Top 6 Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Clear Cases and Covers That You Can Buy

Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus are heavy and can be a little taxing on your hands. Add factors like a metallic exterior to the mix, and the results are not too pretty. If you often worry that your new Galaxy S21 Plus smartphone may slip out of your hands, it makes sense to put it in a protective case or cover. A clear case may not only protect your phone from accidental bumps and scratches but also allows you to flaunt the looks of your phone.

Top 6 Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Clear Cases and Covers

So, if you are looking for some clear protective cases and covers for your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, here are some of our recommendations. Have a look. But first,

1. ESR Clear Case

If you want a simple case with no frills, the ESR clear case makes for a good buy. This case’s crux is the slim and sleek design that doesn’t add much bulk to the overall form factor. At the same time manages to protect the surface from scratches and abrasion marks.

It fits the Galaxy S21 Plus like a glove, and several users have backed this claim as part of their reviews. Apart from protecting the surface, the corners are also reinforced to bear brunts of small drops and bumps.

Since it’s a slim case, it’s simple and easy to install. What’s more, you can also slip in a little postcard or photos to make the most out of the clear back.

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case

If a soft clear case is not your cup of tea, then you can check out Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case. This one packs the dual combo of TPU and PC. The hard PC back feels solid and also makes the phone durable. Nevertheless, it sits slim on your phone and doesn’t add heft to the phone, although you may miss the slightly tapered edges of your phone. But then, a little thickness is better than a dented phone, right?

People like this clear case for its fit and the perfect cuts for the speaker and the charging ports (see the best fast charging cables for phones). The buttons are covered, and this prevents the back from getting dirty.

Last but not least, the case offers a steady grip, which is a big plus. Besides that, the buttons are textured, making it easy and convenient to press them without looking or when the light is low.

3. Restone Clear Slim Hard Case

Another transparent case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is the one by Restone. This one boasts of raised and reinforced corners that do their part in absorbing the impacts during accidental falls and drop. It’s also a soft case, and besides making it easy to install, the buttons on soft cases are also easy to press.

The company claims that this Galaxy S21 Plus clear case doesn’t get yellow over time. While that claim will be settled over time, it’s safe to say that it fits the phone perfectly and the precise cutouts for the charging port and the speaker add to its charm.

At under $20, this one is an affordable option. So, if you plan to change covers frequently, the Restone case for the S21 Plus may prove to be a good pick.

4. Ringke Fusion-X Print Heavy-Duty Shell

If you want your Galaxy S21 Plus phone to stand apart from the crowd, you can have a peek at the Ringkee Fusion-X case. Here, the bumper is made from TPU, and the back is crafted from a PC. And it’s the former which aids in a better grip.

And there’s more to this story. The clear back has some attractive designs, which give the case its unique looks.

It has attracted its fair share of reviews, with users praising the protection it delivers and the looks it brings to the table.

The only issue is that it adds a little bulk to the phone, especially on the sides.

5. Speck Presidio Clear Case

If you are someone like me who often drops their phones, you might want to have a peek at the Speck Presidio Clear Case. One of the highlights of this clear case for the Galaxy S21 Plus is that it promises 13-foot drop protection. And the good thing is that it does all of this in a sleek and slim clear case. Woah, right?

The Presidio Clear case also has other bells and whistles like re-inforced corners, anti-yellowing material, and raised lips running the edges of the bumper and the camera module. The latter helps to protect the screen from surface damage when the phone is kept face-down.

Naturally, the premium features mean you will have to spend slightly more than the counterparts above.

6. Temdan Waterproof Clear Case

The Temdan Waterproof Clear Case makes for a good pick for adventure seekers. This one is a fully waterproof case and bears a rating of IP68. Unlike the ones above, it comes with both the screen protector as well as the back case. Naturally, the front and the back are clear, while the bumpers are textured to aid in a better grip.

The build is solid, and several users have backed the product’s durability as part of their reviews on Amazon. While it does add bulk to the phone, it’s not as heavy as some rugged cases and doesn’t add much to the overall weight.

So far, this Temdan case has seen a good amount of positive reviews, with users loving its waterproof nature and the fact that it also comes with lens protection. However, do note that this case is not for everyday usage as the front screen may, at times, not register your fingerprint.

Let the Colors Shine

These were some of the coolest clear cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. While Samsung used to provide a clear back cover with some of its phones earlier this year, they have dropped the practice, and it was a bummer for many.

So, which of these cases will you buy?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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