Top 3 Video Doorbells with Google Home Support

If you have a Smart Home suppored by Google Home, investing in a video doorbell with Google Home support is a good idea. So, if you have a Google Nest Hub or any other Google Home speakers with display, you can watch the outside activity. Apart from the smart assistant support, video doorbells also come with handy features like person detection, two-way audio, and motion alerts.

However, there aren’t many video doorbells with Google Assistant support, compared to Alexa-based doorbells. We have managed to find the best ones out there. And in this post, we have shortlisted the smart video doorbell with Google Home support. But before that,

1. eufy Security 2K Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

  • Resolution: 2K (4:3) | Built-in Storage: Yes, 4GB
  • Doorbell Button: Yes | Two-way Audio: Yes

As suggestive of the name, the eufy Security Video Doorbell 2K records in 2K. It’s an affordable camera and delivers quality video during the day and low light. It’s cheap and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. More importantly, it comes with built-in storage and lets you store the video files for later reference. At the same time, there’s no subscription fee.

However, this eufy video doorbell is not independent and needs a home base to function. And it’s this device that does the job of storing the recorded video files. If someone steals the camera from the front door, you can still access the videos.

The video quality is decent for the price. You will be able to make out minor details in the videos. However, it doesn’t have fancy but important features like person detection or package detection. On the upside, it supports two-way audio, and you can initiate conversations with visitors.

The installation process is simple and easy, and this has earned its share of praises from its user base. It works as advertised and records video when the motion sensor is triggered. The motion sensor is a little slow to react at times.

It’s a wireless video doorbell that removes the hassles of wire routing and the likes. The battery is fairly decent and lasts about 180 days, depending on the usage.

2. Nest Doorbell (Battery)

  • Resolution: HD | Built-in Storage: No
  • Doorbell Button: Yes | Two-way Audio: Yes

The Nest Doorbell is your best bet if you do not want to stray out of the Google ecosystem. This one is the wireless successor to the hugely popular Nest Hello doorbell and packs a nifty bunch of features such as smart alerts, facial recognition, wide FoV, among others. However, the real hero of this video doorbell is the Familiar Face detection feature.

With it, the doorbell learns to recognize the familiar faces and lets you name them (just like Google Photos). So that when your favorite aunt visits you next time, the doorbell can alert you with a ‘Aunt is at the door’ alert. Incredible, right?

That aside, the Nest Doorbell bundles a tall aspect ratio of 4:3. This aspect ratio lets you see the full frame of the person, and naturally, this is a huge plus. It works as expected, and if you have a compatible Google Home-compatible display, you will see the visitor on the smart display.

The best part about this video doorbell is that you will still gain a lot even if you do not subscribe to the $6 Nest Aware program. You will get features like person and motion alerts apart from the parcel, animal, and vehicle alerts. And there’s more to the story. You will also receive three hours’ worth of footage in case the doorbell records anything.

3. Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell

  • Resolution: HD | Built-in Storage: Yes
  • Doorbell Button: Yes | Two-way Audio: Yes

Another premium video doorbell that supports Google Home is the Arlo Essential Wire-Free. This video camera features night vision, two-way audio, a wide FoV, Home and Away modes, and motion zones. However, the camera can differentiate between humans and non-humans. This is an added advantage, especially if you live in a high-traffic area and this lessens false alerts.

Like any Arlo product, this video doorbell works as advertised. The video is top-notch, and the alerts arrive on time. At the same time, the mic does a good job of transferring conversations across.

The battery life is satisfactory. On average use, you can get up to 6-months of continuous use. However, if you want to use it solely on battery power, you’ll have to purchase the electronic chime.

The Arlo Essential Wire-Free video bell gives you two options for reviewing the videos. If you subscribe to the paid plan, it’ll let you store the videos in the cloud. The paid plan starts at $2.99 per month. However, if you pair the video doorbell with the Arlo Smart Hub, you’ll get the advantage of offline storage.

OK, Google!

Google Home-compatible video doorbells aren’t as popular as their Alexa-compatible counterparts. But the ones mentioned above deliver top-notch performance. If you want the best performance without shelling out extra money, the Google Nest Doorbell is a good pick. It’s smart and is not as expensive as some of its counterparts.

Last updated on 03 March, 2022

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