watchOS 10: How to Use Smart Stack on Apple Watch

Apple released watchOS 10 for the Apple Watch in the yearly software update event, the WWDC 23. We couldn’t wait to check out the widget stacks on the Apple Watch, a feature we highly appreciate on the iPhone. If this excites you, here’s how to add the smart stack on your Apple Watch running watchOS 10.

Apple Watch Widget Stack

If you are using the Apple Watch Series 4 or later, you will receive the watchOS 10 update. Apple has started rolling out the update from 18 September 2023. Once you download and install the update, here’s how you can use the Smart Stack widgets on your Apple Watch.

How to Use Smart Stack Widgets in watchOS 10

To open the widgets in watchOS 10, rotate the Digital Crown or swipe up from the bottom. You can access the stack of widgets.

That said, the swipe-up action was earlier mapped to the Control Centre, but now you can click on the side button to open the Control Centre from any app.


The first widget shows you the date and time, followed by all the widgets you can scroll by, and you have a three-in-one complication widget. In the end, you will see the option to open the app library.

These widgets automatically position themselves in the stack based on relevant and time-sensitive information.

watchOS 10 Widgets

To add a new widget, long-tap on a widget and tap on the plus icon. Select the app, followed by the type of widget you want to add.

Add Widgets

To modify the three complication widget, long-tap on it. Tap on the complication you want to add or remove and select the app.

Complication Widget

Next, let us see how to re-order these widgets in the stack.

How to Pin Widgets to the Top in the Smart Stack

Earlier, we mentioned that these widgets automatically assume a position based on the relevancy of the information they display. However, you can pin a widget to keep it at the top. Here’s how to do that.

Step 1: Rotate the Digital Crown to open the widgets.

Step 2: Now, long-tap on the widget and tap on the pin icon.

This pins the widget to the top. You can pin multiple widgets so that they stay on top no matter what.

Pin Widgets

Edit the Order of Pinned Widgets in the Smart Stack

You can only edit the order of pinned widgets in the stack on Apple Watch, but not all the other widgets. So, once you pin widgets in the stack, here’s how to change the order.

Rotate the Digital Crown to go to the widget. Now, long-tap the pinned widget and drag it to position it accordingly. That’s it!

Note: You can only place it between, above, or below the pinned widgets. You cannot place it in between widgets that aren’t pinned.

Re Order Pinned Widgets

How to Remove a Widget From Smart Stack

If you do not wish to keep a widget in the stack on your Apple Watch, here’s how you can remove it.

All you need to do is to long tap on the widget and tap on the minus icon to remove it.

Remove Widget.pmg_

If you want to remove a widget from the three-in-one complication widget, long tap on the complication you want to remove and tap on the minus icon.

Remove Complication

So, that’s how to use Smart Stack on Apple Watch. If you have more questions, move to the FAQ section below.

FAQs on Apple Watch Smart Widgets

1. How many widgets do I add in a stack on my Apple Watch?

There is no limit to the number of widgets you can add to your Apple Watch.

2. Do widgets on watchOS 10 support third-party apps?

Yes. watchOS 10 will support third-party app widgets. However, only a few apps support them as of now. We can look forward to more once watchOS 10 is publicly released.

3. When will the watchOS 10 public version released?

The public version of watchOS 10 will be released starting 18 September 2023.

Information at Your Fingertips

We hope this article helps you install the smart stack widget on the Apple Watch running watchOS 10. We’re excited to see how third-party apps will implement widgets onto watchOS 10 once publicly released. It is a great way to keep up with the information that matters the most!

Last updated on 19 September, 2023

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