Top 6 Universal Travel Power Adapter with USB Output

When traveling abroad, travel adapters is one of the mandatory things that you must carry along with your passport. I am not kidding for these nifty adapters let you charge everything from your phone and laptop to your electric razor and toothbrush. And when you are traveling, these gadgets are important.

Best Universal Travel Power Adapter With Usb Output

Over the years, travel adapters have undergone a pretty significant change. Previously, they were only limited to plugs, but today, they come with USB ports. And if you are lucky, you might find one with a USB-C port for charging your MacBook Pro.

So, if you are in the market looking for some nifty universal travel adapters with USB ports/outlets, you have come to the right place.

In this post, we have lined some of the best travel adapters in the market. Let’s get going.

1. Epicka Universal Travel Adapter

The first item on our list is the highly lauded Epicka Universal Travel Adapter One. This one has a positive rating of more than 83% and rightly so. It comes with three of the most common international plugs (US, Europe, NZ/Aus) and has three USB Type A ports and a USB-Type C port.

That means you can use it to charge your iPhone/Pixel along with your smartwatch and laptop. It lets you charge multiple devices at the same time.

What makes it even better is that there’s a built-in safety fuse meant to take the effects of any bad connections, voltage surges, and more. Plus, there are sliders along the edges for the plugs. All you need to do is drag these sliders out to pull out the plug.

The output of the USB Type-A ports is set to 2.4A, while the maximum output of the Type C ports is set at 3A, making for decent speed to charge your phones.

User responses regarding the speed have been great so far, with many users praising both the sturdy build and speed of charging.

Furthermore, the Epicka Universal Travel Adapter One comes in a zipped pouch with a lightning to USB cable for your Apple devices. Neat, right?

2. Bonaker Universal Travel Adapter

If you are someone who doesn’t need a USB C charging port, you can opt for the Bonaker Universal Travel Adapter. It is almost similar to the one above, albeit the USB Type C port. Apart from that, you get access to four USB-A ports and a single plug that is usable in over 150 countries such as the US, Australia, Japan, and the European and South-east Asian countries.

The adapter comes with a kid-friendly safe shutter, and needless to say, it has surge protection. Just like Epicka’s adapter, the Bonaker Universal power adapter to works with multiple devices at the same time.

Though the reviews about this product have been great so far(both on the build quality and the overall performance), some users have pointed out that it is a bit bulky.

It measures 6.3 cm in height and 6 cm in width, and weighs approximately 0.11kgs. So, you might want to note the physical attributes while considering it.

You can also check out the Bonaker WHEW Travel Plug Adapter.

3. Unidapt International Travel Charger

Another power adapter with great reviews is the Unidapt International Travel Charger. This plug comes with 4 USB adapters and a plug system compatible in most countries (similar to the ones above), thus letting you charge up to 5 devices at a time.

The USB ports come with an output of 2.4A each, capable enough to push at a decent speed.

The design of the adapter is similar to the Epicka adapter, wherein you need to drag the slider along the sides to pull out the desired plug. Plus, the material is of premium quality, so you needn’t worry about the device catching fire. Plus, it goes without saying that this adapter comes with surge protection.

So, what makes it different from the two of the above? For starters, the makers claim that the Unidapt adapter comes with a smart IC chip, that can recognize the type of device and optimizes the charging speed accordingly. So far, there haven’t been any complaints regarding the speed.

4. Newvanga Worldwide Travel Adapter

Next on our list is the Newvanga Worldwide Travel Adapter. This one doesn’t have fancy drag & pull operations for the different plugs. Instead, all the three plugs are housed in a cavity, which you need to pull out manually when you need them.

Apart from that, this adapter comes with USB-A ports to charge your phone, toothbrush, hair iron, or other smart devices. However, the user has cautioned against using high-powered devices such as irons, hairdryers, travel mugs, etc. It has a power rating of 6A (100-240VAC).

And it works great on whichever products it supports. When it comes to the reviews, they are quite positive so far.

5. Xcentz Universal Power Adapter

If you want adaptive fast charging on your phones, you should give the Xcentz Universal Power Adapter a shot. This one has four USB-A ports with an output of 2.4 A at 5V. Apart from that, it comes with plugs that are compatible across most countries across the world, including USA, UK, NZ/Australia, and Japan. Plus, the plug itself is capable of juicing your phones, tablets, digital cameras, among others.

It’s worth noting that the maximum AC power of the Xcentz Universal Power Adapter is 880W at 110V and 1840W at 230V.

The best thing about this power adapter is that it’s small and portable. It measures 2.7 x 2.4 x 2 inches and weighs just 5.3 ounces.

The overall reviews have been great for the product as it works as advertised. However, you might want to be a little careful when you draw out the pongs.

The Xcentz Universal Power Adapter is available in Black and Blue colors.

6. Saunorch Travel Adapter

With a huge chunk of reviews, the Saunorch Power Adapter is the last travel adapter on our list. It’s a 5-in-1 adapter with four USB ports and one Universal AC socket. Plus, the small size of the charger means that even if you use all the ports at once, the socket won’t fall out. The power output is 660W at 110V, 1320W at 220V, and 1380W at 230.

The device has worked well for most users who have bought the product on Amazon. One of the users even tried powering a MacBook Pro, and it worked as advertised.

The only thing you may have to keep in mind is not to use this adapter to power high-power-consuming devices such as flat irons, water heaters, etc.

The Saunorch Power Adapter is available in Black, Blue, and Green colors.

Travel the Right Way

Your travels can go for a toss if your smartphone or camera runs out of juice. And nothing sucks more when you are unable to recharge them because you didn’t carry the right adapter with you. Of course, you get travel adapters everywhere, even in local markets. But it would be a huge risk to trust an unknown product with your precious gadgets blindly.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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