Top 6 Stand Cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Apart from S Pen and versatile camera setup, Samsung’s 2022 flagship S22 Ultra easily beat the rivals by offering a memorizing screen to look at. That S22 Ultra display can be the perfect companion for watching movies and TV shows on long routes. At 229 grams (8.08 ounces), S22 Ultra might be too heavy to hold for a long time though. Here’s where stand cases come in to offer required protection and convenience on the go.


With the help of a stand case, you don’t need to use any object to place the S22 Ultra on a table or bed. You can easily enjoy your lunch breaks while watching the latest episode of Ozark or Better Call Saul. Let’s check our top picks in detail.

1. Shields Up

Shields Up case levels up the overall utility by offering a dedicated space to store your frequently used credit cards. If you have been looking to get a kickstand case with a wallet, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Apart from precise cutouts for microphones, speakers, cameras, etc., the Shields Up case offers kickstands and a wallet to store cards. The case is a transparent to let you show off your favorite green or red S22 Ultra. While it’s a shockproof case, don’t expect any military-grade protection. We like the raised portion on all four corners to offer extra safety.

Since this is a transparent case, you can expect some yellow tint as you use the case for a long time.

2. Caka for S22 Ultra

The USP of the S22 Ultra is its unique camera setup. And the Caka case is designed to protect exactly that. Apart from raised case protection around the camera, you have an option to cover the camera module completely.

Caka case is available in four different colors. All colors are thoughtfully picked to match the exterior of the S22 Ultra. You can choose from Burgundy, Black, Blue, and Green. The cover doesn’t carry a normal kickstand, but has a ring-style stand.

While the Caka case seems perfect at first glance, removing the camera cover every time you want to take a photo can be inconvenient.

3. ESR Metal Case

Do you want to use a transparent case but are afraid of the infamous yellow effect? Look no further and get the ESR meta kickstand case. The company claims to resist scratching and the yellowing effect to ensure your phone is visible clearly.

ESR offers the best stand case to showcase the beautiful exterior color of your S22 Ultra. While most people like to use a clear case, they stay away from such options due to the yellow effect in the long run. You aren’t missing out on wireless charging or reverse wireless charging functions with this thick clear case.

4. Xeber Case

There is no drought of color options with the Xeber case. The vertical kickstand is nicely positioned sideways not to affect daily usage.

Xeber offers a rugged look to your S22 Ultra. The entire case is made of three-layered armor protection that is good enough to deliver military-grade drop protection with up to 10ft height and 26 different angles. Be careful while hitting the buy button. S22 Ultra is already a big and heavy smartphone. So covering it with a rugged case might make things difficult for you.

5. Petocase

Petocase ensures that you don’t compromise on device thickness using a rugged case with military protection. The case comes with a built-in kickstand and a strong grip on both sides.

Petocase for S22 Ultra carries carbon fiber elements on all four sides to deliver a premium look. The case comes in only one color, though. Petocase comes with a magnet that helps you close the kickstand easily. The case also supports wireless charging, which is surprising given its tough look.

6. Torras Case

Available in a couple of colors, Torras provides a unique rugged look to your S22 Ultra with a translucent matte at the back. Get this one to give your S22 Ultra military-grade protection from all angles.

Don’t go by the rugged look of the Torras case. The cover offers a slim profile, and yet gives 8FT mil-grade protection against scratch and shock. Unlike other cases, this one has a neat integration of stand that stays flat with the cover. It should be easy to slip the device in and out of your pockets.

Add a Convenience to Your S22 UItra

Samsung has always been top of its game with display tech, and S22 UItra is no different. A standing case delivers comfort and protects your new purchase from normal wear and tear. Which stand case are you choosing from the list? Share your pick in the comments below.

Last updated on 07 June, 2022

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