How to Use Truecaller to Record Calls on Android and iOS

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Truecaller has been a godsend to block spam calls over the years. While the Caller ID process is relatively straightforward on Android, screening spam calls on iOS was challenging. However, the app recently came out with an ingenious method to detect and filter spam calls on iPhones too. Continuing the trend of adding new features, Truecaller has now (re)introduced the ability to record calls on Android and iOS.

Call recording via Truecaller was made available a couple of years ago on Android devices. However, the company had to pull the plug on the feature, thanks to changes in Android’s Accessibility API. It’s finally back, though, with support for iOS devices. So, if you’ve wanted to record calls on your iPhone, you can now do so with Truecaller.

This article will guide you to record calls on both Android and iOS devices using the Tuecaller app.

Limitations of Native Call Recording

With Android limiting access to call recording APIs, third-party apps could no longer record calls. To counter this issue, Google rolled out the call recording feature to its Google Dialer app. While the feature is helpful, it’s not present on all phones. The native call recorder on the Google Phone app can also pose privacy concerns since the call recording announcement can be disabled.

How to Create and Manage a Conference Call on iPhone

On the iOS side of things, it’s well-established at this point that there’s no native call recorder on the iPhone at all. Tuecaller solves both these issues with its built-in call recording feature. You can use the Truecaller app on any phone regardless of its make. Plus, a call recording notification is always sent to the other party to prevent misuse.

How to Record Calls on iPhone and Android Using Truecaller

As of writing this article, the call recording feature on Truecaller is limited to the Premium plan. It’s also worth noting that you can currently record calls only in the US. However, the feature will soon be rolled out globally. That said, here’s how to record calls using the Truecaller app.

Step 1: Download the Truecaller app on your Android or iOS smartphone using the links below.

Step 2: Sign up with your phone number and other relevant details. You will have to purchase the Premium plan to record calls.

On Android Devices

Recording calls on Android is rather simple. You just have to use Truecaller’s built-in dialer and you’re good to go.

For Outgoing Calls

Step 1: Access the dialer within the Truecaller app to dial a phone number.

Step 2: Once you dial a number, you will see an option to record calls on the call screen. Hit the button and your call will be recorded.

For Incoming Calls

Step 1: Accept an incoming call like you generally would.

Step 2: You will now see a floating Truecaller button on the screen. Tap on it and your call will be recorded.

On iPhones

Like most things on iOS, the procedure to record calls also isn’t as straightforward. You have to jump through a few hoops, but Truecaller makes it relatively simple.

For Outgoing Calls

Step 1: Use the Truecaller app to call the recording line. You need to do this before you dial the number you want to call.

Step 2: Once the call connects, use the Add Call button to dial the number you actually want to call.

Step 3: Then, tap on the Merge Calls button to combine both calls. This is when the call recording starts.

For Incoming Calls

Step 1: Accept the incoming call on your iPhone like you generally would.

Step 2: Then dial the recording line using the Truecaller prompt. This will put the first call on hold.

Step 3: Now, use the Merge Calls button to combine both calls. Your call will be recorded.

Call Recording Features on Truecaller

Besides simply recording your calls, Truecaller also provides many other attractive features.

  • A prompt is displayed after every call recording on both Android and iOS. You can use this prompt to quickly access the recorded call.
  • Truecaller uses its AI to determine the subject of a call and renames it accordingly.
  • There’s a new assistant feature that can answer calls for you, similar to Google Duplex.
  • Android users can sync their call recordings with Google Drive. iPhone users can sync to iCloud.
  • The other party is intimated about the call recording via a beep.
  • Along with high-quality call recording, Truecaller also provides a complete call transcription. This way, you can search for the contents of a call using text.
  • Truecaller is also working on an AI model to summarize call details in the future.

FAQs for Using Truecaller to Record Calls

1. Will the other person know I’m recording a call via Truecaller?

Yes, Truecaller will always notify the other party about the call being recorded. This ensures the consent of the other party.

2. Will the call recording feature be available in other countries?

While the call recording feature is currently limited to the US, it will be made available in other regions across the world soon.

3. What other features does Truecaller offer?

Besides call recording, you can filter out spam calls using Truecaller, which is its biggest USP. You can also use Truecaller to send and receives messages, detect OTPs in texts, block calls, etc.

4. What is the cost of the Truecaller Premium subscription to record calls?

In order to record calls, you will need either the Truecaller Premium Connect or Premium Assistant subscription. The Premium Connect subscription is priced at $3.99 per month or $39.99 per annum. The Premium Assitant subscription offers the call screening feature and is priced at $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually.

Record Calls With Ease

You can finally record calls on your iPhone now, thanks to Truecaller. While the process involves a few extra taps, just the fact that it’s possible is a step in the right direction. It’s also a boon for Android users who don’t have the call recording feature natively. So, what are you waiting for? Download and use Truecaller to record calls on Android and iOS right away!