4 Best Ways to Unmute Someone on Instagram

Instagram lets you mute someone’s posts if you don’t want to see them. Apart from that, Instagram also lets you mute other features. You can mute a story, profile, or chat in Direct Messages. We have covered how to unmute all of them in this post. While Instagram is notorious for disrupting the way you consume posts, stories, and reels, mute brings unique capabilities to the mix. It differs from hide, block, restrict, etc., in several ways.

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Let’s check how to unmute someone on Instagram on Android and iPhone. But before that, let’s understand what happens after you unmute someone so that you can make the right decision.

What Happens When You Unmute Someone on Instagram

As mentioned above, you can mute a person’s story and posts. When you mute a person’s stories, their stories move to the end of the story bar and stop appearing at the start of the feed at the top.

When you unmute stories, they will start appearing in the story bar normally with the colorful ring whenever the person uploads a new story. Stories will also play automatically when you watch stories, which was disabled when you muted a story.

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Similarly, the accounts whose posts you who have muted do not appear in your feed unless you unmute them. Unmuting an account will show that persons’ posts in your feed whenever they publish a new post.

Note: Muting or unmuting someone doesn’t send a notification to the concerned person. That is, the other person will not know when you mute or unmute them.

Now that you are familiar with what happens when you unmute a person, here are various methods to unmute them.

Method 1: Unmute Stories From Instagram Feed

When you mute a person’s story, their profile icon will appear at the end of the story bar at the top. You need to scroll towards the end of the story list to view the muted accounts and unmute them. Touch and hold the account that you want to unmute. Select Unmute from the menu.

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Method 2: Unmute Stories and Posts From Instagram Profile

Here are the steps for both Android and iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Instagram profile that you have muted.

Step 2: Tap on the Following button. A menu will open. Tap on Mute.

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Step 3: You will see toggles next to Stories and Posts. If a toggle is blue, that means the particular feature is muted. Disable the toggle next to Stories or Posts to unmute the person.

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Method 3: See All Muted Accounts

This method comes in handy if you accidentally muted someone or want to unmute everyone you have muted. Instead of checking profiles one-by-one, Instagram offers a dedicated setting to view all the muted accounts. You can then unmute any profile.

Step 1: Go to your own Instagram profile and tap on the three-bar icon. Select Settings.

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Step 2: Tap on Privacy followed by Muted accounts.

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Step 3: Here you will see all the muted accounts along with the information whether you have muted stories, posts, or both. Tap on the profile that you want to unmute.

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Step 4: You will be taken to the profile screen of that account. Tap on Following as we did in the above method and hit Mute. Turn off the toggle for Stories or Posts, depending on your need.

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Method 4: Unmute Chat in Instagram Direct Messages (DM)

When you mute a conversation, you will not be notified about any new message from that person. The new messages will silently appear in your inbox. If you open your inbox, you can view and reply to the messages. Similarly, you can separately mute video chats as well.

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Unmute vs Unfollow

Unmute offers a subtle way to avoid someone without confronting or informing them. There is no way a person can know that you have muted them. That’s not the case with unfollowing someone. A person can easily find out whether you follow them or not. Learn more about what happens when you unfollow someone on Instagram.

Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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