Top 3 Smart Bread Toasters With Screens

You may add a smart refrigerator or microwave to manage your kitchen. Smart bread toasters aren’t too far behind to join the smart kitchen appliances club. Though they don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity or a companion app, the bread toasting process certainly becomes smarter. With a touchscreen, you get a more refined control over toasting bread.

Top Smart Bread Toasters With Screens

These smart toasters come with presets for other food items like bagels, English muffins, waffles, etc. Furthermore, additional options like Reheat and Defrost are a bonus. We want to emphasize that these are not connected kitchen appliances like smart microwave ovens or Bluetooth meat thermometers. They give you more options to play with, whether it’s the built-in algorithms or the slurry of settings.

With that settled, here are the best smart bread toasters with screens. But first,

1. Redmond Retro Bread Toaster With Touch Screen

  • Power: 900W | Crumb Tray: Yes

The first product on our list is the Redmond Retro Toaster. It is one of the most inexpensive smart toasters out there. But, it bundles almost all the essential features. Its small LED touchscreen comes with 6 shade settings, and you can pick the right amount of toasting level for your bread.

The Redmond smart toaster also comes with Defrost and Reheat functions. So your frozen bread or bagels will be well-spent. While you toast them, the screen shows a countdown timer based on the chosen toasting levels. Several users have spoken highly of the nifty countdown timer.

More importantly, this toaster does its basic duty well—Toasting. Several user reviews on Amazon confirm how easy it is to operate it. But the Redmond Retro doesn’t have as many smart features. For instance, you can’t pick the type of food from a menu on the touchscreen. It has a pretty decent price tag and is pretty to look at, thanks to its adorable color options.

2. Revolution InstaGLO R180

  • Power: 1500W | Crumb Tray: Yes

The Revolution InstaGlo R180 is perhaps one of the popular smart bread toasters with a screen, thanks to its diverse and customizable options. The highlight of this toaster is its quick turnaround time. Breakfast will be ready in a short time. As noted earlier, it is not a connected smart toaster. Rather, it comes with a smart algorithm that adjusts the heating as per the need of the hour.

This Revolution InstaGlo smart bread toaster for more than the slices of bread. Yeah, you guessed it right. You can use it to toast bagels, muffins, and pastries. All the options are there on the screen, and you need to pick one from the list. That’s not all. The toaster also allows you to pick the state of food products. For now, you can pick between Frozen, Fresh, or Reheat.

Naturally, this toaster is a little more expensive with the above bells and whistles. The good thing is that all the actions, whether it’s heating or selecting the heat intensity, are through the touchscreen.

So how does this smart bread toaster work? While the smart algorithm looks great on paper, it sometimes tends to burn the bread. That said, it toasts bread and pastries fast compared to conventional toasters. However, the touchscreen-only formula is a tad risky since most touchscreens tend to lag or become unresponsive in the long run.

That said, if you want a new-age toaster solely for the nifty screen (and don’t mind a burnt toast once in a while), then the Revolution InstaGLO R180 is a good splurge. Do note that it has a comparatively large footprint.

3. Ketian Smart Toaster

  • Power: 1400W | Crumb Tray: Yes

Last but not least, we have the Ketain Smart Toaster. The highlight of this toaster is that you can choose the side which gets toasted. No kidding. The screen is a big 5-inch LCD touchscreen that lets you choose the food item (bread, muffin, waffle, etc.) and the side you want toasted. Not to mention that you can also select the level of shading.

However, the feature that stands out the most is the shape. It looks a lot different from conventional toasters and it’s bound to attract its share of compliments from your guests. That said, controlling the settings is easy. And the 1400W power means bread and muffins will be toasted in a short time.

The best part is that you can see the doneness of the toast without breaking the toast cycle. So yeah, you wouldn’t end up with burnt toast at the end of the cycle. Like the one above, everything is controlled via the touchscreen. There are no physical buttons. That said, it’s expensive. But if you want a toaster that can do more than just toast, this one is worth a try.

Ready for a Toast?

These were some of our recommendations for smart toasters with screens. Unlike conventional toasters, these come with smart brains and minimizes manual work to some extent. All you need to do is set the settings as per your preference.

Last updated on 13 January, 2023

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