Top 5 Vertical Stands for Apple MacBook Pro

Your ideal work-from-home setup or office desk deserves a vertical stand for MacBook Pro. When you mostly keep your MacBook Pro connected to an external display, you should get a vertical stand to declutter the mess on your desk. While many vertical stands are available on Amazon, you shouldn’t hit the buy button for any random offering. We have curated the five best MacBook Pro stands. Let’s check them out.

MacBook Pro vertical stands also have extra slots to keep another laptop, iPad, phone, or other accessories. It’s a must-have accessory for your desk.

Don’t confuse a standard laptop stand and a vertical one. While a standard MacBook Pro stand helps give a better view and typing experience, vertical stands come in handy when the laptop lid is closed and connected to an external monitor.

1. Vaydeer Vertical Stand

Don’t dismiss Vaydeer for being the most affordable one on the list. While Vaydeer is light on your wallet, it scores high in quality, overall fit and finish, and practicality.

Vaydeer vertical stand comes in three configurations. You can get single, double, or three slots to keep more accessories. The price difference between them is marginal as well. Coming back to the product, it’s made of ABS plastic, lightweight but has strong stability to prevent your laptop from falling. Apart from a slot to place your MacBook Pro, you can adjust your iPad, earbuds, and phone on the sides.

If you plan to upgrade from MacBook Pro to another thinner or thicker laptop, adjust the width, and you are good to go. Unfortunately, the Vaydeer stand only comes in a single black color option.

2. JARLINK Vertical Stand

JARLINK is yet another MacBook Pro vertical stand with a dual-slot. Unlike Vaydeer, this one comes in a Silver color option to perfectly complement your desk.

JARLINK’s dual-slot design makes it convenient for anyone using two laptops on the desk. If Vaydeer’s plastic-built quality feels cheap, you can go with the JARLINK stand made of anodized aluminum. It’s scratch-resistant and more durable than plastic material. The stand also comes with a non-toxic silicone mat to deliver a secure grip to the MacBook Pro. You can get one in the Black, Grey, or Silver color options.

3. Rain Design

Rain offers a unique take on keeping your MacBook secured on the desk if you are not fond of standard vertical stand designs. The company has focused on improving aesthetics and delivers an eye-catching design that surely deserves a place on your desk.

Rain Design’s mTower desk will enable better airflow and prevent your MacBook Pro from accidental coffee spills. The stand is made of one-piece aluminum with a high-quality sand-blasted anodized finish. It comes in silver and grey color options to match your MacBook Pro. The unique design offers an ideal airflow for sustained long-time performance. Some MacBook Pro vertical stands block the airflow, leading to high temperature and buggy performance. Rain Design’s mTower also offers space at the bottom to keep your phone and other accessories secure.

4. Twelve South BookArk for MacBook Pro

Twelve South is yet another uniquely designed vertical stand on the list. It’s a space-saving vertical stand that turns your MacBook into a desktop. In our opinion, the high price tag is justified for the design.

If you aren’t fond of Rain Design’s mTower, go with Twelve South’s BookArk vertical stand for MacBook Pro. Like mTower, BookArk offers a better airflow for long-term sustained performance. The vertical stand comes in silver and grey color options. Before placing an order, select a suitable MacBook Pro size for a better grip. The only issue with BookArk’s design is that it doesn’t have separate space to keep your phone and other accessories. Also, if you have another laptop or tablet, be ready to invest in another stand.

5. HumanCentric Stand

Before you dismiss HumanCentric stand due to a fat price tag, allow us to share a word or two. It comes with a dedicated USB-C docking station for power users.

HumanCentric’s vertical stands pack a 10-in-2 USB adapter for your MacBook Pro. It’s your ultimate plug-and-play solution to support SD / Micro SD cards, two USB 3.0 ports, two HDMI 2.0 ports, a headphone jack, and USB-C Power Delivery inputs with 100W. HumanCentric should include an HDMI 2.1 port for 4K@120Hz output at this price point. If budget is not an issue, you can’t go wrong with this.

HumanCentric is also an ideal purchase if you plan to work with third-party accessories on your desk. It’s good to see the company offering a secure grip at the bottom and side to keep your MacBook Pro intact. If HumanCentric’s vertical design is expensive for you, check the company’s store on Amazon.

Declutter Your Work Desk

You can always get some work done without using any vertical stand. But once you start using a smart speaker, wireless keyboard, mouse, adapters, and other accessories, it does create a mess on the desk. Get your preferred vertical stand from the list above and share your pick with others in the comments section below.

Last updated on 11 July, 2022

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