How to Turn Off Endless Scrolling on Tumblr Dashboard, Blogs and Themes

Endless scrolling on Tumblr works quite well due to the multimedia-based nature of the blogging platform. Checking posts non-stop can be highly addictive.

Unfortunately, the fun doesn’t last for long on desktops with low system resources. Scrolling for a while can pose severe browser slowdowns, and certain posts or videos may not load at all. It’s a definite downer, and disabling endless scrolling is the only viable fix.

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Now, Tumblr does provide the ability to disable the feature on both the dashboard and your own Tumblrs. But for any other blogs with endless scrolling turned on, you need to resort to using an add-on — sadly, that’s possible only on Firefox.

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On Dashboard

Disabling endless scrolling on the Tumblr dashboard is very straightforward, and involves diving briefly into the Tumblr Settings screen. Let’s see how you can get it done.

Step 1: Open the Tumblr menu and click Settings.

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Step 2: Click the option labeled Dashboard.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 2

Step 3: Turn off the switch next to Enable Endless Scrolling.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 3

That’s all there’s to it. You should now see a Next button whenever you reach the end of your dashboard. On subsequent pages, you should also see a Previous button that lets you easily get back to the last page that you were on.


On Tumblr Blogs

The majority of Tumblr blogs have endless scrolling turned on, with no way to disable the feature on your side. And that means resorting to add-ons to get the job done. However, there’s just one that works with Tumblr, and it’s available only for Firefox.

If you are avid Chrome or Edge user, you may want to consider switching to Firefox for your Tumblr browsing sessions. Otherwise, tough luck.

Step 1: Get to the Kill Infinite Scroll page on Mozilla Add-ons, and then click the Add to Firefox button.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 4

Step 2: On the confirmation pop-up that shows up, click Add.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 5

You are all set now. Just visit any Tumblr blog that has endless scrolling enabled, and you should find the functionality disabled. A pair of navigation buttons are present once you reach the end of a page.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 13

The Kill Infinite Scroll add-on also sports the ability to whitelist certain sites as well as change the default placement of the navigation buttons. The former can prove to be pretty useful if the add-on starts paginating Tumblr blogs or other sites that you would rather leave unchanged.

You can access these configuration settings by clicking the Options button next to Kill Infinite Scroll on the Firefox Add-ons screen — click Add-ons on the Firefox menu to get there.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 6
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On Your Themes

If you have your own blogs on Tumblr, you can consider disabling endless scrolling for them as well. Don’t worry! You don’t have to do anything as crazy as switching browsers for that! But remember. You need to perform the following steps for each blog that you want the thing turned off for.


Step 1: On the Tumblr Settings screen, select a blog.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 7

Step 2: Click the button labeled Edit Theme.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 8

Step 3: On the left-side navigation pane, you should see an option labeled Endless Scrolling. Tap the switch next to it to disable the functionality for your blog.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 9

Step 4: You may also want to consider applying a setting for the maximum number of posts that your blog can display per page. To do that, click Advanced Options.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 10

Step 5: Use the pull-down menu next to Posts per Page and select between available numbers.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 11

Step 6: One you are done, click Save to apply your changes.

Tumblr Disable Endless Scrolling 12

Missing It Already?

You’ve gotta admit that browsing on Tumblr feels best when you can just scroll along non-stop. But, endless scrolling isn’t for everyone, and fortunately, disabling the feature is pretty straightforward — unless you don’t even want to consider using Firefox!

So, what are your thoughts about this feature? Love it or hate it? The comments section is right below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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