6 Best Travel Expense Apps for Android

We live in a global economy where traveling is pretty much part of the job, for most people anyway. You incur different types of expenses while traveling on a business trip like food, conveyance, flights, and beer. May be not beer.

Travel Expense Apps Android

Most companies have some clause in place where the employee is reimbursed for expenses that he undertook while on a business trip. The real problem is keeping track of these expenses. There are sundry expenses that you don’t remember or expenses that you incurred but misplaced the receipts.

This is why you need to go through this concise list of travel expense apps for Android platform that will help you record everything. After all, you don’t really need another reason to hate your boss!

1. Trabee Expense

Trabee Expense has a simple interface that will get you started in no time. Just launch the app and create your first trip. Enter a budget so you know how much you have left at the end of the day.

It asked me to enter the base currency and the currency of the country I was traveling to. The exchange rate was calculated on the fly. Good for people traveling abroad.

Travel Expense Apps For Android Trabee
Travel Expense Apps For Android Trabee 1

Entering details is easy and you can add images. I recommend using receipt scans here because that way, you have proof. Some bosses can be fussy. There is a separate option if you are using cards to make payments. Exporting data to CSV is easy.

Trabee Expense is free to download but export, multi-currency support, and pie chart are hidden behind the $1.9 upgrade.

2. Expensify

While Trabee is a good example of an app designed to work for individuals, Expensify is more suitable for companies looking to bring and monitor all their employees under a single roof. Each employee will have his/her own account where they can record expenses.

Travel Expense Apps For Android Expensify
Travel Expense Apps For Android Expensify 1

It supports credit cards and email receipts as well as direct scans. This makes it a versatile business travel expense app for Android. Apart from noting expenditures and receipts, Expensify also allows employees to log hours and miles which are required in certain industries.

Employees will be updated when deposits are made into their accounts. This way, everything reconciles internally.

The app is free to download with no ads, but plans start at $5 per user. Expensify is more suitable for enterprises and companies with a large user base.

3. MileIQ

MileIQ is a app that was built from the ground up, specifically for logging miles. This is for people who find themselves traveling in cabs, logging in miles and miles of traveling. As such, it comes with a live map that will log every mile that you travel automatically.

Travel Expense Apps For Android Mileiq
Travel Expense Apps For Android Mileiq 1

This will help you create reports for reimbursements or claims for tax relief. Traveling to and from the same place? MileIQ will categorize it automatically. The interface is really simple and also beautiful to look at.

The app comes with in-app purchases with a subscription plan. Note that 40 drives/month are free to record. More suitable for companies but can also be used by individuals.

4. TripMate

TripMate is a travel expense manage app that was built for people traveling in groups. For example, colleagues or clients.

To do this, you will create a trip and add all the people, with their email id and mobile number, to the trip. Now anyone can log their expenses and everyone will be updated. Someone leaving the trip early? Remove him from the trip to reconcile everything accordingly.

Travel Expense Apps For Android Tripmate
Travel Expense Apps For Android Tripmate 1

The UI is colorful and easy to use and adding transactions and people only takes a few clicks. You can search for trips, people, and entries and sort results by amount and date. Pretty useful once you have a few trips under your belt.

The app is free to use but comes with in-app purchases. TripMate is suitable for both personal and professional trips.

5. Concur

Any list of business travel expense apps for Android is incomplete without Concur. Like Expensify, Concur is focused on large corporations and conglomerates with hundreds and thousands of employees to manage. Keeping this crucial point in mind, Concur was tightly integrated with SAP.

Concur takes things to the next level. You can not only manage and sync trips, expenses, receipts, and travel plans, but you can also add attendees. For example, you had dinner with a potential customer or group of customers? You can add them.

Travel Expense Apps For Android Concur Sap 1
Travel Expense Apps For Android Concur Sap

What’s more? You can actually book flights, cars, and hotels right inside the app. So what about itinerary? Concur will sync all the data with TripIt, another awesome app to manage your trips.

Concur is not ideal for individuals but for large companies that need a scalable enterprise solution to manage every aspect of traveling, including expenses, in-house.

6. Trip Expense Manager

Want something simpler? Trip Expense Manager is almost like a pen and paper app. Create a trip and start jotting down your expenses. Since this is an app, you can also add people to divide expenses, description to explain what it was all about, and amount received in advance from him/her.

Travel Expense Apps For Android Trip Expense Manage
Travel Expense Apps For Android Trip Expense Manage 1

You know how all the friends chip in some money to manage day to day expenses on a daily basis. Exactly. Other than that, there is little to write about the app but that is how it was designed in the first place.

The app is free to download and ad-supported. No in-app purchases.

Collect Moments, Not Things

Even if you are traveling on a business trip, there is no reason to not enjoy your trip. It can be difficult to find the time to explore the city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good meal and soak in your surroundings.

When on a trip, try to enjoy every moment for you never know, when will you get a chance to come back again? And, keep recording each transaction with one of these apps.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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