3 Cool Apps to Track Now Playing Music History on Your Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones come with several new cool features such as the portrait mode, Google Lens and, of course, Now Playing.

For those unaware, Now Playing is the music identification feature that displays the song name and artist on the lock screen.

Music Player

However, this feature doesn’t keep a log of all the songs it has identified on the Pixel 2 phones. Fortunately, I came across three cool Android apps that can do the job.

So, without further ado, let’s check out these cool apps.

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1. Now Playing History

Now Playing History is a paid app, priced at Rs 99. Once you install it, allow notification access to the app for obtaining the music history. The app will start collecting all the songs that have been recognized by your Pixel 2.

Now Playing History 2

The home page shows options for History, Favorites, and Settings at the bottom. This app also lets you play the song via the default music player app of your device, be it Google Play Music, YouTube, or Spotify. You can also use other music apps for the same.

Now Playing History 4

It even displays the exact time, at which the song was recognized. You can even view the Now Playing history by date and then listen to each song again if you want.

Now Playing History 6

Love a particular song? Just press the star next to it and add to favorites. The app lets you search and delete your history by long-pressing on the songs. Similar to several other Android apps, Now Playing History also has a dark theme.

Now Playing History

You can export your entire history (or just specific songs) to Google Drive to keep a backup for yourself or share them with friends via social media.

Now Playing History is a simple app that works smoothly and its song-recognition speed is quite fast.

Download Now Playing History from Play Store

2. Now Playing Log

Priced at Rs 65, the Now Playing Log app is a great alternative to Now Playing History. It has a simple yet attractive user interface.

Now Playing Log 5

You will have to enable the notification access for it to work smoothly. The home page of this app has options for Maps, Home, and Settings at the bottom. I particularly liked the way it displays songs with an album art. This app also comes with a dark theme.

Now Playing Log

You can favorite songs and simply swipe it away or long press on them to delete. The app lets you select from different music players. You can select multiple music apps to play the song once they get listed in the app.

Now Playing Log 2

The app has a Map feature, which shows the place where you heard the song. It’s not highly useful but a nice little addition. You will have to enable this feature from the app settings.

Now Playing Log Map
Now Playing Log 3

I found the UI very intuitive and the design also feels responsive. You can also share songs and back them up to Google Drive for future to play them later.

Download Now Playing Log from Play Store

3. Now Playing Register

The last app on the list is Now Playing Register. This free app is simple and does not come with extra features like the other two above. You can remove the ads from this app by making an in-app purchase of Rs 55.

Similar to the other two apps, you will have to enable the notification access to this app and you are good to go.

Now Playing Register 1

The home page shows all the songs recognized by the app on your Pixel 2. You can play these songs via different music apps by simply tapping on them.

Now Playing Register

The Settings menu has an option to turn the Dark Mode on. The Now Playing Register also lets you share the songs through various social media apps.

There is also an option to customize the options displayed in the navigation bar. The UI is pretty basic and not very colorful or attractive. However, I didn’t care much for the look as the app did its job nicely and that too for free.

Now Playing Register 2
Download Now Playing Register from Play Store

Remember That Song!

The Google Pixel 2 devices come with the cool new Now Playing feature and these history-tracking apps will help you make the most of it.

So, next time you are in a cafe or a bar listening to an awesome track, just enjoy your drink while one of these above apps keep a playlist ready for you.

Do you own a Pixel 2 or a Pixel 2 XL? Which is your favorite feature on the phone? Do drop a comment below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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