Top 3 Ways to Turn off Windows 11 Startup Sound

Windows 11 is arguably the biggest Windows launch since the introduction of Windows 10 in 2015. Microsoft went to great lengths to advertise Windows 11 with new wallpapers, a new startup sound, a launch banner at Burj Khalifa, and more. The company is proud of the new Windows 11 startup sound, but if you are not a fan, you can easily turn it off. Here’s how you can turn off Windows 11 startup sound.

Turn off windows 11 startup sound

Windows 11 plays a small startup sound every time you log into the computer. It doesn’t bother us, but it can irritate some, especially those who frequently log into the computer daily. Understandably, Microsoft has buried down the Windows 11 startup sound in the Settings menu. Let’s learn how to access and turn off Windows 11 startup sound.

1. Disable Windows 11 Startup Sound From the Taskbar

Windows 11 comes with a brand new toggle menu which you can enable by clicking on the Wi-Fi/volume or battery toggle in the taskbar. We will use that and open the volume settings menu to make necessary changes. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: From the Windows desktop menu, click on the Wi-Fi in the taskbar.

Open toggles menu

Step 2: It will open a dedicated toggles menu to make necessary changes.

Step 3: From the volume slider menu, click on the right arrow.

Open more menu

Step 4: It will open an additional menu. Select More volume settings at the bottom.

Open more volume settings

Step 5: Windows will open a dedicated Sound menu from the Settings app.

Step 6: Scroll down and select More sound settings.

Open more sound settings

Step 7: The system will open a dedicated Sound menu.

Step 8: By default, it will take you to the Playback tab. Move to the Sounds tab.

Step 9: You will find the Play Windows Start-up sound toggle at the bottom.

Disable windows startup sound

Step 10: Disable toggle and hit the Apply button.

Click OK and restart the PC from the Windows 11 start menu. Upon startup, you won’t hear the Windows 11 startup sound.

2. Disable Windows 11 Startup Sound From the Settings Menu

There comes a time when Windows 11 taskbar stops working or remains inactive even when you try to click on the Wi-Fi and battery toggles.

In that case, you won’t be able to access the Sound menu from the taskbar. You need to use the Windows Settings menu to make changes. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on Windows 11 (use Windows + I keys).

Step 2: From System, select Sound.

Open sound menu

Step 3: Scroll down to the Advanced options.

Step 4: Select more sound settings.

Open more sound settings

Step 5: It will open the same menu that we discussed above.

Disable windows startup sound

From now on, the steps are identical. You can go to the Sounds tab and disable the Windows Start-up sound toggle.

3. Use Control Panel

Even though Microsoft has improved the default Settings app by leaps and bounds over the years, some users have still stuck with Control Panel to make changes on the computer.

The good news is, you can easily disable Windows 11 startup sound from the default Control Panel menu. This trick can be useful if you have trouble using the taskbar or Settings method mentioned above.

Go through the steps below to turn off Windows 11 startup sound.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and search for Control Panel.

Step 2: Hit Enter and open the Control Panel menu.

Step 3: If the Control Panel is divided into categories, you need to change the default view.

Select large icons

Step 4: Click on View by at the top and select Large icons.

Open audio control menu

Step 5: Select your computer’s default sound profile. We are using HP Spectre x360 and it comes with Bang & Olufsen audio. So in the screenshot below, we will select Bang & Olufsen Audio Control menu.

Open sound properties menu

Step 6: It will open your computer’s sound profile. The default screen may vary compared to ours.

Step 7: Click on Windows Sound Properties.

Disable windows startup sound

Step 8: It will open the familiar Sound menu.

Now go to the Sounds menu and disable Windows 11 startup sound toggle.

Disable Annoying Sounds in Windows 11

Windows 11 isn’t limited to startup sound only. The system will play a small tone in multiple places, such as when you put the device in charge, close the program, Print complete action, and more. You can check the complete list from the Sound Scheme menu. From the same Sound menu, you can completely turn off all the system sounds from Windows 11.

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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