the top right corner and choose the second option from the list.

4. Bokeh Shot

It, not just the selfie camera that offers a Bokeh shot. The primary camera which houses not just one but, two brilliant cameras also offer a great Bokeh shot.

Vivo Camera Tips 6

All you need to do is select the second option from the right on the primary camera interface and hit the shutter button.

To get the best result, make sure that the subject is at least 2 meters away from the camera while taking or capturing that image.

5. Square Shots

With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram, square images have become really popular. The Vivo V9 lets you capture Instagram and Facebook-ready square images in a jiffy.

Screenshot 20180405 185349

The benefit of using a square image is that you can be sure of how it looks on any social media platform since many use a square image format.

Also, now your followers do not have to scroll through the entire screen to see the complete image.

To enable this feature, tap on the Settings cog at the top right corner and choose the last option from the list.

6. Mirrored Selfie

Last but not the least we have a very important feature on this list of tips and tricks, we have the Mirrored Selfie feature. Personally, this is one of my favorite features on the V9.

Vivo Camera Tips 8

Whenever you click a selfie, it comes inverted, meaning, things on your right are on your left in that picture and vice-versa. If you like to get a photo as you see it in the viewfinder, the Mirrored selfie feature is your answer.

Tap on the Settings cog and enable the mode from the list of options.

From now on, all the selfies will be captured as you would see it in the viewfinder mode.

iPhone X Like Camera Quality as Well??

While the Vivo V9 has offered a look close to the iPhone X, It still is miles away from the real thing in the camera quality department at least.

V9 Outdoor 7

Vivo, you should work a bit more on the focusing mechanism as I see a substantial blur in the pictures clicked using this phone and for anyone spending this much money, it’s not a good feeling.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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