Top 5 Trackers for Wallets That You Can Buy

Do you often spend your mornings searching for your wallet before work? Trackers for wallet can help you find it quickly and get going. Such trackers are slim and flat enough to stash one in your wallet or purse. Next, you can use your phone app or remote to locate your wallet. Naturally, this saves time and energy in the long run.

Top Trackers for Wallets That You Can Buy

The best part is that these wallet trackers are affordable and won’t empty your bank account. At the same time, they last a long time, provided you take the needed care.

There are two types of wallet trackers—Bluetooth-based and RF-based. Bluetooth-based trackers can be tracked via companion smartphone apps, while RF-based trackers have a small remote.

Now that it’s settled, here are our recommendations for the best wallet trackers you can buy. But first,

1. Nufr Wallet Finder

The Nufr wallet finder is the one for you if you want a slim wallet tracker. It is shaped like a credit card and fits easily into the card compartment. It is just around 2mm thick, and the odds are that it won’t add bulk to your wallet. And yes, it has a companion phone app.

As long as you are within range of the tracker, you can find it using the companion app. A few users confirm that while you do not get the advertised range, you can track up to 10 feet, which is good enough for indoor use.

That said, the Nufr wallet finder supports two-way tracking and can be used to find the connected phone. Cool, right? Other than that, the pairing process is simple and easy.

If you want an affordable means to find your wallet or purse, the Nufr waller finder is a good buy. But you will have to consider the fact that the range is small and there’s no GPS chip on it to view its last location.

2. Esky 80dB RF Item Locator

The Esky 80dB is the best buy for you if you want to track several things simultaneously. It’s an RF receiver and comes with 6 receivers and a transmitter. The receivers are small and compact and fit easily into keyrings, remotes, wallets, and purses. The company advertises a range of 100 ft, and several users have praised the range of the receivers. The beep of the receivers is fairly decent.

The slightly big footprint means it will add bulk to your wallet. And if you are a fan of slim wallets, you may want to consider this point. On the other hand, if you have the option of clipping the receiver to your wallet, you are all set.

Naturally, the five additional receivers mean you can also use these receivers on other devices. The company also provides keychains and velcro strips, along with the battery.

This RF tracker is popular on Amazon with more than 11,000 ratings. A majority of the users praise it for its easy installation and easy-to-use nature. The beep is loud, and the replaceable batteries make them stand out from the rest.

3. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

If you use Samsung Galaxy smartphones like the Galaxy S22 or a tablet like the Galaxy Tab S8, you can have a peek at the Galaxy SmartTag. It’s a small tile-shaped device that uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE). The small device has a hook, you can clip it to your wallet if you don’t want to slip it inside. The only limitation is that it is compatible with Samsung phones.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy means you’ll be able to track the connected object as long as it is near your Samsung smartphone. If not, it will leverage other Samsung smartphones to track it. So if the number of Samsung smartphones is relatively low where you live, you might not be to leverage it fully.

Using the Galaxy SmartTag is relatively easy, and you will need the SmartThings app. The setup process is straightforward. Finding connected options is quite easy. Lastly, it also supports two-way tracking. Yep, it can help you find your smartphone.

It is waterproof, and this makes it highly versatile. And hey, it is not that expensive either.

Since its release in 2021, it has climbed up the popularity ladder and has more than 900 user ratings on Amazon. Users love its versatility. The fact that it can track misplaced wallets as easily as it can help you find a misplaced set of keyrings has made them a favorite among its user base.

4. Tile Slim

If you carry a slim wallet, you can’t go wrong with the Tile Slim tracker. This one bundles a slick design and can easily slip into regular wallet pockets, bi-fold wallets, or clip wallets. It works via Bluetooth and has a companion app of its own. And yes, it works on both Android and iOS phones.

The range is pretty decent at 100ft. The folks at PC Mag found the range around 80 ft in real-world scenarios. However, the range also depends on the interference of your area. If the interference runs high, you may have trouble finding the tracker or vice-versa.

That said, the sound of the alarm is pretty decent. The sound is not the most shrill, but you can hear it pretty well.

Like the one above, it’s a two-way tracker. The Tile Slim also comes with a QR code at the back. So if you were to misplace your wallet, others can scan the QR code and send you a message. Besides that, you can also opt to subscribe to the premium service, which alerts you when you leave the phone without the tracker.

The Tile Slim tracker is a little more expensive than its counterparts. But given that it’s a trusted company and you can locate your lost or misplaced items easily is what makes it a good buy.

5. Tile Pro

The Tile Pro offers one of the best tracking ranges. This one can track up to a distance of 400 ft. The folks at Tom’s Guide could walk up to 200 ft without the tracker disconnecting. On top of it, it bundles a slim design, and you can seamlessly slip it inside your wallet or purse.

On top of that, the alarm tone is loud. You’ll be able to easily hear the tone even if the tile-embedded wallet is deep inside your closet or under sofa cushions. And the fact it is compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones is the cherry on top.

Lastly, the battery is replaceable, and you needn’t throw out your Tile when it runs out of battery. And like the one above, it also has the option to opt for the Tile Premium subscription.

Be on the Right Track

These are some trackers that you can buy to track your wallet. If you are an iPhone user and can deal with a thick tracker, the Apple AirTag is one of the best ones. We’ve been using it for over a year, and seamlessly pings the location of my car keys and wallet.

Since it doesn’t have a flat design, you may need to invest in a wallet holder for the Apple AirTag. But the good news is that plenty of wallet cases out there. And holders like the PSRAT Airtag Wallet Case and the Spigen Wallet S ease the process.

Last updated on 01 July, 2022

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