Top 6 Wall Mounts for Apple HomePod Mini

The Apple HomePod Mini is the culmination of many interesting things. Firstly, this smart speaker is smaller than its counterparts. It looks premium, and the woven fabric cover-ups its style quotient. Secondly, the HomePod Mini is much affordable and has all the smarts of the Apple HomePod, only in a smaller package. However, it’s a standalone speaker like most speakers and doesn’t have any handle or mounts.

Top N Wall Mounts for Apple Home Pod Mini

Worry not, there are quite a few wall mounts available online using which you can mount the HomePod Mini on walls. One of the main advantages of wall-mounting the speaker is that it gets out of the way. At the same time, the omnipresent mics ensure that the speaker hears you loud and clear.

So if you want to mount your speaker, here are our recommendations for the best wall mounts for Apple HomePod Mini. But before we get to that, check these out,

1. Allicaver Metal Wall Mount

The Allicaver metal mount is one of the inexpensive mounts out there. And for its price, it does a pretty good job. The design is simple. You just need to drill this mount on the wall and then place the HomePod on the slim metal ring, and that’s about it. As we said, simple.

The fit is perfect and the HomePod rests easily on the ring. At the same time, the mount has a neat slit on the base to route the connecting cable. However, do note that there is no space to store the extra length of cable. But considering the price, that’s a limitation that we are willing to overlook.

2. TotalMount Mount

The TotalMount for the HomePod mini is a simple yet stylish wall mount. It has a slanting design which makes it easy to remove the speaker with ease. Moreover, the slanting design ensures that you can see the buttons and the indicator lights without any hindrance.

And as some people have pointed out, the HomePod’s audio sounds better at this angle. Now addressing the elephant in the room—the fit is perfect, and the mint fits the HomePod’s base snugly.

However, the mount attaches via screws and doesn’t support an adhesive base. That said, it’s light and also attaches easily in drywall without anchors.

3. Ouligei Premium Homepod Mini Wall Mount

How does the idea of an acrylic holder sound to you? If you do not want any white banding on the exterior of your Mini, then the acrylic holder is a good pick. It’s a simple wall mount and holds the speaker straight. The transparent material gives the illusion of the HomePod floating in mid-air.

The design is minimal, and there’s a small space behind the holder to stack the extra cable length.

It does its job well, and holds up the HomePod Mini well. However, the mount is lightweight and you should take care not to overburden it with other cables or adapters.

Like the one above, it needs to be screwed in. It sits relatively close to the wall. So far, it has earned a decent number of reviews, with people appreciating it for its sturdiness, easy installation process, and fit.

4. Delidigi HomePod Mini Wall Mount

If listening to music is not your priority, then you can consider the Delidigi stand. This one is designed like a tray and holds the HomePod on top. There are no holders, but the good thing is that you can wind the extra length of the cable in the base.

Like most of the wall mounts on this list, it needs to be screwed to the wall. Yep, no adhesive tape business. As we mentioned earlier, this is not the right stand for you if you often blast songs through the speaker. This is because the mount is not sturdy enough and hence, can’t provide a solid foundation to deliver sound at its best.

However, if you use the HomePod for its smartness, this one proves to be a good pick.

5. BELIEFLUO Wall Mount

The BELIEFLUO Wall Mount wall mount shares a similar design to some of the mounts above. And the only thing that separates it from the rest is its solid design. It can hold the HomePod Mini without sagging. Plus, if you need to push the buttons, you can do that with ease without worrying about bending the mount or toppling the speaker.

It’s a simple wall mount, and the white tone ensures that it fits almost all wall colors with ease.

So far, the reception of this product has been on the positive end. People like it for its easy installation process and value for money proposition. Compared to the one above, here you get two mounts for just a few bucks more.

6. V-MORO HomePod Mini Wall Mount Holder

The V-MORO Mini Wall Mount Holder has a unique design. It acts as the holder for the speaker and the wall adapter. With a clutter-free design, it can only be mounted on vertical power outlets. On the upside, there’s no hassle of drilling screws and nails. You can remove it or change the location whenever you want. And yeah, that’s a huge plus.

It holds the HomePod Mini vertically and you can listen to your favorite songs in all their glory. At the same time, it holds the Minis safely and securely. Furthermore, they are easy to dislodge by hand.

The design is small and compact. The fact that it doesn’t leave any cables dangling is the main reason for its good ratings on Amazon.

However, you might want to skip this one if you have the power outlets arranged vertically.

Mount It!

The only limitation of such wall mounts is that it limits the portability of the device. Once you drill the mount in, you will have to think twice before relocating it to another place.

However, if you do not want your HomePod Mini to be used as a hockey puck by small children, these wall mounts prove to be the apt buy.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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