Con­vert DVD to Dig­i­tal? 10 Rea­sons Why You Should Try WinX DVD Ripper

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DVDs represent the past that holds the cherished memories of my favorite videos and movies. I would want to hold on to these discs but, eventually, they'll get damaged as all physical media storage do.

To make sure that these memories don't get destroyed, I decided to rip all my DVDs and make digital copies that I can safely keep on a portable hard disc and carry around.


I went on a quest to find out the best DVD ripper available on the online market. To be really honest, I tried a number of free and paid options and found that WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is the best option available.


Today, I'll be talking about the benefits of converting DVDs into digital media files and why you cannot just choose any software to do that.

But before we begin exploring its features, we have to understand something very important.

Why Do You Need a DVD-Ripping Software?

A DVD or video-ripping utility is a software that allows users to digitize media such as videos into a digital form. While it sounds very easy and simple, choosing the right software for this delicate job is the key.


Solutions are dime a dozen and it can be really confusing to decide on the best one that suits all your needs.

Modern-day DVDs employ a number of anti-piracy measures to protect copying or cloning of the content. A good software will allow you to bypass all these and make a digital copy of your purchased content or DVDs for easy consumption of the devices.

Disclaimer: We do not promote piracy and we do urge our readers not to make digital copies of content that they have not purchased legally. Guiding Tech would not be responsible for any consequences arising due to piracy. This article is for educational purpose only.

10 Reasons Why You Should Try WinX DVD Ripper

As I mentioned earlier, my quest to find out the most versatile, no-fuss DVD-ripping solution ended with the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. This application has a simple-to-use interface. It supports most video DVDs and has the ability to convert videos for handheld devices and computers.

For a limited time, you can obtain a Giveaway License of WinX DVD ripper for free. The software activated by Giveaway License comes with all the full features, but won't allow you a free upgrade to the future version. Well, you can also buy the lifetime full license key at a discounted price.


Along with the free edition, the software also has a paid platinum version. While all the features of the free version are included in the paid one, you get some additional never-heard-of features with the latter.

The Platinum version comes with a lifetime subscription with free upgrade and guarantee for customer support. It can also rip discs or DVDs that are locked to a particular region.

If you're already impressed with this software. Sit tight as this is just the beginning. There is a whole lot that the this DVD Ripper has to offer.

1. 99-Title DVD support

Off late, DVD makers have become really clever and the 99-title DVD is the latest security measure adopted to counter piracy. In this, a DVD is broken into 99 or more titles. This prevents software from ripping or converting discs to a digital medium.

99 Title Dvd

With it, you get the option to rip even a 99-title DVD. This comes in real handy if you have the habit of adding newer movie titles to your collection.

Interesting Fact: The file size of a 99-title DVD is usually more than 40 GB

2. Support for Most Widely-used Video Formats

Digital devices often make use of different video and audio formats to get the best video playback. It supports over 200 different formats, supporting all modern-day formats used in handheld devices as well.

Video Formats

So, it doesn't really matter which DVD you are converting and which format is supported by your device, this DVD Ripper would be able to handle all of them.

3. DRM Decryption

Digitizing or ripping DVDs becomes tricky when the disc is protected via DRM or Digital Rights Management. It means that normal software won't just cut it.

Source: Wikipedia
Not only can the WinX DVD Ripper bypass the DRM, it can also help you to digitize the DVDs that are locked to a region. This means that if you have bought a DVD abroad and it's not playing in India or vice versa, you can use the it to play the content of that DVD or simply digitize it.
Interesting Fact: When you buy digital media, you don’t actually own anything, all you get is the right to use or access the digital content.

4. Automatic Video Quality Improvement

Not only does this application rip your DVDs but it also uses its special algorithm to add more quality to the final output.


It's like having your very own studio where a team of people work meticulously to ensure that your videos look perfect whether they are on the disc or off it.

5. Hardware-accelerated DVD ripping

DVD ripping is a long and lengthy process. If you have a slow software, it's only going to add to your agony.


Thankfully, the this can make use of the available hardware and prioritize video encoding in order to do its job faster.


Users can choose how much RAM can be safely allocated to the task and an optimized hardware translates to a better performance. To make things even better, this handy tool can also make use of the GPU to gain insane conversion speed.

Interesting Fact: Using hardware acceleration, software can rip DVD's 10 times faster than normal

6. Video Editing and Frame Correction

While ripping a movie from a DVD, you can cut the title and credit sequences at the beginning and the end if you don't want to keep them. Along with this, there are a ton of awesome features that make it a leader in its domain.

Source: Flickr
You can even crop or combine DVDs to make a single file. Correct frames, change resolution and have control over almost every aspect of the video with this amazing application.

7. DVD Cloning

Another very important tool, which is a part of this application, is DVD Cloning. With this, you can make copies of your DVDs and even burn them if you have a DVD writer.

Copy Dvd

This way, it abolishes the need to have multiple software and a single utility is able to provide all the solutions.

Interesting Fact: The process of writing the data on to a DVD/CD is actually called 'Burning'

8. Rip Directly for Handheld Devices

Mobile and handheld devices have different screen sizes and, hence, a highly optimized video format is required to play videos on them to get the best result.

Ipad 820272 1280 768X512

While many DVD-ripping software do not offer such flexibility, It gives every possible option to support most handheld devices including the newer bezel-less devices that have an 18:9 aspect ratio.

It allows users to rip videos directly for any size or dimensions with the choice of format that holds prime importance.

9. Support for Scratched DVDs

Even scratched DVDs are not an issue for this tool. From mild to 'cat-playing-with-CD' scratches, this application makes sure that you get your entire video intact and not just the bits and pieces of it.

Scratched Dvd

All this is possible with the error correction algorithm that reads and re-reads the disc to make sure that the data captured in the video file is in prime condition.

Interesting Fact: There are professionals who master the art of restoring or repairing scratched discs

10. Easy-to-use Interface

Last but not the least, the user interface of this software is one of the most simple ones I've ever seen.

Inetrafce 1

Ripping DVDs had never been this simple and easy. This cool software has a simple 3-step process to start the conversion.

Inetrafce 2

You just need to insert a disc and you are done within a few clicks. It's so simple, even a kid can do it.

Available for both Windows and Mac

In my opinion, the WinX DVD Ripper is a must-have utility for those, who have physical discs and DVDs and want to digitize the content to make it timeless. Quite simply, it's the number of features that this application has to offer makes it a clear winner in its domain.


To make things better, the giveaway utility offers a good enough solution. But if you are really serious about your content and want the best conversion and protection for the data, you could buy a lifetime license which supports any new DVDs & updated features.

In addition to its Windows variant, the WinX DVD Ripper is also available for Mac.

The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. The content remains unbiased and authentic.

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