Uber vs Uber Lite: What’s the Difference

Using apps on smartphones with low internal storage is always a challenge. Especially the ones that ones that are feature rich and require a faster data connection. That’s why we have Lite app versions such as Google Maps Go, Google Go, Facebook Lite, and more.

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In 2018, Uber, the ride-hailing service, also jumped onto the bandwagon by launching Uber Lite. The stripped-down version of the app works on 2G/3G internet connectivity and helps you save space on your phone.

You must wonder — how is Uber app different from Uber Lite? Which features do you lose out in the Lite version? Let’s find out in this comparison post.

Does Size Matter

For people owning phones with 32GB and above storage, app size wouldn’t matter. But it plays a vital role for users having limited storage of 16GB or less. Fortunately, Uber Lite weighs only around 5MB with the main Uber app going up to 45MB.

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Once installed, the Lite app continues to use less storage than the standard app. For instance, Uber Lite is occupying a total of 27MB only while the main app goes up to 200MB.

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Supported Platforms and Cities

Unlike the main Uber app that is available on iOS devices as well, the Lite version is limited to Android devices only.

Further, the app is currently accessible in the following countries only:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Kenya
  • South Africa
  • Lebanon
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Several countries within Latin America

But if you are eager to try it in a different country, download and install its APK from APKMirror.com, one of the trusted sources for APKs. However, we don’t guarantee that the Uber service may function normally.

The Difference in User Interface

The apparent difference you can note is that the Uber App has a black icon while the Uber Lite has a white one. Apart from that, you’ll find startling differences right from the first screen itself.

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The Uber Lite app doesn’t have the tiny vehicle icons, map view, and the Where to? box. Instead, it greets you directly with a blue and white pickup point screen along with the pickup suggestions based on important nearby locations. Other than the pickup points, the app lets you see time for the nearest vehicle to arrive.

You might also miss the swipe gesture of the Uber app that opens the drawer under the three-bar menu as the profile picture icon now houses all the extra information.

In Uber Lite app, the vehicle selection screen strips out the fancy details and provides a simple interface with all the necessary information on a single screen. That’s how it eliminates the need of swiping up to reveal details as one does in the Uber app.

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The app mainly focuses on important details making them transparent and instantly available. For instance, you don’t have to look twice to find the cab number, and it’s there in bold staring right at you.

In short, you won’t find the fancy animation and gestures in the Uber Lite for it focuses on showing most relevant information without any extra frills.

Are Maps Really Missing

Not really. What would a travel app be without the map feature? The maps are optional in the Uber Lite app to save data — one of the primary functions of a lite app. Though you don’t get maps right away, you can open it when required.

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For instance, while choosing a pickup point, tap on Adjust Pickup on Map which is usually present at the end of the suggested locations. Similarly, you can track the cab’s driver and the ongoing journey by tapping on the map option. Unfortunately, the map isn’t available for adjusting drop locations.

Need for Speed

The Uber Lite app is designed to work seamlessly on 2G connections, and you can expect it to be spiffy on 4G. Not only that, the overall experience is comparatively faster with important information available at a tap, right from picking up your destination to sharing journey details with friends.

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Abandoned Features

You will be missing on many features in the Lite app. Here are some of them.

Saved Places

Saving regularly traveled places such as home and work locations makes it easy to book a cab with a couple of taps. In 2017, Uber introduced the concept of saving custom addresses apart from home and work. However, Uber is yet to implement both the features in the Lite app.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot access saved places in the Lite app. Interestingly, the Lite app offers suggestions for the places saved in the Uber app. So until Uber introduces a native feature to add saved places in the Lite, you’ll be dependent on the Uber app to save places.

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Ride Scheduling

It’s now or never in the Uber Lite app. Meaning, you cannot schedule rides as can be done in the main app.

Multiple Locations

Extra stop, eh? Whether you have to pick up your friends for a party or drop someone at the airport on your way to the office, setting up multiple stops comes handy. The Uber app lets you add up to three stops including the final destination. Sadly, the feature is currently unavailable in Uber Lite.

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Multiple Profiles and Rider

The Uber Lite app is so possessive about you (metaphorically) that it won’t let you switch riders or have a separate business profile. That’s possible with the Uber app though.

Payment Options

Cash is the default payment mode in the Lite app and digital payments are not accepted in most regions. India is one of the top markets of the app, and Uber Lite supports Paytm, a mobile wallet service. Thankfully, you can apply coupons in the Lite app.

To Lite or Not?

Designed for two situations: weaker internet connectivity and low internal memory, Uber Lite does its job perfectly well. But when it comes to extra features, the app misses out quite a few. However, that excludes the safety features, which are pretty much still part of the Lite app. If you can live without those extra goodies and are usually stuck in 2G connections, then the Lite app is a lifesaver.

Interestingly, Play Store also recommends Lite or Go apps, if available, saving the trouble of looking for one.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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