Mastering Text Replacement for Quick Typing on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

In a world where time is of the essence and every second counts, we often find ourselves typing countless messages, emails, and documents throughout the day on our iPhone, iPad, or Mac. So, wouldn’t you love to reduce typing time and boost productivity without sacrificing accuracy? Well, you can do so with the text replacement feature on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Text replacements aka text shortcuts allow you to create shortcuts for frequently used phrases such as your name, company name, email ID, symbols, and more. This article will empower you to understand the feature and become a typing ninja.

Unveiling the Benefits of Text Replacement

Before diving into the technical details, let’s understand the true value of text shortcuts and why you should be excited to use them:

  • Type quickly with efficiency: You can transform short abbreviations or phrases into longer pieces of text, say, GT to Guiding Tech; just like how typing double space for a period can save your time and energy.
  • Error Prevention, i.e., don’t correct a custom phrase: Using text replacement on iPhone, iPad, or Mac, reduces the risk of autocorrect errors and typos. Moreover, if you have a typical brand name or phrase that you don’t want to be autocorrected, this hack can help you out.
  • Consistency: Text shortcuts can help you maintain consistency in your writing, such as email signatures, brand names, and more.
  • Customization: As long as your shortcuts aren’t clashing with some commonly used terms or abbreviations, you have the complete freedom to create personalized text shortcuts and tailor them to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Works with any language and keyboard: If you use multiple language keyboards. Don’t worry, you can add text shortcuts in any language of your choice.

Set Up Text Replacement on iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Open Settings and select the General menu.

Step 2: Here select Keyboards from the menu.

Step 3: Go to Text Replacement.

Select Keyboards and then Text Replacement

Step 4: Tap on the + icon at the top.

Step 5: Here, add the phrase in the Phrase field and the text shortcut in the Shortcut field.

Add the Text Shortcut and then save

Other than the given example in the screenshots, you can also add special characters like degree symbols, phone numbers, emojis, and whatnot.

Tip: Need more shortcuts for texting on iPhone? Check out these iPhone keyboard tricks and tips to make the most of your typing experience.

Add Text Replacement for Different Languages

Launch Settings → General → Keyboards → Text Replacement → tap + → before typing the phrase or shortcut → tap the world icon to switch the keyboard (you can also choose an emoji) → now type the phrase and shortcut → tap Save.

Add Text Replacement for Different Languages

How to Use Texting Shortcuts on iPhone or iPad

Open any app that involves typing, such as Messages, Notes, or Mail. Type the shortcut you’ve created, once you press enter or the space bar, the full phrase will automatically replace it. Send your message or continue typing with incredible speed and accuracy.

How to Use Texting Shortcuts on iPhone or iPad

Tip: You’ll also see the text replacement in the suggestion box above the keyboard, just tap the phrase to enter it.

How to Edit or Delete iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts

Go to Settings → General → Keyboards → Text Replacement, next,

  • To delete a text shortcut → Edit → tap – → Delete. (You can also simply swipe left to delete).
Edit or delete text replacement
  • To edit a text shortcut → tap the shortcut → edit the phrase or shortcut as per preference → tap Save.
Add the Text Shortcut and then save

The good news is, when you create a text shortcut on iPhone, it automatically gets synced with your Apple account across all Apple hardware like iPad and Mac.

When you are signed in to the same Apple account on Mac, you can use the same shortcuts to replace text with phrases on the Mac.

How to Set Up Text Replacement on Mac

Just like creating texting shortcuts on iPhone or iPad, making Macbook text replacements is pretty straightforward as well, simply follow the instructions below.

On macOS Ventura and later

Step 1: Click the Apple menu → System Settings.

Step 2: Here, select Keyboard from the sidebar.

Step 3: Next select Text Replacements from the right-hand section.

Click Text Replacements

Step 4: Click +.

Step 5: Next enter the phrase in the Replace section and shortcut in the With section.

Click to create new text replacement

Step 6: Click Add and then Done.

Click Done to save text replacement on Mac

On macOS Monterey or earlier

Go to the Apple menu → System Settings → Keyboard → click + → enter the phrase and shortcut → click Add and then Done.

How to Edit, Delete Texting Shortcuts on iPhone

Click Apple menu → System Settings → Keyboard → Text Replacements,

  • To edit – Click the shortcut or phrase you want to change → change it → click it to save.
  • To delete – Select the text replacement you want to delete, click -.
Click the text and edit it

How to Replace Abbreviations on Mac

You can do one of the following,

  • Type the shortcut – Simply type in the shortcut and hit the spacebar or enter, and your Mac will instantly replace the text.

If you’re not able to replace text in a certain app on Mac, go to the app → click Edit from the menu bar → Substitutions → make sure the Text Replacement is selected.

FAQs for Text Replacements on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

1. Are text shortcuts case-sensitive?

No, text shortcuts are not case-sensitive. Whether you type the shortcut in uppercase or lowercase, the full phrase will still be expanded as intended.

2. How to turn off OMW autocorrect on iPhone?

To disable or change OMW on iPhone, go to Settings → General → Keyboard → Text Replacement. Now edit or change the text replacement.

3. Can I use text shortcuts in any app on my Apple device?

Yes, text shortcuts work across various apps and text fields on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. However, some apps may have limitations or restrictions on text replacement functionality.

4. How can I avoid accidentally triggering text shortcuts?

If a certain text shortcut is being triggered unintentionally, try creating a more unique and less commonly used shortcut for that phrase. This will minimize the chances of accidental expansions.

5. Can I use emojis in my text shortcuts?

Yes, simply copy and paste the emoji into the text replacement field.

6. How many text shortcuts can I create on my devices?

Apple does not impose a specific limit on the number of text shortcuts, you can create as many shortcuts as you need to optimize your typing experience.

7. Do text shortcuts work offline?

Yes, text shortcuts work offline as they are stored locally on your device. iCloud sync is required only for maintaining consistency across multiple devices.

Happy Typing!

Congratulations! You’ve now mastered the art of text shortcuts on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With this newfound knowledge, you’ll breeze through typing tasks, save valuable time, and enjoy a smoother writing experience.

Thank us in the comment section below! And if you have any questions or queries, feel free to share that as well.

Last updated on 31 July, 2023

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