Top 5 Samsung Galaxy M20 Cases and Covers

With an infinity display, notch and a slim profile, the Samsung Galaxy M20 sports an impressive design, unlike its older siblings. The Galaxy M20 arrives with eye-catching colors that give it a premium look. But what about the protection? Samsung claims the Asahi Dragontrail glass is damage resistant. But would you really like to take a chance? Not me!

Top 5 Durable Samsung Galaxy M20 Cases And Covers

With bezel-less displays swiftly turning into the new norm, phones today have become more delicate. Hence, a durable case should be one of the first investments that one should make after buying a new phone.

In this post today, we have lined up some of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy M20. Take a look.

1. Casotec Premium Leather Finish Case

The Casotec Premium Leather Finish Case blends style and substance. The back sports a leather finish while the edges are made of TPU material. It’s useful for people who love leather cases but detest wallet cases and flip covers. Also, the texture on the back will help you grip the phone better.

The case doesn’t have button covers, which is a good thing. At times, the button response diminishes with poor quality of the covers after a while. Speaking of fittings, you get a decent and snug fit. Also, the faux leather back keeps all those nasty smudges away.

The makers claim that the corners are reinforced with anti-shock cushion. However, I’d take that with a pinch of salt, considering the price of the product. Yes, it would prevent everyday wear and tear, but I wouldn’t expect the world from an inexpensive case.

Casotec Premium Leather Finish Case Rev Smasung Galaxy M20 Case

As far as user reviews are concerned, most buyers are satisfied with the look, feel and the fit of the case.

The Casotec Premium Leather Finish Case is available in three colors — Black, Brown, and Dark Brown.

2. YuniKase Back Cover for Samsung Galaxy M20

If you are looking for a case that maintains the slim look of your Galaxy M20, take a look at the Back Cover by YuniKase. It’s sleek, slim, and its slight matte exterior ensures a smudge-free look. This case comes with button covers. While they prevent dust and grime from building inside the case, they might reduce the tactile feedback of the buttons.

Other than that, the case has precise cutouts for the charging port, fingerprint sensor, headphones jack, and other things.

Best Samsung Galaxy M20 Case Yuni Kase Back Cover Rev

Overall, this product furthers the premium look of your phone. This case is made from rubber-like material and is priced at Rs 188 on Flipkart.

3. Casotec Comfort Grip Silicon TPU Case

Another good Casotec cover is the Comfort Grip Silicon TPU Case. It features a slightly textured back which not only gives a chic look but also helps you grip your phone better. Also, the raised bezels in the fingerprint sensor and camera module prevent both from scratches. The full cover safeguards the product from the elements of nature.

The fit is snug, and as per user Arun Sarathy, it fits the phone like a glove.

Best Samsung Galaxy M20 Case Casotec Comfort Grip Silicon Tpu Case Rev

The cuttings on the case are spot leaving enough space to access the ports and sensors easily. This case has over 45% positive reviews (at the time of writing), with most users being impressed by its quality and the premium look it brings.

On the downside, the case adds a slight bulk to the overall look of the phone.

The Casotec Comfort Grip Silicon TPU Case is priced at Rs 249 on Amazon and is available in two colors — Black and Blue.

4. X wox Transparent Bumper Cover

As we mentioned above, the Samsung Galaxy M20 comes in brilliant colors, and it would be a shame to keep them covered. So if you love to flaunt these colors, your best bet would be a transparent case.

The X Wox Transparent Bumper Cover is one of the two cases (the Casotec Soft TPU Back Case being another) that checks off all the right boxes. The case comes with corner protection that bears the brunt in case of drops and falls. It carries raised edges to protect the screen from marks, even when you keep the phone face down.

One of the key highlights of the product is its looks, quality, and durability, and the same has been voiced by users in their reviews.

Best Samsung Galaxy M20 Case X Wox Transparent Bumper Cover​ Rev

Aside from the above, the buttons give tactile feedback. It’s worth to be noted that common issues like sweat marks and dust collecting on the insides will still hold true in this case.

The X Wox Transparent Bumper Cover is priced at Rs 169.

5. Lokezeep Transparent Back Cover

Another transparent case worth checking out is the Lokezeep Transparent Back Cover. With corner guards and thicker side edges, this one sports a similar look to the X Wox’s case above. The fit is snug and offers precise cutouts cuttings at the right place. The makers claim the product is scratch resistant, but since there is no proof or certification provided, I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

The Lokezeep Transparent Back Cover has around 72% positive rating.

Best Samsung Galaxy M20 Case Lokezeep Transparent Back Cover Rev

Usually, most of the Lokezeep products generally receive decent reviews. This case is priced at Rs 209.

Which One Would You Buy

These are some of the highly-reviewed covers for the Samsung Galaxy M20. Most of them are available on Amazon with except for the YuniKase cover.

So, which one of these will you buy for your phone?

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Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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